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Top Stories: TabletWiki launches OneNote Mobile, a UMPC and…Home Depot? 10 battery maximization strategies for notebooks: LIVEdigitally Dell recalls over 4 million laptop batteries Free Tablet PC Webinar- Which One Should I Choose? Congrats to Catholic Insider, winner of the Best Mobile Podcast Tablet PC2- Why […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 64 is 31:29 minutes long and is a 28.8 MB file in MP3 format.INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia) […] Read more »

Looks like my old fave has been replaced; Oh Gizmo! turned me on to for testing my bandwidth on the run. Hey, it works at home too, but there’s something thrilling about checking that 3G speed. is powered by old standby ( but has […] Read more »

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Those Mobility Guys are back with podcast number seven. This ep is great roundtable of must-have software for your mobile device, ranging from utilities to remote connectivity and RSS readers. The best part (in my humble opinion of course) is when James gets completely blamed for […] Read more »

We saw the Asus R1F Tablet PC get the FCC nod back in May and it’s now available according to Mobile Tech Review. Some of the high level deets include: Intel Core Duo OR Core 2 Duo Integrated Intel PRO/Wireless for 802.11a/b/g Capable of up to […] Read more »

While I haven’t tackled the touchscreen issue when running Ubuntu on the Samsung Q1, I did stumble across something interesting in terms of handwriting recognition for Linux. I’m sure there are other potential solutions out there (I’ve heard of some for the Nokia 770, for example), […] Read more »

Steve’s got some of the Asus R2H marketing materials which provide profile views from every side of this upcoming UMPC. There’s no docking interface, but there is an integrated Ethernet port, mic jack, headphone jack and AV-out, presumably to output digital media to another display like […] Read more »

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the plain manila-looking folders in Windows XP. You’d think that Microsoft would get out to a Staples or Office Depot and see how far the folder industry has progressed, but they haven’t. Have no fear: Folder Maker […] Read more »

You don’t want to miss this if you own a Windows Mobile device. In fact, stop reading this post, click this link and sign up for the SPB Diary 2.0 public beta right now. Go ahead…I’ll wait….*whistles*…..*gets cup of coffee*….*makes the bed 3 hours late*….. OK, […] Read more »

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This li’l bitty device is definitely something I’d stuff in my gadget bag. The iGo powerXtender holds 4 AA batteries and uses iGo’s interchangable power tips to help juice up your mobile devices or provide up to 8 watts of continuous power. You wouldn’t use this to […] Read more »

Well, we talked about this during a recent podcast so I had to take the Linux plunge. I took an "out of character" approach though; I didn’t install Linux on the Samsung Q1, I took the safer approach of testing Ubuntu via a live-CD option. You […] Read more »

James really liked the Vaja T7 and PA165 cases for his Palm Treo 700w, but something tells me he’d be interested in the new T77 case found by Mobility Site. Similar to the T7 hard case, the T77 has an open face, but it also has […] Read more »

Gizmodo has a black-and-white actual photo of Microsoft’s new Zune device if you want to cop a peek; I didn’t want to steal their thunder, so I just gave you a smidge of a peek. News to me is that the earbuds are magnetic so that […] Read more »

USB drives are really starting to kick it in gear with new features. We’ve seen ‘em with fingerprint scanners before, so the F1 from TwinMOS isn’t anything earth-shattering, but still worth a look. The scanner not only keeps your data safe, but can be used to […] Read more »

Remember that Qtopia Greenphone we pointed out? Along with the Linux-based phone for developer use, word on the street was that phones running Linux were the market leader in terms of base operating systems. Along with others, we raised our eyebrows over that statement, but Motorola […] Read more »

Although this device came out a few months ago, it just fits in with the convergence factor we’ve seen earlier this week with mouse controlling phones, and LEGO controlled mice. Sony’s Vaio Mouse Talk works all day long as an 800 DPI optical mouse and moonlights […] Read more »

Frank (aka: Ctitanic) just updated the wireless drivers on his TabletKiosk eo UMPC; the upgrade is available direct from the TabletKiosk website. Some folks have commented that these drivers were available some time ago on Windows Update, but others have said that those installs never took. […] Read more »

I had a crazy idea today as I installed GAIM; I’m not claiming it’s original (but it might be) and I need some help. This is a shout out for those folks from MAKE, hack-a-day and the like as they’re the most likely to hack create […] Read more »

If you’re the computer-kamikaze type like me who recklessly installs betas, even alphas, on a whim, join me for a preview ride of Skype 2.6 for Windows. The preview isn’t geared for the faint-of-heart as this is basically pre-beta; one of the biggest changes is the […] Read more »

Following in the footsteps of ink-bloggers like Sumocat and others, please welcome Susy Doyle to the ink-blogosphere. Susy is a fifth-year graduate student and just spent several weeks dealing with a power issue on her HP TC1000 tablet. Like any good Tablet PC user, Susy upgraded […] Read more »

While the details are still under NDA, Ed Hardy provides a very insightful article about the next version of Windows Mobile, code named "Photon". According to Ed, Photon will change they way mobile users actually use their devices, simply because the way people use their devices […] Read more »

Katie over at GigaOm is reporting anticipated upgrades to the Google Talk service; the rumor mill includes upgrades like voice-mail, file sharing, and audio presence alerts. I tend to try most mobile services when they hit the web, but I really haven’t looked at Google Talk […] Read more »

We’ve previously reviewed hosted Exchange services that provide push e-mail; looks like there’s another option for mobile consumers and choice is good. For $6.50 a month, Cortado offers a hosted Exchange account and direct push e-mail to your Windows Mobile smartphone, provided your device has the […] Read more »

Earlier this week we saw convergence between a Bluetooth phone and with mouse capabilities and this morning we found a Bluetooth mouse controlling a LEGO car. Why not go for the Bluetooth trifecta with the Bluevoice Bluetooth headset from Chronotech that you wear as a working […] Read more »

  WOW! We don’t really check our stats all that much, but this number just jumped out at me this morning. jkOnTheRun just hit over three million page views today! Now for some of the "big boys" in the blogosphere, this number is routinely hit on […] Read more »

Get this thing to hold a Martini glass and I’m sold! Open Interface has integrated Bluetooth into a small car made from LEGOs and they’ve put out a video to show off their mobile-tech, pimped ride. Using a Bluetooth mouse, they control the movements of the […] Read more »

A sincere congratulations goes out to Father Roderick Vonhogen, host of the Catholic Insider podcast and Best Mobile Podcast for 2006. Based on prior comments and e-mails, I’m sure some folks will begin down the “Wait a second, how can that be considered a mobile podcast?” […] Read more »

Having travelled from Philly to Florida twice in the past two months, I could have really used this: Marriott is testing wireless check-ins from Windows Mobile smartphone handhelds. Guests download a small application and then check in while en route to the hotel; clearly you’ll need […] Read more »

Why Windows XP still doesn’t burn ISO images is a mystery to me, but I needed to just that earlier today. ISO Recorder is one of the most popular power toys to add this functionality into XP (and now for Vista with DVDs too), but I […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 63 is 35:03 minutes long and is a 32.1 MB file in MP3 format.INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia) […] Read more »

Like a giant game of Risk, Sling Media continues marching towards world domination of mobile television slinging. Today the company announced a foothold in the Scandinavian region of the globe under the guise of Viasat Everywhere. Viasat is the largest free- and pay-TV service in the […] Read more »

I always envision those trench-coat wearing street vendors that have 300 watches attached to the inner liner when I see a deal like this. While I get over my trench-coat-phobia, you might want to hit Brando’s website to see Dtech’s Bluetooth dongle and USB hub for […] Read more »

Rob Bushway gets some quality time in an Audio InkShow with Darin Fish; Darin directs business development for Microsoft in the newly named Mobile and Tailored Platform Division. This group was the original Tablet PC team and has since expanded into mobile devices as well as […] Read more »

Since sleeveless sweater-vests don’t appear to be making a comeback, one of the most protective devices for a notebook computer is arguably a notebook sleeve. Shinza sells the ZeroShock, with available sizes ranging from 11- to 17-inches; plus you can choose from a variety of colors […] Read more »

OK, before you run out for a Nokia "mouse-phone", bear in mind that this took a little hacking and isn’t quite perfect just yet. A little Java code when combined with a makeshift driver got "Pyrofer’s" Nokia phone working as a Bluetooth mouse, using the CCD […] Read more »

If you missed out on the pre-release pricing for Microsoft Windows Live OneCare, you can now grab a three-license package for $19.95 over at Amazon. CNET reported that Microsoft’s anti-virus, anti-spyware and system tune-up software grabbed the second spot for sales of security suites in the […] Read more »

Keeping private and confidential data on a mobile device can be a risky proposition; misplace the device and you run the risk of the data finding it’s way to into someone else’s hands. One option to protect that data is SafeBoot’s Device Encryption for Windows Mobile: […] Read more »

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