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Verizon turbine

Touring Verizon’s booth wasn’t quite what I expected, but that’s not a bad thing. Instead of focusing on new consumer devices, the company is using the venue to show off partner products from its Innovations Center, illustrating the benefits of connectivity where you’d least expect. Read more »

Intel CES 2013

Intel has a packed room for its major press event at the International Consumer Electronics Show and I squeezed in with a few thousand of my closest friends to experience it. Follow along as I live blog the event and hear the news. Read more »

Image 1 for post Averatec's netbook wants to be your Buddy( 2008-09-19 19:41:44)

Goodbye Eee PC and all other netbooks from Asus; the company is no longer producing the small laptops. Acer followed Asus into the netbook market and is following it out as well. What happened to this once quickly growing market? Tablets disrupted the space. Read more »


2012 wraps with a year-end mobile tech podcast that looks both forward and back. With hardware cycles advancing rapidly, neither host is expecting blockbuster news out of the Consumer Electronics Show. Matt is looking deeper into uses for NFC, while Kevin is addicted to TuneIn Radio. Read more »

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