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This year saw improved gadgets that either run faster, longer on a charge or can morph into multi-purpose devices thanks to slick new apps. These seven gadgets actually got me to pull out my wallet in 2010: the best gadgets this year that met my needs. Read more »


In the game of mobile musical chairs, Microsoft and Intel are about to be left standing when the music stops. But now that Microsoft is reportedly bringing Windows to ARM processors, it appears that Microsoft has a seat, leaving Intel to fend for itself with Nokia. Read more »


Many first time smartphone buyers are excited with their new phone, and once they actually figure out how to use it, it’s time to download apps! There’s no lack of software to choose from but these eight titles are worth having on your shiny new smartphone! Read more »

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We received over 1,000 comments from readers in our Chrome OS CR-48 giveaway, and as promised, we randomly chose five winners. Everyone’s a winner really, because GigaOM readers left a number of insightful comments about Google’s new browser-based computer and its chances of future success. Read more »


Although LTE networks are appearing around the world, the U.S. will push LTE faster than most others, says HTC CEO Peter Chou. His company plans to bring LTE phones to the U.S. soon because of the perfect storm brewing with smartphones and fast wireless networks. Read more »


Google has a few extra CR-48 notebooks with the Chrome OS for us and instead of arming our office with cloud computers, we’re giving them to readers! We have five CR-48′s, so leave a comment here if you want one. Don’t wait – entries close tomorrow night! Read more »

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Join James, Matt and Kevin live for this week’s audio podcast where they’ll cover this week’s mobile technology news and share experiences with the latest software, hardware and web services. If you missed the live show, you can grab an MP3 audio recording of the show. Read more »


Google’s Nexus S handset has landed at GigaOM HQ and we’ve got a short video showing unboxing and overview of the handset. The Nexus S will be the first smartphone to ship with Android 2.3, or Gingerbread, and offers support for near-field communications and video calls. Read more »


There seems to be an app for everything these days, and that include crime fighting. The Dallas Police offer free software for most smartphone platforms that help residents report crimes, submit tips and even send pictures which can help law enforcement catch the bad guys! Read more »

Thomas Pate, Accenture, at Net:Work 2010

Enabling a mobile rank-and-file team can bring additional productivity, but true collaboration in a distributed enterprise starts at the top and filters through back office services too. Accenture implemented a multi-wave approach that included not simple reductions in cost, but enabling staff to be collaborative. Read more »


Google launched Chrome OS today, but it won’t be available for sale on consumer devices until mid-2011. Instead, Google used today to tout improvements of its browser and share news on the features it will bring to Chrome OS while businesses and consumers beta test it. Read more »


As next-generation wireless data networks roll out in the U.S., get ready to face more choices: Do you want speed, coverage, low price or unlimited use? Since we can’t have it all, here’s a rundown on which “4G” service is best for different reasons and uses. Read more »


Not content with pulling Kik’s cross-platform messaging app from BlackBerry App World, Research In Motion has filed a patent infringement suit against Kik in Canada. While RIM should protect its intellectual property, this is another example of companies attempting to maintain control of the mobile space. Read more »

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