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It’s a bizarre idea, mainly because it would likely confuse phone buyers, but Bloomberg says Microsoft has asked HTC to put Windows Phone software on the company’s Android handsets. The devil’s in the details: Will the phones dual boot? Will a user be able to switch between the two? The are more questions than answers here although two things are clear: Microsoft is hungry for more market share and HTC’s downward spiral hasn’t yet changed course.

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Google will launch a version of its Google Music app for iOS later this month, sources tell Engadget. On Thursday, the gadget blog reported the news, saying the software is getting tested internally at Google. The app is expected to support Google Play Music All Access, a radio-like experience that costs $9.99 per month.

I’m not surprised to hear this possibility as Google tends to extend its services to other platforms — particularly Apple’s iOS — in order to broaden its audience. This in turn provides Google with more potential users of its services and therefore, more user data for the company.

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Intel is making another push into the domain of mobile chips and devices; this time bringing its new Quark chip to Arduino boards. Called Galileo, the first board will cost around $50 to $60 and be compatible with existing Arduino software and shields. These boards are tinkerer-friendly, helping to bridge the physical and digital worlds through sensors.

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Good news for Hulu Plus subscribers hit the airwaves on Wednesday: Google announced support for Hulu Plus on its $35 Chromecast device. Instead of watching video content from the online provider on an Android smartphone, tablet or Apple iPad, folks can shoot Hulu Plus to an HDTV.

To get the new wireless streaming function, users will need to upgrade their Hulu Plus mobile app to the latest version, which now includes a one-touch Chromecast button to enable streaming. As with other Chromecast streaming services, Hulu Plus will actually shoot video from the cloud to the Chromecast, but the smartphone or tablet used to start the stream can act as a remote control for playback.

Nexus 5

Another alleged Nexus 5 photo surfaced along with some reported hands-on impressions of the look and feel of the device. The reported specs continue to point to a high-powered smartphone… once Google officially announces it, that is. Read more »

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AT&T added more details on pricing and availability for two new Samsung devices on Monday. The Galaxy Note 3 smartphone and Galaxy Gear smartwatch arrive in stores on Friday, October 4. The Note 3 can be purchased for $299 with a two-year contract, $725 without contract, or for $35 per month through AT&T’s Next program. The Galaxy Gear smartwatch will be sold for $299 and will only work with the Galaxy Note 3 at launch.

Samsung says it is working on support for the Galaxy Gear to work with other Galaxy smartphones but hasn’t yet announced a time frame for that compatibility. My first impressions of the Gear were generally favorable, but I’ll have to spend more time with one before deciding if it’s worth $299.

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