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The first Apple iPad reviews are hitting the web and by all accounts, Apple has hit at least a triple, if not a home-run. Here’s a round-up of reviews and insights to help you decide if you want to take a swing at the iPad. Read more »

You can still find Linksys routers for sale, but Cisco is now leveraging its own brand on new Wi-Fi products. While sad from a traditionalist point of view, the new routers are easier to set up thanks to an innovative and included valet service. Read more »

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After a lengthy wait and at least one delay, Verizon today began to push out the Android 2.1 update to its Motorola Droid customers. The update includes many feature I’ve enjoyed since January — multitouch and voice-to-text support just to name a few features. Read more »

Google’s Android platform is gaining smartphone market share, but future growth is at risk due to fragmentation. Fortunately, however, the company appears to have a plan for addressing such an issue that reportedly involves “decoupling many of Android’s standard applications and components from the platform’s core.” Read more »

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Not everyone buying an iPad is purchasing the 3G model. Boingo Wireless today started offering a new pay-per-use Wi-Fi service for iPads, iPhones and iPod touches that’s even cheaper than AT&T’s Wi-Fi On the Spot offering. It uses iTunes for the transaction, making buying credits easy. Read more »

Mobile broadband consumption shows no signs of slowing, but the way people access the mobile web could be changing. As more smartphone titles appear, use of mobile browsers could actually decrease as applications offer more useful bite-sized chunks of the web. Read more »


Although not confirmed, reports indicate that Google is sharing advertising revenues with handset makers that build Android devices. If you know the history of Google’s revenue growth, this shouldn’t surprise. The question is: should Google be paying to broaden its mobile market share? Read more »


It’s raining cloud applications on mobile devices these days. Dropbox has long offered an iPhone client but the Android version is coming soon. The initial screen shots look useful as does the integration to share files and photos with the press of a button. Read more »


Craving more storage in your phone? SanDisk is happy to oblige with tomorrow’s announcement of a 32GB microSDHC memory card. It comes with a 5-year warranty and plenty of space, but it won’t come cheap — the MSRP for this tiny card is is hefty. Read more »


Just before the first iPads with an e-book store arrive, Amazon delivers its Kindle for Mac client. After all this time, is it a full-featured client or is it watered down as much as — if not more than — the Kindle for PC software? Read more »

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