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At CES, Viliv showed off its convertible multitouch netbook but held off on pricing and availability. U.S. pre-ordering is coming soon but what do you get for $699? More importantly, what’s missing in this configuration — at least two major functions you should know about. Read more »

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The definition of a smartbook varies depending on who you ask, but ABI Research is sure about one thing — most of the smartbook devices sold in 2015 won’t have Intel inside. Here’s why the perfect storm of mobile ARM computing is coming to a head. Read more »

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Google Earth has landed on Android 2.1 and it’s a stunner to view. Plus there are new features that make it even better. But it’s hard to track this and all of the other Android apps, so I found a potential solution for that problem. Read more »


Nokia’s N900 offers one place for all types of communications, aptly named “Conversations.” This catch-all bucket now supports Twitter as a method, but you’ll have to walk on the wild side — the repository for this update holds alpha and beta code. Read more »


Verizon Wireless makes a statement about its network with the announcement of Skype Mobile over 3G. Starting next month, Skype-to-Skype calls over 3G won’t be charged against data plans or voice minute allowances. Nine BlackBerry and Android handsets will initially be supported. Read more »


When Research In Motion bought Torch Mobile last year, we knew that a WebKit browser for BlackBerry had to be coming soon. It’s still “coming soon” — sometime this year — and RIM needs to hurry. Email and a good keyboard alone aren’t enough any longer. Read more »

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