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Joint Matt and Kevin as they return to the mobile tech podcast after a short summer break. Hands on thoughts with the HP TouchPad, myTouch 4G Slide, HTC Status Facebook phone and Nokia E6. Participate in the live show through the chat room! Read more »


The T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide smartphone launches later this month and pairs the latest version of Google Android with an advanced camera. Here’s a quick video overview of the upcoming dual-core handset with QWERTY keyboard, mainly focusing on the new camera modes and 8 megapixel sensor. Read more »

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Spotify, one of the most popular music streaming services in Europe and other regions, today launched in the U.S., as expected. But mobile users will have to pay for the Premium plan, a $9.99 monthly subscription. What features do you get and is it worth it? Read more »


Sprint today introduced the Motorola Photon 4G, the company’s first WiMAX handset with international support, and will launch the smartphone on July 31. Featuring a 960×540 high-resolution display and dual-core Tegra 2 processor, the Android smartphone works across borders, but sadly leaves the 4G behind. Read more »


Microsoft today adds Kinect support for its Robotics Developer Studio. Software and an SDK are helpful, but the real news may be in Microsoft’s 2010 purchase of Canesta, which has a chip-level pattern recognition solution. With it, Microsoft could shrink Kinect functionality to fit in smartphones. Read more »

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It’s been 14 months since Apple’s iPad debuted, and competitors have finally delivered on their tablet promises. But which is best for you? Based on my experience with all of the tablet platforms, this summary of device and platforms pros and cons can help you decide. Read more »


The first handset with a dedicated Facebook button, aptly named the HTC Status arrives on AT&T’s network July 17. At $49 you won’t get a high-end handset with a peppy processor, but if simple Facebook sharing is your thing, the Status hits the right buttons. Read more »


HP hasn’t introduced the rumored music store and streaming service for its line of webOS devices, but it does have an application that currently syncs music to the HP TouchPad tablet and Veer smartphone. HP Play, for Windows and OS X, shows promise and works well. Read more »


As we migrate away from stationary computing, new software solutions are needed for mobile activities. SRI’s latest development brings image stabilization to Google Talk users with Honeycomb tablets. Along with an improved experience, SRI’s video-stability solution could improve battery life for heavy video chatters. Read more »


Amazon’s online music storage and streaming service sounds great on Android devices or a desktop browser. Apple devices have been left in the cold until now however: here’s a first look at Amazon’s Cloud Player for the iPad’s browser, which despite a few shortcomings, shows promise. Read more »


Google updated its Maps for Android software Wednesday, bringing a new feature for those who take public transportation, as well as some additional functions for everyone. But a Labs feature can help smartphone owners on limited data plans: downloadable maps for offline use are available. Read more »


The HP TouchPad may currently lack third-party apps and access to video and music stores, but the basics are pretty solid, if not exceptional in some cases. Here’s a few of the standout features that I’ve grown to like in my short time with HP’s tablet. Read more »


Thirteen months after rival AT&T stopped offering unlimited smartphone data plans, Verizon Wireless is following. New customers on or after July 7 will choose between three tiers of monthly mobile broadband service. Are Verizon’s new data plans better than those from AT&T? That depends on you. Read more »

Jason Hoffman (Joyent), Anant Agarwal (Tilera Corporation), Partha Ranganathan (HP) - Structure 2011

The world is becoming a giant computer comprised of data centers, networks and devices on the fringe, but that’s not good enough. Datacenters need custom multi-core processors, improved memory and better software before we can gain the rich, immersive services that some computer scientists envision. Read more »

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