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Thanks to the new Qi standard from the Wireless Power Consortium, it’s easier to charge mobile devices simply by laying them on a pad. But who wants a wireless charging case for each different device? Energizer’s new universal adapter should solve that problem. Read more »


As smartphone adoption surpasses traditional computer sales, Intel’s time to crack the mobile market continues to expire. Losing Nokia’s focus on MeeGo hasn’t helped, so at this point, Google’s Android platform may be the chipmaker’s best bet, even though that solution is a long shot too. Read more »

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Consumers and small business looking for Google Voice-type service in Canada may want to dial up TellFi, a small virtual phone service startup. The company just announced free calls for Canadians and the service includes intelligent phone routing, voicemail transcription and even virtual phone extensions. Read more »


Thanks to a slew of recent technology advances, the smartphone is turning into a truly personalized information assistant that can handle everything from your appointments to traffic reports. A new Android app called reQall Rover wants to turn your smartphone into an intelligent information assistant. Read more »


Over the next month, at least three new Wi-Fi tablets are expected to launch from Samsung, Motorola and Research In Motion. Without mobile broadband, each should compete well on price to Apple’s iPad 2, which starts at $499. But odds are still stacked against their success. Read more »

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People of Japan are using their smartphones during the earthquake and tsunami tragedies to share news and pictures but with damaged infrastructure, the cellular networks are struggling. To keep information flowing, Madrid-based Fon quickly acted to open up one million free Wi-Fi hotspots. Read more »


Join Matt and Kevin on the live podcast as they discuss the iPad 2, tablet pricing and developments in Windows Phone 7 as well as the cellular market. And what’s the best buck that Kevin spent this week? It’s an Android app! Read more »


Having a hard time reading all of your favorite websites? If you have an Android device, consider using ReadItLater, a $0.99 app that captures saved articles for offline reading and syncs them in real time. A free browser add-on shoots articles from a mobile device. Read more »


How can navigation companies fight against the likes of free offerings such as Google Maps? They either have to create extra value in terms of data or the experience. Navigon takes a step towards doing that with a free Android app that finds nearby parking spots. Read more »

Will apps or devices track the quantified self?

Folks who exercise have a new reason to consider a Windows Phone 7 handset today: RunKeeper just launched for Microsoft phones. The software uses GPS to track activities, capture useful data and create maps. Already on iOS and Android, RunKeeper has surpassed 5 million downloads. Read more »


Android application discovery continues to be a challenge, but apps abound to help the situation. The lastest — App Hunter — focuses solely on free and reduced priced software in the Android Market. Updated daily, the software finds apps and then points you to the official Android Market. Read more »


Steve Jobs introduced Apple’s iPad 2 today and says the new tablet will launch on March 11. A few external updates along with a slew of internal changes make the iPad 2 a solid upgrade. Here’s a listing of what’s different in Apple’s newest tablet. Read more »


Evernote today launched a redesigned version of its iPhone software, adding new views and features to organize thoughts on the go. Multiple attachments and up to 90 minutes of audio per note are supported as this productivity boosting app helps capture and sift through your thoughts. Read more »


Verizon Wireless will reportedly offer the HTC Trophy as its first Windows Phone 7 device. But this handset, like many of the others before it, simply meets the minimum requirements for Microsoft’s platform. Will partners advance the platform this year considering Nokia has exclusive customization abilities? Read more »


Today our smartphones know where we are, what time of day it is and, in some cases, our likes and dislikes. Seymour, a new self-learning recommendation engine, leverages that contextual information and combines it with the collective intelligence of the Internet for real-time, useful recommendations. Read more »

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