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Motorola will add to its Moto G and X handset lines at a London event on May 13 when it introduces “the next Motorola phone.” Invitations for the launch are hitting press inboxes with little detail. One tagline does stand out, however: “Made to last. Priced for all.” That could indicate a more ruggedized edition of the low-cost Moto G, perhaps with water-resistant and dust-proof capabilities. Either way, the handset won’t likely have any influence from Lenovo, which agreed in January to buy Motorola from Google as the phone would have been in the works months ago and the deal is not yet closed.

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Office for iPad printing

Under new CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft is moving quickly. Just a month and three days after debuting the long-awaited Office for iPad app, Microsoft added AirPrint support in an updated version of the software on Tuesday. Word documents can be printed with or without markup and Excel users can choose to print a range, single worksheet or full spreadsheet. The updated software also includes alignment tools in Power Point and AutoFit adjustments for Excel rows and columns.

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acer C720 angle

Acer announced a new Chromebook in its C720 line on Tuesday at a New York City press event and unlike its other models, this one gets a chip boost. Instead of the fairly common Intel Celeron processor found in other Chromebooks from Acer, Dell and HP, Acer is putting an Intel Core i3 processor inside the laptop. Slashgear notes that the new 11.6-inch Chromebook is due out this summer with larger models possibly following. Using the Core i3 should improve performance while not severely impacting battery life.

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Amazon gave the up-and-coming market for wearable devices a nod by announcing its new Wearable Technology store on Tuesday. The online retailer now has a dedicated storefront for health trackers, smartwatches, life-logging cameras and other sensor-laden devices. Since the product category is new for many, Amazon is supplementing the retail store with a “Learning Center” for video and written information on products, in hopes of educating the masses on why a wearable device could fit nicely into their life.

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After installing iOS 7.1.1 when it became available on Tuesday, I thought I saw a marked improvement in my iPhone’s battery life. I’m not the only one as ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes noted the same on Thursday, sharing results from multiple six-hour battery tests. Prior to the update, his iPhone battery would drop from 100 percent capacity down to 48 percent. After installing iOS 7.1.1, his iPhone battery is only falling to 76 percent from a full charge in a test cycle. Several commenters on his article agree or have seen similar results, so if you haven’t updated to iOS 7.1.1, I recommend doing so sooner rather than later.

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windows phone remote PC access

Windows Phone  just joined the platforms that Microsoft supports with a remote control app for accessing a PC from a handset. The company quietly introduced the free Remote Desktop Preview software in the Windows Phone store on Wednesday and ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley spotted it. Microsoft first brought a secure remote access app to competing platforms — namely iOS and Android — last year, so this new preview app closes the circle by giving Microsoft’s own Windows Phone users the same functionality: Full, secure access to a remote computer for viewing data or running apps on the small screen

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