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The HTC Sensation 4G, just announced for T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network, seems to have it all: a dual-core CPU; large, high-resolution display; and high-end camera for 1080p video recording. Topping it off are two key software features in an updated HTC Sense and HTC Watch. Read more »

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Join Matt and Kevin for the weekly mobile podcast. On tap this week: a new Nokia handset in the U.S., low priced tablets, hands on with the HTC ThunderBolt and Kevin’s new mobile gadget that doesn’t really move at all. Join us for the live show! Read more »

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Is Nokia’s Symbian operating system relegated to a historical footnote by 2015? Research firm Gartner thinks so, but Nokia’s transition to Windows Phone 7 could take a few years and Google’s Android platform isn’t yet entrenched in the low-end segment just yet: Symbian may survive longer. Read more »


A leaked image of an alleged HP webOS handset design shows something missing, and that’s a good thing: the phone appears to drop the physical keyboard. Palm never implemented a software keyboard on their otherwise excellent webOS platform, but HP looks to be making the change. Read more »


As mobile apps become more sophisticated, they can be preferable over their desktop counterparts: fully functional, but faster and easier to use. Two major computer makers recognize what this means: the potential for huge disruption through a subtle merger of traditional desktop computing and mobile platforms. Read more »


We’re down to the last 10 days of the U.S. tax season and that means many procrastinators are either panicking or are calmly filling out their extension form. This list of five mobile apps can help you quickly file or prepare your taxes before the deadline! Read more »


Facebook is modifying code for its mobile site to speed development and help offer common features across all phones. Now that the service sees 250 million monthly active users on mobile devices, the changes will help with a “write once, run on nearly any handset” approach. Read more »


Mozilla’s new Firefox Mobile 4 browser is available for Android and Maemo, boasting faster speeds, desktop synchronization and more, although support for Adobe Flash is missing. The mobile app could offset Mozilla’s falling desktop browser share, but chances are that most Android owners will stay stock. Read more »

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