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Mozilla’s new Firefox Mobile 4 browser is available for Android and Maemo, boasting faster speeds, desktop synchronization and more, although support for Adobe Flash is missing. The mobile app could offset Mozilla’s falling desktop browser share, but chances are that most Android owners will stay stock. Read more »

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Aircell, the company behind Gogo in-flight Internet Wi-Fi service is ready to add smartphones in airplane seats. Today the company announced an Android device for voice calls on the GoGo Biz Voice service that could be used to sell apps and services to a captive audience. Read more »


To save on mobile broadband costs, hotspots are becoming more attractive than ever but finding them can be tough. Boingo’s new Wi-Finder software for Windows, OS X, Android and iOS now finds out of network hotspots. Wi-Finder can notify when near a hotspot and automatically login. Read more »

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Irfan Khan, Sybase, at Structure Big Data 2011

Estimates say that 90 percent of all data was created in the last two years alone. That staggering figure can lead to analysis paralysis for some organizations, but those that can sift through, analyze and take action on information faster than others will enjoy competitive advantages. Read more »

Alfred Spector, Google, at Structure Big Data 2011

Google may have more distributed data than any other company but it still takes user input to create smarter machines. Google’s Voice Search speech recognition, for example, began to improve when the service started to train itself and improve accuracy through the use of end-user data Read more »

Jeff Jonas, IBM at Structure Big Data 2011

As the amount of captured data grows, how can businesses make more sense of it, use it for accurate predictions and better understand their customers? The answer may lie in the world of physics: the concept of space-time paired with data improves predictions through context. Read more »


After failing to deliver the first functionality update to its Windows Phone 7 devices earlier this month, it appears Microsoft is ready to push new software out. Aside from the addition of copy / paste functionality, there are handful of other improvements once the update arrives. Read more »

BlackBerry PlayBook

Research In Motion’s PlayBook Wi-Fi tablet is available for pre-order at the same pricing as Apple’s iPad 2. The device arrives on April 19 at more than two dozen online and brick-and-mortar retailers. That answers some questions, but others about the device still remain. Read more »


Join Matt and Kevin this week as they share hands-on thoughts of Apple’s iPad 2, the HTC Arrive and the Dell Venue. See if they think a Wi-Fi Motorola Xoom will sell and will Samsung’s new Galaxy Players have a shot against Apple’s iPod touch! Read more »


Thanks to the new Qi standard from the Wireless Power Consortium, it’s easier to charge mobile devices simply by laying them on a pad. But who wants a wireless charging case for each different device? Energizer’s new universal adapter should solve that problem. Read more »


As smartphone adoption surpasses traditional computer sales, Intel’s time to crack the mobile market continues to expire. Losing Nokia’s focus on MeeGo hasn’t helped, so at this point, Google’s Android platform may be the chipmaker’s best bet, even though that solution is a long shot too. Read more »


Consumers and small business looking for Google Voice-type service in Canada may want to dial up TellFi, a small virtual phone service startup. The company just announced free calls for Canadians and the service includes intelligent phone routing, voicemail transcription and even virtual phone extensions. Read more »


Thanks to a slew of recent technology advances, the smartphone is turning into a truly personalized information assistant that can handle everything from your appointments to traffic reports. A new Android app called reQall Rover wants to turn your smartphone into an intelligent information assistant. Read more »


Over the next month, at least three new Wi-Fi tablets are expected to launch from Samsung, Motorola and Research In Motion. Without mobile broadband, each should compete well on price to Apple’s iPad 2, which starts at $499. But odds are still stacked against their success. Read more »


People of Japan are using their smartphones during the earthquake and tsunami tragedies to share news and pictures but with damaged infrastructure, the cellular networks are struggling. To keep information flowing, Madrid-based Fon quickly acted to open up one million free Wi-Fi hotspots. Read more »


Join Matt and Kevin on the live podcast as they discuss the iPad 2, tablet pricing and developments in Windows Phone 7 as well as the cellular market. And what’s the best buck that Kevin spent this week? It’s an Android app! Read more »

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