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If you’re a heavy duty Skyper that likes to occasionally step away from the PC, you might want to download Audio ID for Skype from the NHANDZ development team. This very small application has a single purpose: voice announce incoming Skype calls by the caller’s Skype […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 65 is 38:11 minutes long and is a 35 MB file in MP3 format.INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia) […] Read more »

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I’ve been down this path before, so I’ll tread lightly here. The Sydney Morning Herald reviewed the Pioneer DreamBook UMPC (an Amtek 700 device) and gave it a 2 out of 5. One of the two points was "just for showing up." Keeping my personal opinion […] Read more »

Eagle-eyed jkOTR reader (and fellow Q1 owner) Bill spotted the Samsung UMPC for $999 at Best Buy. Apparently, there’s a $100 off sale going on, so if you’ve been thinking about the Q1, you can save yourself almost 10% right now. On the product page, the […] Read more »

Remember that nifty little USB synch cable that came with the Samsung Q1? The SuperLink cable has software built in to the cable itself and allows you to instantly network two computers together. Earlier today, I had to move some software from my UMPC over to […] Read more »

Just over a year ago, we posted on Intel ProSet 2200BG problems and it looks like there’s still some issues. Earlier this month, Intel released patches for certain Pro/Wireless chipsets that closed a security vulnerability. Now InfoWorld is reporting that those patches are themselves getting patched […] Read more »

We all know that Microsoft stays away from the actual hardware construction with a few exceptions like peripherals and of course the Xbox platform. It’s not a big surprise then that they tapped Toshiba as a partner for the new Zune device, considering the excellent Toshiba Gigabeat […] Read more »

Several months after initially announcing and then showing the device, the Asus R2H UMPC is unveiled via a company press release. Let’s recap the official specs of this Origami platform UMPC: Intel® Celeron® M ULV Processor (900MHz) Genuine Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition Onboard 256MB, DDRII […] Read more »

So you’re out and about when someone sends you an .mp3 file. You log in to Gmail at your local coffee shop and see the attachment. Lo and behold, there’s a "Play" link next to the "Download" link. Seems as though Google took some of the […] Read more »

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No, they’re not beaming you movies through the ether, although we do that in cartoon-land all the time. NetFlix appears to have launched a mobile friendly site that provides a bunch of access and functionality. I don’t have a Netflix account so I couldn’t test it, […] Read more »

Windows Mobile has had voice recording capabilities longer than I’ve used the platform. Yet I rarely used the feature back then and I don’t use it at all today. Why? It works just fine to record audio memos, right? The folks at WebIS agree that the […] Read more »

Looking for a GPS solution that doesn’t break the bank? Consider Globalsat’s BT-328 Bluetooth GPS Receiver at $75. Darius Wey over at Pocket PC Thoughts has a detailed review on the small unit that measures a scant 2.66" x 1.77" x 0.67". The BT-328 is basically […] Read more »

At only 1.2 kg, or around 2.6 pounds, Toshiba’s newest Windows XP Pro Dynabook looks pretty svelte! Best of all, Toshiba claims a whopping 9 hours of battery life on the standard battery! Even if the claim is over-hyped by 25%, that’s still a fantastic amount […] Read more »

This is a hysterical spoof on the recent "I’m a PC. I’m a Mac." series of commercials. This time, it’s a Tablet PC kicking a Mac’s behind with the premise that you’re more productive with a Tablet PC and that a Mac isn’t for "work". I […] Read more »

If connectivity is "king", then securing that connectivity should be a royal entity too. If your wireless security is the "jester", you might want to convene your court and read "A Guide to Wireless Security" over at Microsoft’s TechNet. This article by Kathryn Tewson and Steve […] Read more »

Ink bloggers are everywhere, not just in the cartoon world. Cheryl has her husband’s Q1 while he’s away on business; we won’t mention that work actually bought the Q1 (oops…cat’s outta the bag). So while Cheryl gets to play nice with Q1, she’s also testing out […] Read more »

Matt Miller has his hands and ears on it so you can see what all the buzz is over the HTC TyTN Windows Mobile 5.0 phone. Matt says that this phone has him thinking of dropping his Nokia E61, and if you’re a MobileTechRoundup listener, you […] Read more »

Call me crazy, but I have a hard time getting jazzed about Tablet PCs with 256 MB of RAM. Having said that, the new kid on the block appears to be the HiPAD II, which looks more like an Etch-a-Sketch than any recent new product; at […] Read more »

Direct push e-mail sent to your phone as it arrives at the digital post office isn’t just in the domain of Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and other higher-end platforms. Seven Networks trumps its six predecessors (kidding) by dropping wireless push e-mail to three Java phones; two […] Read more »

Those Phone Scoop guys are the best! I was lucky enough to briefly meet ‘em at CES and today I see that Eric posted an interesting video on YouTube. The LG AX 490 phone is available on the Alltel wireless network and sports the new "FasTap" […] Read more »

I ran yesterday’s freeware recommendation, Battery Eater, to find out the minimum battery life of the Samsung Q1. Yes, you read that right, this checks the minimum life by stressing the computer’s hard drive, RAM, graphics card and CPU. The assumption here is that you’ll get […] Read more »

There are plenty of retractable USB cable solutions out there, but GE is "bringing good things to light", as in: this doesn’t weigh much. This little carry-on for your gadget bag sports a USB adapter, a mini-USB cable, ethernet and phone cables. For those that are […] Read more »

I awoke this morning sweating profusely. The air conditioning is on so I must be sick. Or am I? Actually, where am I? Why does everything appear flatter, but bolder and more colorful? Something isn’t quite right, but I can’t put my finger on it. Wait…..I […] Read more »

So what has Marvell been up to since they bought Intel’s mobile chip unit in June? How about mashing up a little WiFi with some Bluetooth on a chip? The company just announced today that they have the world’s first WLAN plus BT chip for high-volume […] Read more »

I can’t take any credit away from Dave Winer; we all have much to thank him for today with his work on web and syndication technologies. I’ve been watching his site over the past few days as he’s working on the "river of news" concept now […] Read more »

Power consumption continues to be a major discussion point for mobile devices, and I came across Battery Eater ’05 this morning. This free application will test your mobile computing device’s battery by running it down completely while monitoring and later reporting the results. According to the […] Read more »

According to Paul Thurrott, Microsoft still plans to ship Vista to businesses in November and consumers in January, even with build issues on the current release candidate, RC1. Two large issues have forced Microsoft to re-plan their build strategy, although the issues were not publicly detailed. […] Read more »

Good to see that Microsoft has officially invited the Mozilla developers to Redmond so that the open source software can work well with the new operating system. Mozilla team members will get access to Micosoft’s open source research center (that have one?!?) along with previews of […] Read more »

Yesterday’s breaking news of the Samsung Q1b indicated a Via C7-M processor; Carrypad now has a link to the new device manual for your reading pleasure. Of interesting note is that the manual specifically states a Via C7-M ULV processor: keyword being ULV. According to the […] Read more »

You can’t beat a free deal and Sling Media just announced one. If you purchase and register a Slingbox player between August 15th and September 16th, you get a free license for the Slingbox Mobile client! The mobile software normally sets you back $29.95, so this […] Read more »

Googgy Launcher has been around for a while, but I just gave it a try on a UMPC. It’s a program launcher geared specifically for Tablet PCs, so if it can fit into an 800 x 480 resolution, it should work just fine. Actually, it works […] Read more »

I still like the MotionLingo ADEO device for workouts, as does Judie based on her recent review. What if you could turn a device you already have into a personal trainer and tracker? Sounds like a sweet deal to me. Intransix offers AllSport GPS for purchase […] Read more »

I haven’t been too keen on these single-purpose WiFi phones for a few reasons. Right off the bat, most of them are priced way too high, as in the $200 to $350 range. For that amount of money, you could spend less on a more capable […] Read more »

Somebody needs to tell Dave Zatz that a Florida trip is a winter-time trip; it’s too darn hot down there in the summer!  We’re just kidding; Dave is visiting family, but that didn’t stop him from snappin’ a quick pic of  the Circuit City sales folks […] Read more »

I was very impressed with Traffic Vizzion’s service that provides real-time traffic camera pictures on cell phones and handhelds. Looks like a good app gets even better now that Yahoo! Maps integrations is added. You can download local maps and (if you have a GPS device […] Read more »

Word on the street and over at the::unwired is that Sprint will launch the Palm Treo 700wx Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphone later this week to business customers, followed by a consumer launch about a week later. The timing appears just about right since rumours were that […] Read more »

I haven’t had this issue on my Samsung Q1, but ThoughtFix is reporting that Windows Live OneCare has disabled the touchscreen on his TabletKiosk eo UMPC. I’ve used OneCare since it was in beta earlier this year and have have run it on the Q1 without […] Read more »

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