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Nexus 5

Another alleged Nexus 5 photo surfaced along with some reported hands-on impressions of the look and feel of the device. The reported specs continue to point to a high-powered smartphone… once Google officially announces it, that is. Read more »

In Brief

AT&T added more details on pricing and availability for two new Samsung devices on Monday. The Galaxy Note 3 smartphone and Galaxy Gear smartwatch arrive in stores on Friday, October 4. The Note 3 can be purchased for $299 with a two-year contract, $725 without contract, or for $35 per month through AT&T’s Next program. The Galaxy Gear smartwatch will be sold for $299 and will only work with the Galaxy Note 3 at launch.

Samsung says it is working on support for the Galaxy Gear to work with other Galaxy smartphones but hasn’t yet announced a time frame for that compatibility. My first impressions of the Gear were generally favorable, but I’ll have to spend more time with one before deciding if it’s worth $299.

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In Brief

T-Mobile customers hoping to pick up a BlackBerry won’t be doing so from a retail store. On Wednesday the carrier said it would no longer stock BlackBerry handsets in its retail stores. Instead, customers can order them online for delivery. The news came by way of Reuters who spoke with David Carey, T-Mobile’s executive vice president for corporate services.

Carey said that keeping retail stock “was inefficient” because of low in-store demand for BlackBerry devices. This news follows BlackBerry’s own warnings about its future as it has decided to focus on the pro-sumer and enterprise market. BlackBerry also signed a letter of intent this week to take a $4.7 billion buyout offer‘ from Fairfax Financial.

In Brief

Next month, Samsung will debut a new smartphone with a curved display. The news came direct from Samsung’s mobile business head of strategic marketing, D.J. Lee, according to Reuters, which reported the information on Tuesday evening.

Samsung may throw a few too many features in some of its products — see the Galaxy S 4 for an example — but the company does continue to push boundaries by trying new things in mobile devices. This development won’t be the first time Samsung has created phone with curved display: In 2011, the Galaxy Nexus, built by Samsung, had a slightly curved screen. I anticipate that the new handset to have a more prominent curve.

In Brief

Apple has resumed its AppleTV update on Tuesday, says 9to5Mac, after it pulled the software over the weekend amid reports of problems. Whatever the issue was appears to be fixed and version 6.0 of the software is now flowing to devices. The update includes support for iTunes Music, AirPlay from the cloud and more.

I was one of those that unsuccessfully tried to update an AppleTV over the weekend. Why did I jump on the software right away? iTunes Music was the key reason for me: I find the service to be quite good, even compared to Google Play Music All Access, which I won’t be subscribing to any longer.

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