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I stumbled across this while viewing Netscape this morning; there’s a website dedicated to finding and providing information about cellular towers around you. Simply punch in an address and AntennaSearch will return information on all of the cellular towers and antennas within a four-mile radius. The […] Read more »

If you live in the U.S or Canada and have contacts in the U.K., Mexico or Japan, get your microphone ready because you can make free international calls! Skype is celebrating the summer with three weekends of free calls to these destinations. For the 48 hours […] Read more »

FULL DISCLOSURE: I have no technical background in how rechargeable batteries or hybrid auto technology works. Y’all are smarter than me, so I’m hoping you can set me straight! I had a thought about mobile tech while driving my hybrid auto. We bought a 2006 Toyota […] Read more »

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CarryPad indicated word that the DualCor cPC was beginning to ship out to resellers only to have a commenter named "DualCor" indicate  that the unit is not shipping in the U.S. yet as the device is not finalized. For a device that had expected availability in […] Read more »

Not only is Lotus Notes alive and kicking…well maybe it’s "alive and flapping"…but the IBM software application makes its way to Linux on July 24th. Although I haven’t used Lotus Notes in the enterprise in six years, I have fond memories of it. IBM has decided […] Read more »

Here I thought all of the Division I football players were listening to music. No, these guys are reviewing videos of the plays. On their iPods. Yes, you read that right; College Sports TV, aka: CSTV, has enabled Division I coaches and players to study plays […] Read more »

We scoped D-Link’s VoIP WiFi phone on the FCC site not too long ago and apparently it’s ready for prime-time. I won’t be flipping out for this flip phone anytime soon as the cost is right up there with its competitors at $249. The two models, […] Read more »

This feature was mentioned last week over at ZDNet and it seems that it finally found it’s way to my Gmail account. If you don’t have it yet, keep an eye out because I just reclaimed 16 MB from my Gmail storage with a single click. […] Read more »

Sony brings a whopper of a PRO Duo memory stick to market at 4 GB, but you’ll have to shell out around $215 to get it. Hmmm….who’s sticking it to who with this stick? Granted, I don’t have a PSP, nor do I have a camera […] Read more »

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Unfortunately, you can’t view this particular article on-line at Laptop Magazine’s site; then again, there weren’t too many surprises so we’ll just give you the quick lowdown. Laptop put nine major laptop vendors through the tech support paces and ranked each based on length of hold […] Read more »

Jezlyn (who’s really never late to the party, regardless of her blog name) is showing off a collaboration tool from GE that has some digital ink support. It’s a little rough around the edges since she had to "snip" the final ink version to show it, […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 54 is 31:51 minutes long and is a 29.2 MB file in MP3 format.INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.HOSTS: James Kendrick, Matthew Miller and Kevin C. Tofel TOPICS:Let’s grill welcome […] Read more »

Now that the Asus R2H UMPC device has cleared the FCC, more details are beginning to emerge. One of the first tidbits that isn’t promising: DailyTech indicated earlier this week that Asus engineers are "hoping for at least two hours of battery life with its first […] Read more »

About six weeks ago, I was ranting and raving about Vista’s Media Center functionality still requiring an archaic NTSC, or analog, tuner in order to configure and use a digital TV tuner. I don’t know if anyone here was listening, but I’d like to think that […] Read more »

Tracy Hooten, blogger extraordinaire at the StudentTabletPC blog, is giving pure slates another chance. Better yet: she’s outlining the reasons this didn’t work out the first time she dropped the keyboard as well as what has changed in order for her to give it another go. […] Read more »

Akihabara started up HD videos in 720p earlier this year and the latest installment features the Q1.  Unique to the overseas version of this UMPC is the integrated digital TV tuner, so you can get a good look at how that works. Since the U.S. version […] Read more »

Sign me up for Seagate’s new drive technology because I want it! The company has just patented a new twist on storage devices that may increase capacity tenfold. Seagate calls the new technology Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) and it uses nanotube lubrication, allowing the drive head […] Read more »

iRex is on the cusp of releasing their iLiad eBook reader and if you’re interested in this standalone device, you can get an invite from MobileRead. Why would you want an invite? iRex has setup the "invite" list as a current requirement for purchase, almost like […] Read more »

Microsoft opened the beta of Windows Live Mobile a few weeks ago, and although I expressed interest. I haven’t heard back yet. Lucky for us some beta testers are now able to shore some info. Arne Hess runs a great mobile site at the::unwired and he’s […] Read more »

I was browsing the digital August edition of PC World on the Q1 in Zinio this afternoon and what did I eye-spy? There’s jkOnTheRun right on page 114! Wow, first the blog is named to the CNET Top 100 Blogs and then we see it in […] Read more »

Don’t worry, there’s no inappropriate gestures on Rob Bushway’s Tablet PC running Windows Vista, just the usable kind of gestures. ;) Seriously, this under 8-minute InkShow really captures the usage and efficiency of the Ink Gestures and Pen Flicks functionality in Vista. There are standard gestures […] Read more »

If you have a Windows Mobile device you might consider upgrading ActiveSync to the latest version: Microsoft just released ActiveSync 4.2 and you can download it here. Among the fixes and enhancements: Microsoft Outlook Improvements: Resolves issues relating to error code 85010014 Proxy/DTPT interaction Improvements: Improved […] Read more »

We don’t cover too many "dumb" phones (and I mean that in the nicest possible sense), but the Samsung A990 is worth a mention. Phone Scoop indicates that this CDMA phone is now available on the Verizon Wireless site for $350 after rebates and the obligatory […] Read more »

On trips, I tend to use a Windows Mobile device for my alarm which seems to do the trick and works even in the event of a power outage. For you heavy sleepers out there, you might consider the Sleeptracker watch. The Sleeptracker has a built […] Read more »

Since I haven’t jumped to a VoIP line just yet, I’ve been on the lookout for a Bluetooth landline headset for a while now. Audex appears to have one, so perhaps I can stop using my Xbox Live headset with my cordless handset; it works but […] Read more »

I suppose you could get speakers smaller than these, but then you’d have to put them in your ears and call them earbuds. The B-Flex USB speakers look like a perfect complement to a handheld computing device with a spare USB port. Forgetting how they look […] Read more »

Just a quick blurb since many folks have shown interest in the Asus UMPC entry: the R2H. According to OnlyUMPC, the Asus Origami device has cleared FCC testing in preparation for a U.S. launch. Head on over for links to the product manual as well as […] Read more »

I don’t use the integrated 1.3 mega pixel shooter in my XV6700 all that often; the image quality is just so-so and I don’t really have that much control over the camera settings. That all might change thanks to ATEKsoft’s CoolCamera application. This will only work […] Read more »

Andrew Wheeler’s OneSnap powertoy for Microsoft OneNote was declared a contest winner a few weeks back and the application is now available on the MSDN blogs. Andrew was one of five winners in a Microsoft OneNote powertoy competition and after reading about the functionality, I can […] Read more »

Looks like this handy-dandy interface was shown off at Computex and is similar to the NewerTechnologies USB drive adapter we mentioned last month. The KAMA Connect Scups-1000 can be carried around the town in your gadget bag and connect to various hard drives and optical drives […] Read more »

Rob Bushway continues to kick the ink tires in the latest Microsoft Windows Vista build and Microsoft continues to disappoint with missed opportunities. The latest letdown is in one of the default, or built-in Gadgets: Notes. The Notes Gadget is a great way to quickly jot […] Read more »

Having covered HDTV technologies for most of 2005, I know that LED backlighting is about to make a big splash in that space; you can expect brighter screen output, increased contrast and less power consumption. So what does that have to do with mobile computing devices? […] Read more »

Last year was key for mobile Internet usage in Japan, as there were more wireless users than wired. Over 69 million Japanese cut the cord, which compares to 66 million attached. All of that wireless access adds up to big business: cellular mobile web sales topped […] Read more »

Reuters is updating their mobile news service with a new beta version. Point your mobile browser to the new beta link for a clean news interface; click a link and get a blurb on the news along with a link to the full story. This new […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 53 is 31:45 minutes long and is a 29.1 MB file in MP3 format. INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick. HOSTS: James Kendrick and Kevin C. Tofel TOPICS:General discussion on […] Read more »

After such a positive Slingbox experience on the UMPC, I headed over to Circuit City on Thursday and picked up a Slingbox for $199.99. This morning, I see by my Sunday advertisements in the newspaper today that BestBuy will be offering the Slingbox for a reduced […] Read more »

I’m not certain on the price, but I’d say the size and crammed components have to put it in "more than you think" category. The E319 is the Swiss Army equivalent of a GPS navigation system for your vehicle. Yup, you can navigate around the town […] Read more »

I’m all for a small mouse when traveling and this one actually has a nice bonus. The Brando USB mouse is a small 75×37x25mm yet adds two extra USB ports along the way to your mobile device. You can retract or pull cable as needed, but […] Read more »

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