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Will Eee PCs Upend the Portable Pricing Market?

Intuit has partnered with mophie to provide a credit card processing solution that uses Apple’s iPhone. The hardware, created by mophie and available today, is aimed at small business owners — especially those who use QuickBooks and are looking for a simple transactional fee structure. Read more »

Facebook Traffic Tanks - This can't be real?

Tired of sending virtual sheep to Facebook friends? Webtab is turning virtual drinks into real ones with its Bartab service. One dollar Bartab credits become redeemable drink tickets sent through Facebook. The bar gains free social advertising, plus Bartab users tend to stay for more drinks. Read more »

Research In Motion is entering last-ditch meetings with Indian security officials in an effort to meet demands of government access to encrypted communications. But how can RIM provide what it claims to not have — access to security keys for business-run BlackBerry Enterprise Servers? Read more »

Upcoming Events

In a bid to grab new customers, Sprint’s Virgin Mobile USA is now offering prepaid unlimited mobile broadband service for $40 per month with no contract. That compares to Verizon’s new prepaid plan at twice the price with a 5 GB limit over 30 days. Read more »

My iPhone Confession; AT&T has more coming

Point Inside today announced a Find-It application specific to the Meijer retail chain. The software, for both Android and iOS handsets, uses Point Inside’s mapping solution to provide shoppers the instant location of any of the more than 100,000 items sold by Meijer. Read more »

The smartphone market is moving so quickly that consumers are finding improved devices just a few months after they bought the “latest and greatest” handset. But a disturbing trend is growing as device makers keep cranking out new devices: more smartphones are shipping with major bugs. Read more »

Research In Motion has purchased Cellmania to acquire mobile app store expertise for an undisclosed amount. This purchase follows the recent launch of an improved App World for BlackBerry devices and brings RIM a team experienced in app distribution, carrier billing and mobile storefronts. Read more »

Android users are 80 percent more valuable than iPhone users, says Chitika, an online advertising network that serves 2 billion monthly impressions to over more than 80,000 websites. What’s driving this higher click-through rate on Android? A bad interface, Google “magic” or something else entirely? Read more »

The mobile workforce carries more devices, stays connected longer and expects to be productive on tablet devices, according to the latest iPass study. Given a choice, workers would carry a smartphone over a laptop, but a growing number plan to purchase an iPad for enterprise work. Read more »

Intel and Nokia today announced the opening of the Intel and Nokia Joint Innovation Center at the University of Oulu, Finland. The initial lab effort is for virtual 3-D handset interfaces, but the reality is: it appears MeeGo is fishing for a reason to exist. Read more »

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Facebook is continuing to grow, but not all of that growth is due to features and functions of the web-based social networking service. The trend towards Facebook-enabled hardware shows no sign of stopping: cameras, picture frames, televisions and more are bringing Facebook everywhere for consumers. Read more »

This weekend may be remembered for questioning of the value of social networks, as Leo Laporte explained why he’s leaving Google Buzz behind. Are you not getting value out of social networks or are you trying to use them as tools for something they’re not? Read more »

PocketGear has raised $15 million in Series B funding, giving the “world’s largest open app store and content marketplace” more capital for expansion. In this age of platform-specific stores, the company may need it as consumers get locked in to apps for their specific devices. Read more »

As part of a plan that would expand royalty payments from radio stations, the National Association of Broadcasters is looking for the U.S. government to require FM radio tuners in all future phones. There’s merit to both sides, but do you want an FM radio mandate? Read more »

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Visa and Bank of America are reportedly partnering for a trial program that will allow customers to pay for purchases using only a smartphone. Although the wireless payment battle is far from over, Visa’s solution has an advantage because consumers can use their existing handsets. Read more »


Join James, Matt and Kevin live for this week’s audio podcast where they’ll cover this week’s mobile technology news and share experiences with the latest software, hardware and web services. If you missed the live show, you can grab an MP3 audio recording and listen later. Read more »

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Nokia today purchased Motally, a San-Francisco-based web and mobile software analytics firm, which is a solid step towards improving the Ovi application store. Armed with demographic, application performance and other data, third-party developers can optimize their Qt, Symbian, Meego and Java applications for Nokia devices. Read more »

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MasterCard today announced it has agreed to acquire DataCash, a European payment service provider, for $520 million in a transaction expected to close by this October. The deal is expected to boost MasterCard’s services in Europe, but more importantly, will bring additional mobile and e-commerce products. Read more »

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After showing off its Tegra line of mobile processors for two years, Nvidia may finally have a big product win as LG Electronics will use a Tegra applications processor in a number of smartphones this year. Is this the first of many Nvidia-powered products to come? Read more »

Apple is seen as catching up on both iPhone 4 and iPad production by the end of September, according to industry analyst, Ashok Kumar. My own recent ordering experience indicates Apple is already reducing supply bottlenecks, which ought to help sell 14 million iPhones this quarter. Read more »

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The number of free wireless hotspots in the U.S. outnumber paid Wi-Fi locations for the first time, with 55.1 percent of public Wi-Fi locations available at no charge. Retailers and data providers are leveraging consumer demand for access to online research and coupons while mobile. Read more »

As an Android phone user, I keep thinking how great it would be if the next iPod touch is every bit an iPhone minus the cellular voice support That’s not going to happen when Apple next updates the iPod touch, however, for one simple reason: money. Read more »

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GetGlue today launches its social entertainment mobile application for Google Android handsets and mobile website, adding another smartphone platform to leverage its more than 5 million user recommendations and check-ins. Can the company make money as a “part Foursqure, part Facebook” type of social service? Read more »

Apple raked in 48 percent of the worldwide mobile market’s earnings before interest and taxes in the second quarter of 2010. Reliance on Google Android may be a temporary lift for others as a solid proprietary platform and ecosystem offers more control over offering high-profit devices. Read more »

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Amid declining market share losses, Research In Motion has both a new operating system, BlackBerry OS 6, and a debut device for AT&T’s network in the BlackBerry Torch 9800. Will the updated hardware and software grow RIM’s user base or simply keep current BlackBerry users happy? Read more »

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If you polled people about NFC, most would confuse wireless payment technology with the NFL’s National Football Conference. But Apple’s hiring of NFC expert Benjamin Vigier combined with its NFC patent library make for a Joe Montana – Jerry Rice tandem that could score NFC adoption. Read more »

GetJar today announced that mobile downloads of Photobucket have increased 2,500 percent with the new GetJar App It! service, which creates a single application web link for use on all mobile platforms. GetJar envisions the unique AppIt! link used for social networking and viral marketing. Read more »

Following the precedent RIM set by last week allowing the Saudi Arabian government to monitor communications, India is requesting RIM provide access to encrypted mail both for personal and corporate accounts — a dangerous precedent that goes against the very spirit of the Internet itself. Read more »

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The dust isn’t going to settle soon on Oracle’s complaint claiming that Google has infringed upon seven patents through code used in Android. Around the web are some excellent back-stories on how we got here and what might happen as a result of Oracle’s complaint. Read more »

Facebook today matured its SDK for iOS, adding support for OAuth 2.0 and an updated API for Facebook’s social graph, making it easier for developers to use Facebook data in apps. Might this update set the stage for a future link between Facebook and Apple? Read more »

Google’s mobile handset platform continues to gain market share around the world, with 17.2 percent of all smartphones sold in the second quarter running the Android operating system. And now the BlackBerry platform is the no. 2 smartphone OS in the U.S. behind Google Android. Read more »

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Sprint today officially introduced the Epic 4G, an Android 2.1 smartphone with a slide-out keyboard and support for both Sprint’s 3G and WiMAX wireless service. Will customers be willing to spend $50 more than the Sprint EVO 4G for a physical keyboard and larger memory card? Read more »

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Sam’s Club today announced it will launch free Wi-Fi access, provided by AT&T, in all U.S. locations by November. The company plans to offer the wireless service so customers can test integrated Internet services such as Pandora, Facebook and Vudu on televisions and other web-connected appliances. Read more »

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Waze today launches version 2.0 of its social-based navigation and mapping application, adding a number of small changes and one big feature. The new Waze Groups allows users to create small groups that can easily share traffic information and track the location of group members. Read more »

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UCell, a wireless service provider in Uzbekistan, has deployed an LTE network, making the central Asia nation the first to offer two different LTE networks. The new high-speed network offers theoretical peak speeds of 100 Mbps and is powered by software and equipment from ZTE. Read more »

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An HTC smartphone with multiple cores is reportedly in the works, based on results found from a benchmark testing website. A powerful chip — likely from Qualcomm — would be welcome in smartphones, but might be better suited to Android tablets compete against Apple’s iPad. Read more »

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Vonage today released an application for Facebook on iPhone and Android that provides free voice calls between Facebook friends over Wi-Fi or a 3G wireless network. With past struggles to stay viable as a VoIP provider, this app might give Vonage a new lease on life. Read more »

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