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Research In Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook will be available in a model with integrated 4G that uses Sprint’s national WiMAX network. Availability and pricing weren’t provided, but there’s a good chance Sprint will subsidize the PlayBook 4G and help get more customers on its fast data network. Read more »


T-Mobile’s first 4G tablet is the G-Slate, built by LG and running Honeycomb, or Google Android 3.0. Specific details on the tablet, which won’t be immediately available, are forthcoming, most likely by LG who today said it would have tablet news for Thursday at CES. Read more »


Nvidia’s CES press event is underway, and while much of the Tegra 2 news is similar to that of last year’s show, there’s one huge difference: Many mobile products are using Nvidia’s chip. Today, LG officially adds the Optimus 2X handset running Google Android. Read more »


ASUS kicked off the Consumer Electronics Show with four new tablet computers, ranging in size from 7-12 inches. Three of the Eee Pads will use the Honeycomb version of Android and dual-core processors while the fourth is an Intel-powered Microsoft Windows 7 slate. Read more »

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With so many tablets expected to debut at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show, the timing is perfect for Opera’s latest browser. Opera’s compression technology could help tablets on limited data plans do more browsing in a given month with the new Opera for Touch browser. Read more »


A fast-paced year of mobile technology brought numerous 1 GHz handsets, a tablet market and new contenders for the smartphone market share crown. The seven most read articles of this year illustrate how much has changed in 2010, setting up an even wilder ride in 2011! Read more »


Getting bookmarks from the desktop to a mobile device has long been a challenge, especially since bookmarks can change on a daily basis. Xmarks today makes this easier for users of the popular Dolphin HD Browser on Android thanks to a new synchronization plug-in. Read more »


Consumers are expected to send more than 7 trillion short messages next year, up from an estimated 6.1 trillion in 2010. These messages were once the sole domain of network operators, but thanks to mobile software, huge opportunities are opening up for third-party service providers. Read more »


As 2010 closes out, it’s time took forward and see what advancements in mobile technology and gadgets that 2011 will bring. ARM chips will still dominate, and Android will keep closing the usability gap with Apple’s iOS but will tablets be the talk of the town? Read more »


The Android Market will soon let developers offer video demonstrations of their software, helping consumers better understand what they’re buying before they actually purchase an app. AppsFire, a third-party Android software discovery app, has already integrated the video functions, which could help sell more apps. Read more »


This year saw improved gadgets that either run faster, longer on a charge or can morph into multi-purpose devices thanks to slick new apps. These seven gadgets actually got me to pull out my wallet in 2010: the best gadgets this year that met my needs. Read more »


In the game of mobile musical chairs, Microsoft and Intel are about to be left standing when the music stops. But now that Microsoft is reportedly bringing Windows to ARM processors, it appears that Microsoft has a seat, leaving Intel to fend for itself with Nokia. Read more »


Many first time smartphone buyers are excited with their new phone, and once they actually figure out how to use it, it’s time to download apps! There’s no lack of software to choose from but these eight titles are worth having on your shiny new smartphone! Read more »


We received over 1,000 comments from readers in our Chrome OS CR-48 giveaway, and as promised, we randomly chose five winners. Everyone’s a winner really, because GigaOM readers left a number of insightful comments about Google’s new browser-based computer and its chances of future success. Read more »

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