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Although I haven’t experienced this problem with the Nexus 7 I bought, some users have complained about multitouch issues on their new Google tablet. I’ve read about “ghost taps,” double-presses on the keyboard and other problems when using the small slate, causing some to return their purchase. Droid Life notes that a new software update is rolling out to address the issue on new Nexus 7 devices. Those who have received it chimed in on the official Google Product Forums to say it has fixed the problem. Glad to hear it was a software issue and not a hardware problem!

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google keep reminder

Google Keep is a nice little catch-all app to jot down thoughts, lists, and save pictures, but it’s about to get a little nicer. On Wednesday, Google announced the addition of reminders in Keep; these can be time-based or location-based, helping to turn Keep into a mini to-do list app. Keep will even suggest nearby locations for when to nudge you. The updated app is rolling out over the next few days in Google Play and is already available in the online version at

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Wacom stylus iPad

Drawing on the iPad is possible with a stylus, but Apple’s tablet doesn’t support pressure sensitivity. Wacom has a new $99 stylus to fix that problem: The new Intuos Creative Stylus measures the pressure you put on it and supports up to 2,048 levels. Swipe the stylus lightly on an iPad to get a thin line; pressing the pen harder on the screen creates thicker lines. The Bluetooth 4.0 accessory is a clever way to add a hardware feature to a tablet without actually adding anything to the tablet.

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Google’s Chrome Canary, a very experimental version of the browser, is getting a supervised profile feature that will add localized security, reports the BrowserFame site. I’ve seen the same function, albeit in a very limited fashion, in the developer channel of Chrome OS on my Chromebook Pixel. The functionality looks similar to managed users on desktop platforms such as Windows 8 and OS X, which shouldn’t be a total surprise: Google is quietly building Chrome to rival desktop platforms through the browser, which can boost engagement on the web.

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Earlier this week, the SonyAlphaRumors blog posted pictures of a compete Sony camera inside a traditional-looking camera lens. On Friday, the site followed up with images from the camera manuals and found that the lenses support tripods. The interesting idea behind the Sony QX10 and QX100 is to add a high-quality image sensor and optics to an existing smartphone, turning the handset into both a viewfinder and storage device. These snap-on products would allow smartphone owners to upgrade their camera without buying a new phone.

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