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iPhone 5C
photo: Apple

It looks like the new iPhone 5C announced today isn’t quite the low-cost iPhone for overseas markets such as China and other countries. The Tech In Asia blog hit Apple’s online store in China and found the price to be 4488 RMB, which works out to US $733.

At this point, it’s fairly obvious that while Apple is making inroads with carriers in China, it’s not willing to accept less for its product. The iPhone 5C effectively replaces the current iPhone 5 while adding a few incremental updates and the new plastic casing available in a half-dozen colors.

In Brief

Google’s monthly software update for Glass arrived on Monday, adding a trio of new functions along with an experimental feature. All Glass owners who update their wearable device can add a Vignette filter to any photo taken with Glass. YouTube videos will also start appearing in search results. And Glass can now identify music simply by listening to it: Think Shazam for Glass.

The Glass team has also added support for Google Apps accounts although the feature is still a work in progress. Google says Gmail is already working on Glass for Google Apps users. The release notes for this software update say the new MyGlass Android software can now be used to remotely control Google Glass.

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