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Verizon Wireless makes a statement about its network with the announcement of Skype Mobile over 3G. Starting next month, Skype-to-Skype calls over 3G won’t be charged against data plans or voice minute allowances. Nine BlackBerry and Android handsets will initially be supported. Read more »

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When Research In Motion bought Torch Mobile last year, we knew that a WebKit browser for BlackBerry had to be coming soon. It’s still “coming soon” — sometime this year — and RIM needs to hurry. Email and a good keyboard alone aren’t enough any longer. Read more »


Evidence supports Palm’s webOS handsets could be joining AT&T’s network in May. Surely that’s good for Palm, but how good will it be? Will iPhone users abandon Apple’s iTunes ecosystem to make the switch? And what about those expected Android phones coming to AT&T? Read more »


In the weekly iPhone roundup there’s actually a good reason to reconsider the iPad if it looks like a meager performer upon first glance. Virtualization software on a large display could meet the needs of those wanting a full-fledged operating system. Read more »


Motorola already offers a USB WiMAX solution for mobile road warriors. Indoor signal strength can sometimes be a challenge though. How about a dock for that USB stick that offers double the signal gain? There’s still one missing feature I’d like to see. Read more »


This week I tested the 3G signal on my Nexus One in three different time zones. The results weren’t great, nor were those of the poll asking readers about their 3G signal. And while folks keep suggesting great Android Twitter clients, my fave got an upgrade. Read more »


Now that Firefox Mobile for Maemo is out the door, where will Mozilla turn? The Windows Mobile alpha is long in the tooth, but might it get leap-frogged by Firefox for Android? Here’s a few sites where you can watch the development progress. Read more »

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