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Facebook for Android sees an update tonight, gaining some of the iPhone’s client look and feel, but also adds a draggable Notifications drawer, Events and a new photo reel showing pictures and videos from friends. Could Android’s growth be spurring updates for the Facebook client? Read more »

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The new BlackBerry OS 6 and BlackBerry Torch handset tells me that RIM is still in the game with both an updated platform and devices that can take advantage of it. But challenges still remain because in many ways RIM is just catching up to competitors. Read more »

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I’m currently at Research In Motion’s joint press event with AT&T in New York City, where we expect to hear about the new BlackBerry OS 6, at least one new touchscreen sliding phone — the Torch — and perhaps more. Read our live coverage here. Read more »

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As newer and more nimble smartphone platforms have garnered attention over the past few years, Research In Motion has continued to plod along and grow. Here’s what you should expect to see in addition to a new OS at RIM’s joint press event with AT&T tomorrow. Read more »

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AT&T customers looking for a high-end smartphone not made by Apple now have a worthy alternative in the new AT&T Captivate, a $199 handset running atop Google’s Android platform. This thin and light device is fast, easy to navigate and offers similar functionality to Apple’s iPhone. Read more »

Android devices have outsold that of Apple iOS4 handsets for the first time on record in the U.S., according to a Nielson survey. Worldwide, Android is a force too — up 886 percent from a year ago. Nokia is still the king, but for how long? Read more »

Samsung will introduce a slate device running Google’s Android operating system this quarter, but a few key challenges could hold back the 7-inch tablet from widespread success. The hardware might be ready, but the software isn’t for at least two reasons. Samsung might want to wait. Read more »


Join James, Matt and Kevin live for this week’s audio podcast where they’ll cover this week’s mobile technology news and share experiences with the latest software, hardware and web services. If you missed the live show, you can grab an MP3 audio recording. Read more »

Is there room in the world for an Apple-like mobile software store comprised of web apps? One person thinks so and just launched an iPhone app to gather up web-based applications, making it easier for both consumers and developers to find and sell Internet wares. Read more »

Microsoft should be making its own handsets, says Peter Bright of Ars Technica. There’s merit in the argument, but it’s far too late for such a change. Doing so would cut off hardware partners that also build Windows notebooks and desktops — a recipe for disaster. Read more »

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GetJar, a San Mateo, Calif.-based company, today announced it is delivering over 3 million downloads a day to more than 2,000 different phone models. Thanks to the wide range of supported devices, developers can use GetJar to target their software for specific models and geographic regions. Read more »

There’s plenty of evidence indicating that Nokia has an Ovi-branded web browser in the works, although the company hasn’t officially confirmed the effort. What could Nokia possibly do with such an application when it already has a perfectly good WebKit browser on its phones already? Read more »

Sprint today announced a net gain of subscribers in the most recent quarter and a record low postpaid churn, bringing the carriers total customer base to 48.2 million subscribers. But the gains were all in Sprint’s wholesale and prepaid business, which are buying time for postpaid. Read more »

The first wireless and web-connected gadget for Microsoft-Hohm is now available in the form of an electric meter sensor, a wireless LCD monitor and a Wi-Fi adapter. With this combo, I’m able to track my electric usage, determine my home’s carbon footprint and get green recommendations. Read more »

Baidu, China’s most-used search engine, is reportedly working with handset makers to become the default search box on Google Android phones. Such a move by Baidu would completely negate Google’s primary business reason for offering Android free-of-charge to handset makers: earning mobile search ad revenues. Read more »

ARM and Microsoft today announced a new licensing partnership giving Microsoft more research and development opportunities with chips that run many of today’s consumer electronics devices. What could Microsoft do with such a license? A Windows port for mobiles, servers and gaming are all possible ideas. Read more »

Apple again delayed availability of the white iPhone 4, only a week after saying the device would be available by the end of June. There might indeed be production issues related to the color, but Apple could be using the time to mitigate future antenna issues. Read more »


Join James, Matt and Kevin live for this week’s audio podcast where they’ll cover this week’s mobile technology news and share experiences with the latest software, hardware and web services. If you missed the live show, you can grab an MP3 audio recording. Read more »

Thanks to several Droid handsets, Verizon is doing just fine without the coveted iPhone. Droid devices are sold out and those in use are helping to drive wireless data revenues up for the largest U.S. carrier, which added 665,000 net postpaid subscribers in the past quarter. Read more »

Longtime Internet pioneer, AOL today matures its mobile platform with a two new applications for Android handsets and an HTML5 version of the AOL Mobile website for smartphones. It’s no surprise that AOL is looking to support smartphones, but picking Android over iPhone is. Read more »

AT&T today released quarterly results, highlighted by a record 3.2 million iPhone activations, 13 percent higher earnings and the sixth consecutive period of growth in postpaid average revenue per subscriber (ARPU), now at $62.63. Will ARPU continue to grow now that AT&T lowered smartphone data plans? Read more »

Nokia reported quarterly sales of 111.1 million devices but profits still plunged amid declining average selling price per handset. The company expects to lose market share in 2010 but feels it is well positioned with its N8 smartphone. But why no mention of MeeGo this year? Read more »

When Google released App Inventor last week, concerns were raised about a flood of junk apps in the Android Market. After some hands-on time with it, I think those concerns are relatively unwarranted. For now, the App Inventor looks to serve another useful purpose — education. Read more »

Android fragmentation appears to be diminishing, as 58.8 percent of devices that accessed the Android Market in the last two weeks are running either Android 2.1 or 2.2. But there’s another type of Android fragmentation that’s beyond Google’s control: the custom user interfaces from handset makers. Read more »

T-Mobile today added faster HSPA+ mobile broadband coverage to 16 markets, raising availability of the 4G-like speeds to nearly 50 areas of the U.S. The carrier also released an updated USB data stick, but the real excitement arrives with the first HSPA+ handset later this summer. Read more »

In response to a Congressional question on whether broadband is being deployed in a reasonable and timely fashion to all Americans, the FCC today released its 706 report, saying that 14 – 25 million Americans have no access to broadband, now defined as four Mbps down. Read more »

Android has become the saving grace for Motorola, which until recently, hasn’t had a “hit” device since the RAZR over five years ago. With the original Droid, and now the Droid X, Motorola is back in the game, but is Android a short-term or long-term solution? Read more »

MyFord Touch, the latest generation of SYNC, raises the number of voice commands from 100 to 10,000 first-level commands. How did Ford increase the platform’s vocabulary a hundred-fold? The use of aliases, which allow for a more conversational experience, play a big factor in the solution. Read more »

Motorola’s Droid X improves vastly on its predecessor — a larger display in a comfortable package, a faster processor and much improved software. Provided you don’t need a hardware keyboard, Droid X is the Android phone to have if you’re on the Verizon Wireless network. Read more »

A developer survey of Nokia’s Ovi Store highlights key areas of needed improvement, ranging from more efficient submission processes to faster Quality Assurance checks and better communications. Nearly half of those surveyed indicate that Nokia’s app store is below average when compared to rival software stores. Read more »

HP is reportedly shelving plans to deliver an Android tablet this year, which makes sense. By purchasing Palm, HP can emulate Apple by controlling tablet hardware and software. But more importantly — Android isn’t ready to power a successful tablet, not from HP or anyone else. Read more »

A recent survey of drivers show that gender doesn’t affect one very dangerous statistic, as nearly 25 percent of both men and women admit to texting while driving. That’s an alarming statistic in light of a recent test that shows texting impairs driving more than drinking. Read more »

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