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Opera released its Opera Mini 5.1 browser for Android handsets bringing several great features, including a new pinch-to-zoom function. The experience lags slightly behind native browsers, but those on limited data plans will want to load it up, as Opera’s data compression can save you money. Read more »

Sprint CEO, Dan Hesse, says that LTE is definitely not out of the question in the future. Indeed, both Sprint and Clearwire have hedged bets with WiMAX, which could speed up an LTE transition. But Hesse’s comments about a T-Mobile merger make little sense just yet. Read more »

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With its new Windows Phone 7 platform, Microsoft didn’t just revamp the operating system code and the user interface. For the first time ever, the company is finally embracing its vast ecosystem of services, making them native to the new handsets due out this holiday season. Read more »

A preview of BlackBerry OS 6 shows vast improvement for Research In Motion, but it is very Apple-like in look and feel. That’s good because RIM may have “caught up” but if that’s all the company has done, will it be enough to increase market share? Read more »

Fring says today that it offers video-calling functionality while Skype is blocking Fring’s service. But Skype refutes this statement, saying that Fring chose to shut down the Skype integration. Why can’t we just get these two voice-over-IP companies to talk on the phone? Read more »

Enterprise BlackBerry users have long enjoyed peace of mind from remote device management. Now consumers are gaining similar functions — Research In Motion today introduced a limited beta of BlackBerry Protect, a free service that protects personal data on a handset and finds lost BlackBerry phones. Read more »

Microsoft previously set expectations of new Windows Phone 7 handsets by the holidays — for two enterprising Las Vegas students, today is just such a holiday. Christian Hood and Eric Lo won Microsoft’s Imagine Cup event and received preview versions of a Windows Phone 7 handset. Read more »


Join James, Matt and Kevin live for this week’s audio podcast where they’ll cover this week’s mobile technology news and share experiences with the latest software, hardware and web services. If you missed the live show, you can grab an MP3 audio recording. Read more »

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Patent-holding company NTP yesterday filed suit against Apple, Google, HTC, LG, Microsoft, and Motorola for alleged violation of eight NTP patents for wireless email delivery. NTP previously sued RIM for the same and the BlackBerry-maker settled for $612.5 million. Can NTP win more money? Read more »

Fring has updated its VoIP client, bringing support for the front-facing camera on Apple’s iPhone 4 with 3G video calls to other iPhones, Android and Symbian S60 devices. But there’s a reason that FaceTime, Apple’s competing product, is Wi-Fi only for now. 3G networks aren’t ready. Read more »

Verizon Wireless loaned me a Motorola Droid X, which arrived yesterday. Readers are already asking about this new handset, so here are five reader questions answered. You might be surprised by the most innovative feature offered by Droid X — I wish every phone had it. Read more »

More than 5 billion devices are connected around the world now, just 18 months after passing the 4 billion threshold. Most of the growth is coming from highly populous areas such as China and India, but emerging markets are adding to the connected device total. Read more »

T-Mobile has quietly leapfrogged competitors with the 21 Mbps HSPA+ network upgrade with completion expected by end of year. An HSPA+ handset or two could speed up customer migration further, but faster speeds bring greater data demand. Will T-Mobile respond with tiered pricing or another option? Read more »

Nokia is insistent on using MeeGo for its smartphones in the future, but the company hasn’t yet provided a compelling reason why. Meanwhile, competitors with mature smartphone platforms are selling millions of handsets. It’s time for Nokia to stop the MeeGo experiment and embrace Google Android. Read more »

After finding more than $375 of iTunes transactions on my credit card this weekend, I thought I was hacked. It turns out the “hacker” was my step-daughter who was understandably confused between virtual goods and real currency for in-app purchases inside a free iPhone application. Read more »

Borders today launched its digital e-book store and debuted software readers for both BlackBerry and Android devices. While Amazon has the early lead in this market, Borders is taking an Amazon-like approach with a “buy once, read anywhere” mantra. Will such a strategy work? Read more »

For a monthly fee, AT&T can now turn any of its smartphones into mobile payment processors for credit or debit card transactions. Unlike competitors in this space, AT&T’s solution — from Apriva — heavily leverages the browser, allowing for support across multiple devices and platforms. Read more »

Ericsson today said it will power EMOBILE’s 42 Mbps dual cell HSPA network in Japan, expected to launch in major cities before year-end. The upgraded network will be Japan’s first use of dual cell HSPA, or DC-HSPA, which pairs channels together for faster wireless speeds. Read more »

Japanese wireless provider, NTT DoCoMo, will reportedly unlock handsets tied to its network and will include SIM-unlock software in all handsets next April. SoftBank’s iPhone is highly unlikely to follow suit, but here in the U.S. we have hope thanks to LTE on 700 MHz spectrum. Read more »

Nokia plans to sell its wireless modem hardware business to Renesas Electronics for approximately $200 million, which should help increase focus on the company’s efforts to improve phone software. Radio patents and 1,100 Nokia resources are part of the deal, expected to close by year end. Read more »

mSpot, a new music streaming service for your own audio collection, recently launched on Android 2.0 or better devices. Thanks to local caching, mSpot offers playback even when your phone has no data connection. But seamless on or offline playback is hurt by one main issue. Read more »

Intel’s Atom chips are finally ready for smartphones and we should see the fruits of Intel’s labor soon, just not this year. Instead, trade shows in early 2011 will set the stage for Intel smartphones. The problem is, consumers really don’t care who powers their handset. Read more »


Join James, Matt and Kevin live for this week’s audio podcast where they’ll cover this week’s mobile technology news and share experiences with the latest software, hardware and web services. If you missed the live show, you can grab an MP3 audio recording. Read more »

Microsoft effectively killed off the Kin One and Two handsets yesterday, just six weeks after the phones launched. But there are at least five positive lessons learned from Kin that Microsoft can apply to its Windows Phone 7 product, expected before the end of this year. Read more »

The mobile payment business is expected to total $633 million by 2014 but PayPal wants a bigger piece of the payment pie now. Today, the company launched PayPal Mobile Express Checkout for e-tailers to offer a fast and safe seamless payment process on iPhone and Android. Read more »

Intel is reportedly closing its WiMAX Program Office in Taiwan, causing concerns about adoption of the wireless technology. WiMAX may not be dead to the region, but if it is, there’s a plan B for telecom providers: TD-LTE. Unfortunately for Intel, TD-LTE won’t sell WiMAX chips. Read more »

Global shipments of devices capable of wireless charging will jump nearly 70 times by 2014 from the 3.5 million units expected to sell this year, according to the latest forecast from iSuppli. What will drive this change? Read more »

Reports of a Nov. 15 Verizon LTE launch are hitting the airwaves today. The timing sounds right based on our prior conversations with Verizon CTO Dick Lynch. Verizon subsequently reconfirmed its 2010 LTE launch plans and told us what kinds of LTE devices we should expect. Read more »

Verizon Wireless will reportedly offer Apple’s iPhone in January of 2011, at which time AT&T’s exclusivity deal would lapse, writes Bloomberg today. While we’ve dismissed these types of Verizon iPhone rumors in the past, we think this one is credible for two reasons detailed inside. Read more »

Google today released the final version of Android 2.2, aka Froyo, to Nexus One devices through an over-the-air update. But what’s does Froyo bring the table and which phones will see the newest version of Android? Here’s everything you need to know about Froyo. Read more »

It’s time to clean up the Android Market before the poor experience and questionable apps get out of hand. There are already 65,000 apps to be found there, so the time is right for Google to follow these simple steps and neaten the store. Read more »

Google Chrome is now used more than the Apple Safari browser in the U.S. for the first time on record with an 8.97 percent share, according to StatCounter. But both browsers are built on WebKit, which is becoming more important on desktops and the mobile web. Read more »

The new Nokia N8 has the dubious distinction of being both the first and the last N-series handset to run Symbian^3 — new high-end devices will run on MeeGo. A product strategy in constant transition isn’t one that will attract developers or customers to Nokia. Read more »

Smartphone use for maps and navigation in the U.S. has nearly tripled in the past year as GPS radios are becoming standard fare in such devices. For the first time ever, more smartphone owners seeking navigation or maps use software as opposed to a browser. Read more »

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