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Apple’s iPad Mini isn’t yet a real product: It hasn’t been announced yet. However, that may change soon with talk of an upcoming event. And now there is a retail inventory system reportedly showing tablet pricing in 4 different storage capacities with Wi-Fi and cellular. Read more »

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Manymo, a web-based Android emulator

App developers tired of testing their software on multiple Android apps have long used emulators to simulate an Android device. Now they can do that right in the browser: Manymo offers 42 various online emulators for different screen sizes, display resolutions and Android versions. Read more »

iPod touch fifth generation

Apple has been fairly quiet on the iPod touch release date, providing only a vague October time frame. As of Tuesday, the device is shipping from China, with delivery expected by mid-month. Perhaps using the same screen as the new iPhone has been the holdup? Read more »

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