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This is interesting as you have to wonder who gets what piece of the mobile pie. Business Week reports that iSuppli analysts determined the cost to build a Motorola Q is $158. Verizon will subsidize the phone for new contract customers so that you only pay […] Read more »

Sorry. I hate to be harsh and I fully respect Mr. Mossberg for his overall breadth of technology knowledge, but I really haven’t seen an article worth reading from him on mobile tech yet. It’s not his writing skills, style or general computing knowledge; it’s fair […] Read more »

Although it’s been available for a bit, Brighthand has a comprehensive review of the Blackberry 8700 conducted on the T-Mobile network. I was actually surprised by some of the negatives in the review; after all, as the grand-daddy of smart phones with keyboards, the Blackberry is […] Read more »

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You know what "presence" is in the tech world right? Loosely defined, it’s your status and if you use any type of IM or PC VoIP applications, you already use "presence". For example, on an IM client you can set your status to "Away", "Available", etc….right? […] Read more »

GeekStuff4U is now taking pre-orders for the flash drive version of the Sony UX although there’s no shipping date just yet. The base Sony VGN-UX90PS with a flash-based storage system in lieu of a standard hard drive starts at $2,154 but is lacking in some specs […] Read more »

How fast are the new SanDisk Extreme IV Compact Flash cards? SanDisk says the new card delivers minimum read & write times of 40 MBps, which is plenty zippy for just about anything you need to do, whether it’s file transfers or streaming video. You can […] Read more »

If you’re a Yahoo! user and like the idea of centralized contacts, mail and instant messaging, check out Yahoo Go! This downloadable application is currently available for the Nokia N60 devices or you can grab a Nokia 6682 with Yahoo Go! pre-loaded. MobilitySite is also reporting […] Read more »

Big news today from SIPphone, the company that brought the Skype competitor, Gizmo Project. The "All Calls Free" initiative kicks off today and it although it sounds great, there’s a slight catch as well as a problem that keeps me from using Gizmo in lieu of […] Read more »

Seems like there’s a recent ruckus centering around the new Nike + iPod Sport Kit; apparently, everyone wants in on the Apple branding, so I expect we’ll see more iPod "add-ons" in the future. Don’t get blinded by the brand, however; there are plenty of alternatives […] Read more »

I was hoping to provide another option for UMPC and slate Tablet PC owners that long for a keyboard, but no such luck. Elekson, a UK-based company, just rolled out (or is that unrolled) their Bluetooth fabric keyboard earlier this week; alas the only driver support […] Read more »

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Since we don’t have the mobile digital TV airwaves covered like they do in the Far East, it’s nice to see some manufacturers stepping up with some ATSC, or High-Definition USB tuners! Even if your mobile screen can’t handle a 1280 x 720 or 1920 x […] Read more »

Here’s a great use for the under-appreciated Bluetooth connection: the Exmocare. Produced by Exmovere, this "wristwatch" greatly assists with health monitoring for the elderly by transmitting real-time vital statistics from the wearer. Monitored statistics include: Pulse Variations in heart rate Skin conductance Activity level via an […] Read more »

Mobile RSS readers continue to pop up and more of them are becoming available for Smartphones. Alien6 is the latest to join the mobile RSS fray in the Smartphone arena with the release of their A6*Times application that retails for $24.95. I like the graphical look […] Read more »

Samsung announced via a press release that their next generation production of flash NAND memory kicks off today. By reducing the production process from 80-nanometer to 60-nanometer, Samsung reduces the chipsize or can fit more storage capacity in chips of current size. The intention for these […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 57 is 34:05 minutes long and is a 31.3 MB file in MP3 format.INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.HOSTS: James Kendrick, Matthew Miller and Kevin C. Tofel TOPICS:Can you run […] Read more »

Kidding aside, there could be some good uses for a USB adapter that rotates up to 90-degrees. I sometimes find it awkward to use the USB port on the right side of the Samsung Q1 for tethering when I have the power cord plugged in as […] Read more »

Fuel cell and other alternative charging technologies continue to advance; NTT DoCoMo is showing off a new power prototype starting tomorrow at the Wireless Japan 2006 show. The polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEFC) unit uses water that is converted to hydrogen to produce up to 2 […] Read more »

De La Salle Institute in Chicago is the latest school to take up the Tablet PC in the classroom. Students will lease the tablets for $56 monthly over a 46 month period, so clearly, this school has their sights set on Tablet PC adoption for the […] Read more »

Some folks will never learn. Logitech’s new QuickCam Ultra Vision is being touted by many headlines as an "HD" webcam mainly due to Logitech’s press release for the new camera. Logitech says the new camera "features a premium 1.3 megapixel sensor and supports the High-Definition (HD) […] Read more »

Put this one in the W?BIC category: some enterprising folks with way too much time on their hands have ported Linux over to the HTC Typhoon Smartphone. The ongoing project isn’t complete just yet, but you can follow the progress, get installation instructions and more here […] Read more »

Ars Technica shares additional details on Zune, the proported iPod-killer from Microsoft. Although some people celebrate Christmas in July, we’ll likely have to wait until the holiday season to see Zune; rumor has the price pegged around $399 for a device with a 30 GB drive. […] Read more »

While I doubt it will rival the "History of the World" audience that Mel Brooks enjoyed, you can catch a history of the UMPC with Otto Berkes over on YouTube. What’s most surprising to me is that I expected Otto to be ultra-small, like around 3′ […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 56 is 35:33 minutes long and is a 32.6 MB file in MP3 format.INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.HOSTS: James Kendrick, Matthew Miller and Kevin C. Tofel TOPICS:What kind of […] Read more »

This was only a matter of time since the Nokia 770 runs on a Linux-based OS; SIPphone has a Gizmo Project version now available for the Nokia Internet Tablet and you can find the download here. The newest OS upgrade for the Nokia 770 also includes […] Read more »

I could swear I’ve said before that SPB Software House is one of the top Windows Mobile development shops out there. If I never said it before, I’ve said it now. SPB just released an upgraded version of the finance program called SPB Finance and the […] Read more »

We don’t cover much on the Symbian side of the house, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to! We’ve grown up on Windows Mobile devices over the last several years, but thankfully, the addition of Matt to the MobileTechRoundup podcast is bringing more of a […] Read more »

While the UMD format might have sounded good on paper for Sony’s PSP, we might be witnessing yet another proprietary format go bye-bye. I’ve often seen the UMD movies on shelves at Target and other stores, but it sounds like we might have seen the last […] Read more »

Eagle-eyed jkOTR reader Bob just passed along some nice words about our blog (thanks Bob!) and also spotted the Sony UX180P user manual on Sony’s site. There are also pages for FAQs and driver downloads, but we figure you don’t need those just yet (do you?!?) […] Read more »

Mac fans can sign up for the Slingbox beta that should be kicking off soon; if you have a Mac and have been yearning to place-shift your television content, sign up now, provided that you’re willing to sign an NDA. There’s big news for Windows users […] Read more »

I’m not a big user of USB drives with any super-sensitive data, but if you are, you might want to grab one of these USB drives from A-Data. The FP1 is a standard USB drive in your choice of capacity: 256 MB, 512MB, 1 GB or […] Read more »

The WiDrive was shown off at CeBIT last spring, but it looks like it’s about to spring onto the U.S. scene if you believe in the magical FCC. In case you missed it, the WiDrive is an 802.11g capable hard drive enclosure that supports 64- or […] Read more »

Good news for fans of the TabletKiosk eo UMPC: the system restore appears to use a single disc and can be done in about 20 minutes! Hugo Ortega did just this with his eo and shares his experiences. He mentions that he lost the touchscreen during […] Read more »

With Parallels in the news so much on the Mac side, some people might have seen this coming. Microsoft has made Virtual PC available as a free download, which is a real boon to folks that are beta testing Vista, Office and the like. Head on […] Read more »

HSDPA continues the march to conquer Europe as Novatel Wireless is working with Panasonic on embedded 3G radio modules in Panny’s European notebook line. The Panasonic CF-18 Toughbook Tablet PC snares the integrated radio which will provide wireless WAN connectivity comparable to EV-DO speeds and up […] Read more »

One of the largest and glaring gaps of the first generation UMPC devices is a lack of 3G data connectivity options. To date, none of the Origami-spec UMPCs available have any integrated wireless WAN options; the only exception is the Sony UX series (with its EDGE […] Read more »

It is a refurb and you’ll likely have to hurry, but you can nab a 20 GB iRiver H10 mp3 player for $129.99 over at Woot! While it’s no iPod (have to cover my behind from the Apple fans you know), it does have a 1.8-inch […] Read more »

Photobucket, the on-line photo sharing service that is beating the pants off of Flickr and Yahoo! with 44% of the market, appears to be extending their reach with a planned mobile client. They currently offer photo uploads from camera phones, but GigaOm has news of a […] Read more »

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