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Forget about a Facebook phone, what about a Facebook broadband plan?

Amid news of upcoming dedicated Facebook phones, HTC decided to pre-empt such devices by today introducing two new Android 2.3.3 handsets with a dedicated Facebook button. One tap and the phone will automatically share images, media or location, and Facebook is tightly integrated in HTC Sense. Read more »

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Only 7 percent of customers recently polled are interested in a mobile broadband data dongle, down from 20 percent just three years ago. Wi-Fi and the Mi-Fi are reducing demand for single-device data sticks, but smartphones with mobile hotspot capabilities show potential of a larger impact. Read more »


Join Matt and Kevin live for this week’s mobile tech podcast where they’ll discuss Nokia’s choice to use Windows Phone 7 for smartphones, the mobile chip wars and hands-on thoughts of the Atrix 4G and Inspire 4G. Participate in the show via the live chat room Read more »

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Sprint added 1.1 million subscribers in the last quarter of 2010, including 58,000 lucrative postpaid customers — its best effort since early 2006. What’s driving the growth after five years of treading water? Hot Android devices with fast mobile broadband radios for both pre- and postpaid customers. Read more »


Verizon Wireless will support voice over LTE (VoLTE) calling next year and demonstrate the service on an Android 4G handset next week. The service will support simultaneous voice and data, but how can the carrier do this when the GSMA hasn’t yet created the VoLTE standard? Read more »


Join Matt and Kevin live in the chat room as they share hands-on thoughts of the Dell Streak 7, Venue Pro and custom Android tablet ROMs. They’ll cover the mobile tech news of this week including the Atrix laptop dock, iPhone sales and upcoming 4G handsets. Read more »


Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect accessory might have the spotlight when it comes to gesture technology, but it’s not the only game in town. EyeSight is bringing its software and algorithms to camera-enabled Android tablets and Windows computers for remote controlling applications with the wave of a hand. Read more »


We’re not seeing sub-$100 smartphones without contracts yet, but we’re getting closer: Virgin Mobile is selling the LG Optimus V for $149 with unlimited data plans starting at $25. That’s getting close to feature phone territory but adds the promise of apps and the mobile web. Read more »


A year-and-a-half after an EU commission requested research into a universal phone charging standard, various telecommunications bodies around the globe have approved micro USB as the universal standard to charge data-enabled mobile phones. It’s good news, but even better is widespread support from handset makers all […] Read more »


Join Matt and Kevin live for this week’s mobile tech podcast where they’ll discuss Honeycomb and other Google Android tablet news like custom ROMs, review Nokia’s nosedive in smartphone market share and cover new gadgets in hand. Participate in the show via the live chat room! Read more »

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