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Verizon Wireless will reportedly offer the HTC Trophy as its first Windows Phone 7 device. But this handset, like many of the others before it, simply meets the minimum requirements for Microsoft’s platform. Will partners advance the platform this year considering Nokia has exclusive customization abilities? Read more »


Today our smartphones know where we are, what time of day it is and, in some cases, our likes and dislikes. Seymour, a new self-learning recommendation engine, leverages that contextual information and combines it with the collective intelligence of the Internet for real-time, useful recommendations. Read more »

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Today Matt and Kevin review the week’s mobile tech news, share what to expect from next week’s Apple event and offer hands on impressions of the Motorola Xoom, the first Google Android Honeycomb tablet that’s now available. Participate in the show via the live chat session! Read more »


The first Honeycomb tablets are launching, but the store shelves for Android tablet apps are pretty empty, with just 16 titles appearing today. The race is on for developers to start boosting those numbers, because existing smartphone apps aren’t providing a rich tablet experience. Read more »


Sprint’s first Windows Phone 7 device arrives in the form of the HTC Arrive on March 20. The device could appeal to CDMA customers who want in on Microsoft’s new platform while offering the convenience of a full hardware keyboard to complement the 3.6-inch touchscreen. Read more »


My mobile profession combined with a robot addiction takes a new step forward thanks to Cellbots, a free Android application to control home robots. The software moves a connected robot through the phone’s touchscreen, by voice commands and even through a Google Talk session. Read more »

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Comic book and graphic novel aficionados who own Android devices have a new way to consume content: is available in the Android Market. So how well does it work? I’ve had a few app crashes and see room for improvement, but it’s worth the download. Read more »


The inPulse watch, Sony Ericsson’s LiveView and even Apple’s current iPod Nano all show a resurgence of intelligent wristwatches that pair with smartphones. There are certainly user interface challenges to overcome, but third-party apps show promise. Perhaps Microsoft’s SPOT watches were ahead of their time? Read more »


Join Matt and Kevin for the live podcast as they round up the tablet and phone news from Mobile World Congress, discuss tablet pricing, share more custom ROM experiences on the Galaxy Tab and explain how to turn an Android device into a wireless media center! Read more »

Gigaom Research

Overall tablet sales for 2011 are estimated in the tens of millions, and new to the pack is Android 3.0. Known as Honeycomb, Android 3.0 is a tablet-specific mobile platform Google introduced after months of anticipation. And while Apple’s iPad may have the current lead in the market, Honeycomb puts Google in an excellent position to catch up, much as Android has done in competing with iOS. But Apple isn’t the only competitor Google’s got in its crosshairs: Microsoft is also likely to be impacted, from both a mobile and a desktop computing perspective. Companies mentioned in this report include Google, Apple, Microsoft and Samsung. For a full list of companies, and to read the full report, sign up for a free trial. Read more at Gigaom Research »

Forget about a Facebook phone, what about a Facebook broadband plan?

Amid news of upcoming dedicated Facebook phones, HTC decided to pre-empt such devices by today introducing two new Android 2.3.3 handsets with a dedicated Facebook button. One tap and the phone will automatically share images, media or location, and Facebook is tightly integrated in HTC Sense. Read more »


Only 7 percent of customers recently polled are interested in a mobile broadband data dongle, down from 20 percent just three years ago. Wi-Fi and the Mi-Fi are reducing demand for single-device data sticks, but smartphones with mobile hotspot capabilities show potential of a larger impact. Read more »


Join Matt and Kevin live for this week’s mobile tech podcast where they’ll discuss Nokia’s choice to use Windows Phone 7 for smartphones, the mobile chip wars and hands-on thoughts of the Atrix 4G and Inspire 4G. Participate in the show via the live chat room Read more »


Sprint added 1.1 million subscribers in the last quarter of 2010, including 58,000 lucrative postpaid customers — its best effort since early 2006. What’s driving the growth after five years of treading water? Hot Android devices with fast mobile broadband radios for both pre- and postpaid customers. Read more »

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