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On the heels of Apple’s iPhone 4 launch, I’ve noticed that I don’t hear folks refer to the device as a smartphone, or even a phone, but an iPhone. Such simple branding and product awareness goes a long way toward helping Apple sell products. Read more »

Some iPhone 4 handsets appear to be suffering from signal degradation — but only when held in the left hand. Could Apple’s new stainless steel frame that doubles as an antenna be the culprit? Take our poll and let us know if you’ve seen this issue. Read more »

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Apple’s iPhone 4 officially launches today as both pre-order customers and those hoping to walk up and grab the new device are lined up around the country. Just like the original Apple iPhone, this model is sure to influence the features on future smartphones from competitors. Read more »

Looking to make free international calls? Rebtel can help with that thanks to a new application that works between two Android devices in 50 countries. Callers are charged for voice minutes on their cell plan, but for unlimited voice customers, Rebtel’s service won’t cost a dime. Read more »

Verizon Wireless today introduces the Droid X, a successor to the popular Droid launched last October. Both Verizon and Motorola need a new Droid, but for different reasons. Verizon has no stock of high-end, new Android handsets and Motorola handset sales are slipping behind its competitors. Read more »

Deployments of femtocells have doubled in the last six months, indicating that an increasing number of carriers want to supplement wireless coverage in homes using the 3G devices. Evan as some carriers charge for the hardware, consumers appear willing to pay for better home voice coverage. Read more »

Earning millions of dollars on an iPhone app sounds appealing, but like the California Gold Rush of the mid-1800’s, everyone is jumping in to stake their claim and most will walk away with little or nothing to show for it, says new analysis from Tomi Ahonen. Read more »

Adobe announced availability of Flash Player 10.1 for mobile partners, barely meeting prior expectations for a mid-year delivery. But for most end users, Adobe hasn’t delivered anything today. The longer it takes to get Flash on phones, the more its fate is out of Adobe’s hands. Read more »

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The FCC today kicked off what it’s calling “Wireless World Travel Week,” complete with include a daily informational video, blog posts explaining service strategies while abroad and a useful communications tip sheet for travelers. Topics range from overseas calling options to less expensive VoIP services. Read more »

Demand for Apple’s iPhone 4 continues to outpace supply globally as carriers stop taking pre-orders and limit which customers can actually get their hands on the new phone. But supply issues will only cause a minor blip in sales, which will break records for Apple. Read more »

Perhaps I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, but I’m getting a little bored with the current crop of “superphones,” as Om likes to call them. Most of the recent top-end smartphones appear to be slight enhancements over what’s currently available. Read more »

After several years of bleeding money, Motorola’s handset division is finally stemming losses thanks to co-CEO, Dr. Sanjay Jha, betting on Android. Jha will now head up the soon-to-be-spun-off division, to be called Motorola Mobility, in which the carrier will sink $3-$4 billion of cash. Read more »

Between the four major U.S. cellular carriers and Clearwire, mobile broadband in this country is undergoing a fundamental transition to faster networks. But who’s doing what and when with their offerings? Here’s a summary of next-generation plans from the major U.S. carriers and Clearwire through 2013. Read more »

Forrester expects that 1 in 4 PC sales will be tablets by 2015. I agree for three reasons, but sales numbers could be even higher for tablets. The time of all-day computing in just a few apps is over. Welcome to the days of task-based tablets. Read more »

When AT&T eliminated unlimited smartphone data plans earlier this month, much of the outrage was from iPhone owners, traditionally the biggest users of AT&T’s data network. But the biggest losers are femtocell customers because 3G data use with these devices counts against the now-limited plans. Read more »

Flock, the popular socially-based browser built on Mozilla, has a new Windows beta that rides atop Chromium, the same code base used by Google for the Chrome browser. Speed, extensions and a proven track record on mobiles are the main reasons for Flock’s browser engine swap. Read more »

T-Mobile brings HSPA+ to 18 new markets today, enabling 4G-like speeds on current devices. A T-Mobile representative told me what such speeds are doing to data demand — in some cases, boosting traffic by seven times — but said the network can handle it. Read more »

The Mac Mini desktop sees a hardware upgrade today, along with a price boost. It’s still the cheapest Mac desktop at $699, but with new Nvidia graphics and HDMI output, might it be your next Apple TV while Boxee and Google sit on the sidelines? Read more »

Apple introduced a new store app where customers can browse, buy or make in-store appointments, but it’s only for Apple devices. That’s by design and it gives Apple another feature for its iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices: 100 million new mobile retail points of presence. Read more »

There’s much to like about Apple’s newly unveiled iPhone 4, but not everyone wants an iPhone, either due to the lock-in to Apple’s software ecosystem, issues with AT&T’s network or some other reason. Here are eight iPhone alternatives to consider — a pair for each carrier. Read more »

The always exciting World Cup kicks off today and I’m using a free mobile application from to keep track of it all. While I’d rather watch streaming video of the matches, this software gives me a quick fix and runs on most major mobile platforms. Read more »


Join James, Matt and Kevin live for this week’s audio podcast where they’ll cover this week’s mobile technology news and share experiences with the latest software, hardware and web services. If you missed the live show, you can grab an MP3 audio recording. Read more »

LG Electronics hopes to turn around profits in its mobile communications division by building 20 new Google Android devices by the end of this year. Last year, LGE was vocally committed to Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform. My, how one year can change everything. Read more »

By 2014 over 2 billion mobile devices will connect to the web. The number is growing fast because more types of devices are leveraging connectivity, but we could see a 3G and 4G schism form between smartphones and non-traditional data devices in the next five years. Read more »

They say you should never mess with a good thing, yet that’s exactly what Google appears to have done by adding background images to its default search page. Reactions around the web appear inflammatory, but we’re looking for your thoughts on the change in this poll. Read more »

Sprint’s sales of the HTC EVO 4 smartphone are good, but the carrier mis-spoke when touting how good the sales numbers really are. But Sprint shouldn’t be concerned — the EVO offers stellar hardware specs, 4G connectivity, access to the growing Android Market ecosystem. Read more »

Critics of Apple’s iPhone intrusive notification system have new hope for more efficient and less bone-jarring alerts — Rich Dellinger left Palm to rejoin Apple last month. Among other UI contributions, Dellinger invented the superbly elegant and highly effective notification system used by Palm’s webOS. Read more »

Many laud Google’s Android Market and its loose barriers to application entry, but that doesn’t mean Google should be totally hands off, does it? Some updated applications are disappearing from the Market on certain devices and it’s taking days for Google to even acknowledge the issue. Read more »

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