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No, they’re not Via and Pentium powered at the same time; that would just be silly. The Via-powered Samsung Q1, the NP-Q1BV000, is available for pre-order at CDW for a cost of $899 and provides the same specs (other than the CPU) as the original Q1: […] Read more »

The HSDPA speed claims are ringing true based on Mauricio’s real-world testing in New Zealand. The screenclip below shows the blazing speed provided by Vodafone NZ: 1445 kbps down and a tad under 100 kbps up. Later testing closer in on the coverage area yielded the […] Read more »

More details are emerging on that funky looking HP iPAQ rx4000 Mobile Media Companion, but I don’t think you’re gonna like ‘em! Brighthand indicates that there’s a good chance the handheld will have 64 MB of RAM and 128 MB of ROM plus the potential for […] Read more »

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Growing up on Compact Flash memory, it never ceases to amaze me how much storage capacity can be crammed into such a small area. PNY is now offering a 1 GB Micro-SD and 2 GB Mini-SD card, according to Mobile Gadget News. With more and more […] Read more »

Looks like Sprint didn’t want to wait for the "It’s Showtime" Apple event next week as they announced the availability of full-length PPV movies on their mobile phones. Unlike Apple, who expects to have a limited run of movies mainly from studios that Disney has interest […] Read more »

If you’ve been following Gotta Be Mobile over the past few weeks, you’ve likely seen some mobile tech approaches infused into Warner’s directing efforts of Othello. If you haven’t been following GBM, shame on you! ;) We got a special heads up from Warner to pass […] Read more »

Last night I received a press release about Silicon Valley awarding a municipal WiFi contract to a consortium of companies including Cisco, Azulstar, IBM, and SeaKay; this morning, I see that the New York Times adds some more info. I won’t be moving to Silicon Valley […] Read more »

If CompanionLink sounds familiar, it’s likely due to their software that synchs your Google Calendar with a mobile device. Apparently, they won’t be satisfied until the entire world is in synch; take their new DejaDesktop software for example. DejaDesktop has both a PIM component and a […] Read more »

Just a quick tip for those that aren’t aware: if you’re into eBooks, you might want to check with your content provider to see if they have an RSS feed. For example, eReader has a feed for Featured Books, New Releases and Current Best Sellers. I […] Read more »

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SlashGear has spent some time with the Samsung Q1 and gave it a multi-page review yesterday. All in all, I think it’s a fair and honest piece; most of the negatives are nothing new, such as lack of a keyboard hurting productivity, screen input takes getting […] Read more »

Here’s hoping Sony has a trade-in or upgrade program for UX-180P owners! The UX-280P is now appearing on Sony’s site at a price of $1999.99. Perhaps this is the “business class” UX handheld since it’s featured on Sony’s Business Solutions site, and not the consumer oriented […] Read more »

Some folks say a picture is worth a thousand words; this one is worth approximately 2.5 billion bytes. Seriously, as I mentioned last week when discussing pre RC-1, Vista is becoming more solid by the day and I’m looking forward to popping this on a Tablet […] Read more »

Anycom might have made a Bluetooth mouse believer out of me with their new BTM-100; I’m a non-mouse user thanks to the touchscreen, but I can be persuaded. ;) Anycom changed the radio chip in this model and according to the company that “extends the battery […] Read more »

Fans of the SPB Diary program should be happy: the latest version of the Today plug-in became available earlier this week. Version 2.0 of SPB Diary includes new features like: Dialing by photo contact Additional one-handed navigation features Better memory management (key for low memory devices […] Read more »

As a UMPC owner and a die-hard eBook and digital magazine reader, I was thrilled to hear about the Times Reader application announced in April. The app for XP and Vista looks to bring the truest reader experience to the computer screen out of everything I’ve […] Read more »

One of the most common questions I get via e-mail is: "how can I use a web-based mapping program like Google Maps on my PDA or Smartphone?" Like many other web services Google Maps doesn’t play nicely with Pocket IE or IE Mobile on a Windows […] Read more »

Chris, Jack and Steve have a great podcast interview on episode number eight of Mobility Guys. Tyler Welch, a Microsoft MVP lead, answers questions on the Microsoft MVP program, which I found to be extremely interesting. The conversation turns towards DRM as Tyler’s favorite device of […] Read more »

Yes, we all know that the Vista speech recognition demo bombed on stage last month. So what? How many people use speech recognition for computing on stage in front of a large audience? I don’t and when I use Vista’s speech capabilities with the proper equipment, […] Read more »

Just another use of a UMPC along with Microsoft OneNote; seasoned OneNote’rs might skip this, but I like sharing different uses of the application, especially with a UMPC since it can basically go anywhere. Previously, I used this approach on a Home Depot trip. Last night, […] Read more »

That’s the story over at Carrypad, which is based on a Pocket-Lint article “announcing” the Asus R2H. We saw the official Asus press release a few days ago, but saw no indication of price. Allegedly, the R2H will cost 799 pounds in the UK, which is […] Read more »

Thanks to perpendicular recording technology, you’ll be able to drop a 2.5-inch 160 GB hard drive into your mobile computing device starting in October. Fujitsu just announced the availability of the 5,400 RPM drives, but is holding out on the price for now. These drives won’t […] Read more »

Forget all of the upcoming phones, the Mobile Security Specification might be more attention-worthy. In the works for several years, the spec will beef up the security of mobile phones and make them more tamper-resistant from a data perspective. That’s the key in my mind; when […] Read more »

PhatWare just upgraded PenCommander to 1.5 and I’m happy to see UMPC devices included in the new version that also supports standard Tablet PCs. Here’s an excerpt from the company’s press release: “PenCommander allows users to employ the pen to call up commands that can control […] Read more »

GPS is getting hot, hot, hot and everyone seems to be locating a need for it. Acer figures you want more than just GPS in a handheld unit, so they integrated digital audio playback and a 2.8-inch QVGA touchscreen into the e310. With the included SD/MMC […] Read more »

Not much new here, but if you want to see official Sprint product sheets, they’re right here. Immediately jumping out is the 60 megabytes of memory dedicated to the user, which is at least double the memory of the 700w that Verizon offers. I was hoping […] Read more »

We previously tuned you in to Pandora, the free music streaming service that plays custom tracks based on your likes and dislikes of certain music attributes. You can run Pandora in a minimized fashion, but with a smaller notebook, why clutter your Taskbar with yet another […] Read more »

Samsung’s SGH-zx20 is now available for Cingular customers…and you care because? It’s the first phone to support HSDPA, that’s why! It’s not the first (thanks John!), but it’s still plenty fast! Granted, HSDPA service isn’t as ubiquitous as other 3G networks just yet, but Cingular is […] Read more »

It is a thousand pounds, but not in the way you think. The Philips Pronto Professional TSU-9600 remote costs a thousand British pounds. I’ve looked at the Pronto line before because they’re fully customizable, support a touchscreen interface and work with just about every electronic device […] Read more »

We were just chatting about the P1510D in the podcast last night and now Engadget says there’s a upgraded model called the LOOX P70T/V. While it definitely has an 8.9-inch swivel screen like the P1510D, the LOOX appears to have an active digitizer based on the […] Read more »

Poor Robert Scoble. He was running a full Microsoft platform with Exchange and Outlook, but his new company, PodTech, uses Google Mail and Calendar. Yikes! Download Squad has something today that may help Robert out, since he really likes to view his mail offline; kinda tricky with […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 66 is 33:03 minutes long and is a 30.3 MB file in MP3 format.INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia) […] Read more »

This is why I love blogging; the conversational-ism of blogging puts thoughts together in a synergistic way that bring more value than blog posts by themselves. Over the weekend, I wrote up a post talking about how some folks just don’t get the concept of UMPC […] Read more »

Guess we got so focused on recording shows that we never got around to making the MobileTechRoundup website "mobile device" friendly. Heh…that all changes today! If you direct your mobile device to the podcast homepage, it will automatically detect if you’re viewing it on a mobile […] Read more »

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