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Now that images of Apple’s next iPhone have surfaced, how does AT&T affect some of the most promising functions? Three specific features stand out — one may not be supported, another further locks the iPhone to AT&T, and a third could improve signal quality. Read more »

Ford is creating a new mobile application developer network to partner with developers and entice them to use functionality to support Sync AppLink. By adding a vehicle interface to smartphone apps, mobile software programmers could benefit from greater demand for their software. Read more »

Lenovo sold its mobile handset division in 2008 only to buy it back in late 2009. It now says that up to 20 percent of its revenues will come from mobile products, including smartphones, within the next five years. How will it make this transition? Read more »

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Timed perfectly with the Boston Marathon is today’s launch of RunKeeper for Android. I use this app to track my workouts and have them automatically mapped online for a training history. There’s even a live broadcast feature so friends and family can “watch” you move. Read more »

Adobe still plans to deliver Flash 10.1 on mobile devices — CEO Shantanu Narayen says that smartphones need it and will see Flash in the second half of this year. Ironically, Narayen argued Flash’s relevance in a video interview that works just fine on an iPad. Read more »

Google announced plans for it’s Cloud Print service, but the whole idea appears foggy at best. When you look at the idea from the perspective a mobile user, it’s clear that Cloud Print could be the next major advancement in the printer industry. Read more »

Do Apple Stores generate more product sales or do product sales generate more Apple Stores? The answer is probably both, but an Experian Simmons report out today may indicate that Apple targets retail locations where it already has a captive audience. Read more »

Want to share your location and progress while you’re en route to meeting with your friends? Check out Glympse, which just added Facebook support to its iPhone and Android apps, which now means people expecting you can track you via Twitter, SMS, email and Facebook. Read more »

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India’s Bharti Airtel is vaulting to the No. 5 mobile telecom provider in the world with its purchase of 15 African markets. With 170 million subscribers in these emerging markets, Bharti is poised for growth as the mobile market moves from local to global. Read more »

Rumors are swirling that Google is building a competing product to fight against Apple’s iPad. The “Google Pad” is expected to run on the touch-friendly Android operating system, but touch alone won’t win. Google needs to address these five issues before it can compete. Read more »


Although intended for use as a companion or lifestyle device, Apple’s iPad has the makings of a primary computer for those with limited requirements. Steve Rubel has a week of iPad-only usage under his belt and it’s working out better than you might expect. Read more »

Opera Mini for iPhone has gained approval in the Apple iTunes Store, much to the surprise of many. After installing and using the browser, though, I’m left wondering if there’s room in the iPhone world for Opera Mini, which is better suited to feature phones. Read more »

Microsoft today launched its Kin line of handsets — web-enabled touchscreen phones built around social networking features, messaging, video sharing and the company’s Zune music offering. The new line is aimed squarely at the pre-smartphone demographic — a group that few competitors are targeting. Read more »

After trying to reinvent itself with webOS, Palm is reportedly up for sale and could announce a deal later this week. Among those reportedly interested is HTC, which could go from a behind-the-scenes player to a true smartphone contender with such a purchase. Read more »

With today’s agreement to purchase QNX Software Solutions, Research In Motion continues to look beyond the smartphone, as the connected car market begins to rev up. Consumers are already adopting these products in vehicles and RIM is preparing to ride along. Read more »


Apple introduced the next major revision of it’s mobile operating system today, with a press event to highlight the changes in its iPhone OS 4.0. The developer preview of iPhone OS 4.0 will be released today, with the OS proper seeing a summer ship time. Read more »

Apple’s vision of how mobile devices should work became clear today with the introduction of iPhone OS 4.0. The feature list should quell some critics, but owners of a first- or second-generation iPhone or iPod touch who won’t get multitasking will have something to complain about. Read more »

Bucking the growing trend of today’s app economy, non-profits are turning to the touch-friendly mobile web to engage audiences and generate charitable donations. Ironically, faith-based groups are leveraging the agnostic Internet as a platform more than any other in this sector. Read more »

While global sales of mobile broadband devices are up 55 percent in 2009, there’s was a surprising drop in sales of personal hot spots — a reported decrease of 28 percent from 2008. Two key reasons are the likely driving force behind the lower sales numbers. Read more »


When it comes to mobile music subscription options, there’s already quite a few — Pandora, Slacker, and Thumbplay all come to mind. And now, Rhapsody joins the club on Google Android handsets with a new beta client available in the Android Marketplace. Read more »

I’ve used the Netflix for iPad software daily since Saturday’s iPad launch and I’ve watched more content in the past three days than I did in the prior three weeks. The software is a joy to use, making my Netflix subscription more useful than ever. Read more »

At CES 2009, when Palm talked about its plans to stage a comeback, everyone applauded. Instead, a few strategic mistakes, wrong partners and a terrible ad campaign were Palm’s undoing. Good marketing can sell a bad product, but bad marketing really doesn’t sell a good product. Read more »

Apple unveils “the future of iPhone OS” this Thursday in Cupertino. As nice as the iPhone operating system is, there’s always room for improvement. I expect these six features to make their way into iPhone 4.0 as Apple finds elegant solutions to inelegant problems. Read more »

Sensorly, based in France, aims to arm handset owners with network coverage information directly on handset. The free application uses crowdsourced data to show voice, data and Wi-Fi coverage maps in nine countries around the world, making it useful for international travelers. Read more »


It’s iPad-eve so this week’s audio podcast focuses on the new slate from Apple. Are people underestimating the paradigm shift this device brings to the mobile space? We chat about Wi-FI, 3G and 4G options as well. Join us and enjoy the conversation! Read more »

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