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After nearly 16 months, my Google Nexus One is finally out-of-date. That’s a record for me keeping one single phone, but it’s time for an upgrade, because Google just announced video chat capabilities in Android 2.3.4, rolling out to the Nexus S and other new phones. Read more »

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Today’s free Amazon app for Android devices, Business Calendar, is so good, I’d actually pay for it if I had to. In fact, I wouldn’t mind seeing Google purchase the software and integrate into Android as the native Google Calendar client for smartphones and tablets! Read more »


Amazon is the most noteworthy of a small army of new app distributors that are hoping to compete with Google’s Android Market. Here are a few other companies that should consider joining the field and capitalizing on Android’s runaway success. Read more »

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Verizon Wireless today announced an April 28 launch for the HTC Incredible 2, a successor to one of the carrier’s most popular Google Android handsets from last year. Although the handset can’t use Verizon’s 4G network, it may appeal to frequent travelers due to GSM support. Read more »


In honor of Earth Day, I’ve been testing a couple of solar chargers from Scosche and Choice Solar. The good news is that charger prices have dropped significantly. But their capabilities vary, so it’s important to select one that meets your needs. Read more »


Sony is finally getting into the Android tablet game, announcing two new Honeycomb tablets, codenamed S1 and S2, that arrive this fall. That gives time for Honeycomb to mature and gain tablet-optimizes software while Sony leverages its consumer electronics ecosystem for media and entertainment. Read more »


Sprint today announced the Nexus S 4G, with support for Sprint’s WiMAX network, is launching on May 8 for $199 with a two-year contract. Will customers be interested in the new Nexus when dual-core, higher resolution phones are available? They probably will for one key reason. Read more »


It’s easy to hate on RIM’s new BlackBerry PlayBook, but are some people overlooking the positives that RIM’s new tablet offers? Here’s a list of my favorite selling points, which actually provide a solid foundation for the PlayBook to mature and be successful in the future. Read more »


With flash storage subject to production issues and relatively high costs compared to other mobile device components, maybe it’s time to revisit the idea of broadband enabling near-limitless virtual storage. We’re not there just yet, but we’re getting closer due to smarter apps and improved connectivity. Read more »


Barnes & Noble released software for its Nook Color e-reader, bringing Android 2.2 and third-party software to the $249 device. At this price, consumers may opt for a multipurpose e-reader over a tablet. Why not, when you can play Angry Birds, YouTube vids and check email? Read more »


Matt and Kevin share hands-on impressions of three devices this week: the BlackBerry PlayBook from Research In Motion, T-Mobile’s G2X Android smartphone and the G-Slate Honeycomb tablet. Join them live for the podcast and you can participate in the show through the live chat room! Read more »


What will it take to reinvigorate the venerable Sidekick brand? T-Mobile thinks it knows and has teamed up with Samsung on the Sidekick 4G. My teenage son reviews it on video and is impressed. Me too, since the device has solid hardware and runs Google Android. Read more »

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Anticipating how new technologies will be used, especially new form factors such as tablets, is difficult. Data from the recent immr tablet study show how individuals expect to use tablets, which in turn influences the various tablet hardware models and features they are apt to purchase. Read more »


Join Matt and Kevin for the live podcast where they’ll discuss the latest mobile tech news and share hands on impressions of new gadgets. The Sidekick 4G is in hand, but is it a hit? Find out and participate in the live chat room! Read more »


As a final part of our site rebranding, GigaOM’s mobile channel is now named Mobilize, in conjunction with our event of the same name. The fourth-annual Mobilize event this fall is expanding to two days, reflecting the growth of the mobile industry. Read more »


By fall, Microsoft will push the next Windows Phone 7 update, including an IE9 browser, developer access to the camera and motion sensors, improved performance, multitasking and support for an ever so slightly wider range of hardware. Where will competitors be and what’s taking so long? Read more »


As more family members begin using smartphones, mobile software and web services, isn’t it time we used them to help us better manage our family lives? These apps are the first I’ve found to help keep my family working together for events, location and shopping lists. Read more »


Google has worked out carrier billing with Sprint, which should be rolling out in the next few days to all Sprint customers using Android devices. That could help boost software sales in the Android Market, as consumers prefer carrier billing to other methods. Read more »

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