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Can you "read" the QR code to the right? Maybe you can’t, but equipped with a reader, your future Windows Mobile device might! Down in the Geekzone, Mauricio stumbled across what might be the most unique Window Live service yet from Microsoft: Windows Live Barcode. I’m […] Read more »

This could be useful for any number of valid (or not-so-valid) reasons: a small 4 GB flash memory device that also tracks location, altitude, time, speed, and direction via GPS. The tracking data can be set to save as often as every few seconds, once per […] Read more »

Why not keep going with the phone motif we’ve got going today? This time, it’s Mobio Movies for cellphones. The product page only mentions support for the Motorola RAZR, Samsung BLADE or equivalent, but I suspect many phones will actually run the application. The goal of […] Read more »

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Google’s new mobile mail client was quite the buzz last week; this was the Java-based download for standard cellphones that got some good writeups. I thought the client was for non-smartphones, but Cheryl found out that she can run the small application on her T-Mobile MDA […] Read more »

I was browsing the December 2006 issue of PC World over the weekend and saw a great little bit o’ freeware courtesy of Becky Waring. AnchorFree is an on-line WiFi directory which has over 10,000 wireless locations in the database. Trouble is: if you’re already out […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 76 is 35:20 minutes long and is a 32.4 MB file in MP3 format.INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia) […] Read more »

Two words for the great fan base tuning into the show: THANK YOU! We’ve quietly watched MobileTechRoundup move up in the Featured list for "Technology: Gadget" podcasts; a few short weeks ago we weren’t even on the five pages of featured podcasts, then we snuck on […] Read more »

After working long and hard to get Windows Vista RC2 nearly 100% functional on the Samsung Q1 UMPC, the next step is definitely performance tweaking. One of the first things I did in light of that was to read up on the ReadyBoost function in Windows […] Read more »

I’m always one to try a new search engine, so when I read about Quintura and their visual search approach, I figured I’d take a quick test drive. You can use Quintura to search the web for information or images and the results appear in a […] Read more »

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Gee, after reading about this fiasco James had today with T-Mobile, I almost feel honored to be a Verizon Wireless customer. Wait for it…….OK. That "honor" moment was fleeting at best and it’s now gone. Sounds like James went down to the local T-Mobile store to […] Read more »

Sibling to the Samsung SGH-i607 that already has FCC approval, the SGH-i600 looks top notch. Arne Hess had "10 minutes" with this UMTS / HSDPA Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone, yet it took me 20 minutes to read his impressions; he shares that much information on this […] Read more »

Most handhelds come with some type of voice recording feature. What if you’ve got a Pocket PC Phone Edition, WM Smartphone or Series 60 device and have a burning desire to record your conversations? LivePVR from SoftTrends appears to be a solution for you. Remember, that […] Read more »

Rogers Wireless in Canada announced yesterday that HSDPA access is now available in "the Golden Horseshoe area", which as we all know is from Oshawa to Niagara Falls, eh? The new high-speed wireless service tops out around 3.6 Mbps on the down side, providing Canucks the […] Read more »

With OneNote 2007 officially just around the corner, the timing couldn’t be better for this OneNote Mobile 2007 guide from Microsoft. It’s a one-pager that covers the basics of the mobile client, with topics like: How to install OneNote Mobile to your mobile device Inserting audio […] Read more »

In the beginning…there was the TinyPodcast. Then came the dark times…where’s Brian? Where’s Josh? What ill fate found the podcast…..time went on….until…..Josh got the Samsung Q1 UMPC on loan from Intel! They’re back, baby! Josh alluded to a new toy for testing when he recently interviewed […] Read more »

Cingular finally joined the ranks of U.S. cellular providers that offer streaming music services to the cellphone today, with a press release offering: Most comprehensive music subscription service of its kind ever offered by a U.S. wireless carrier The largest collection of mobile music content available […] Read more »

Lest you think I’ve forgotten about the FlyBook V33i on loan from iCube, I figured a reminder might be in order. This week, I’ve focused on using the device in my daily grind and running my standard Windows XP setup; over the next few days will […] Read more »

OK, here’s the situation: you’re on the road for a potential client and you have your latest proposal in a video format because you got a creative urge. You just found out that your prospective customer doesn’t have software that can play your video format and […] Read more »

This must be the "mobile keyboard season"; we’ve seen recent entries from Think Outside, Logitech, and Elikson’s concept. Now we’ve got the Duraflex from Hela, and I even get the name: durable and flexible = Duraflex! The Duraflex is ruggedized to protect from the dreaded coffee […] Read more »

Oliver at MobileCrunch has the scoop on the new "$6 million dollar mobile man": Google. [Sorry if you don't remember the show I'm referencing kids] Google updated their mobile offerings for Java phones for quicker navigation via hot-keys and even better yet: vastly improved performance. Oliver […] Read more »

You won’t be listening to copy-protected music with this solution, but if you’ve got non-protected audio files in iTunes for Windows and need them on your brand spankin’ new Blackberry Pearl, pearlTunes is for you. This $9.95 program will move those tunes from your iTunes library […] Read more »

At just under two-pounds, the new Sony Vaio G1 is fairly svelte, but still packs a decent wallop of computing needs into the carbon-fiber chassis. You’ll only get an Intel Core Solo at 1.2 GHz, but I’d carry a capable 2-pounder all day over a 10-pound […] Read more »

Matt Faulkner got his hands on the Asus R2H UMPC and shares a brief video overview at GottaBeMobile. I haven’t had a chance to see too many of the R2H videos that folks overseas are producing, so I tuned in for Matt’s walkthough and this is […] Read more »

Gone are the days when a long car trip meant books or travel games for the kids. Nope, today they’ve got iPods, Sidekicks, Gameboys and more. What if that’s not enough? Unwired Vehicles has just the solution if you’ve got $3,500 and a EV-DO plan through […] Read more »

Got the empty battery blues on your mobile device? Turn that frown upside down and get some sun with Sanyo’s N-SC1S Eneloop Solar Charger. The speaker-looking device uses sunlight to recharge devices through a USB port. The N-SC1S hits Japan later this month for about $170, […] Read more »

Got 13 minutes this morning? If you do and you’re interested in seeing where Intel is going in terms of software and mobility, hop on over to Josh Bancroft’s TinyScreenfuls site. Josh has an excellent QVGA video podcast interview with Aaron Tersteeg, who is the Mobile […] Read more »

If the pics from GPSPassions are legit, then I’d answer my own question with a resounding yes! Looks like these screenshots tell the story and could bring a big change to Windows Mobile devices running the Smartphone platform. Remember, devices running the Pocket PC Phone Edition […] Read more »

Hey, remember that Delphi SkyFi3 handheld for XM’s satellite radio service we mentioned last month? Pre-orders started around $199 roughly six weeks ago, but it appears the commercial-free play-n-record XM radio should be appearing soon thanks to the latest FCC approvals. Actual price might be a […] Read more »

Hands down, this is one of the most insightful head to head comparisons between push e-mail offerings from Microsoft and RIM. The author breaks it down feature by feature and then determines (with color coding) which service is superior, inferior and competitive between the two. My […] Read more »

This great RSS Pumpkin picture over at Hil’s OPML blog (thanks Dave Winer!) reminded me two things: first, have a safe and Happy Halloween if you celebrate. Second, you can subscribe to jkOTR in your favorite RSS aggregator with this link. We decided if we run […] Read more »

Just in time for those new MacBook Pros with Intel Core 2 Duos comes the Slingbox public beta for Mac OS X 10.4. I would have told you sooner, but those sneaky Sling folks shot me the press release at 12:10 this morning! The beta is […] Read more »

Sounds like David DeJean at InformationWeek pulled an "E.T." this week by walking around the IW offices mumbling "D.D….phone home" with a Skype phone. Lucky for him, he wasn’t dialing up another planet on the WiFi phone from Netgear. Nope, David just used the SPH101 to […] Read more »

I just took a quick glance at my RSS feeds before setting in for Monday Night Football; big game tonight as I’m down by a point this week in Fantasy Football. I have Tom Brady while my opponent has the Minnesota defense, but we all know […] Read more »

Big shout out to GottaBeMobile for writing about and then getting picked up for the news on a possible Dell Tablet PC entry in 2007! Folks are buzzing around the thought and if you look at Dell’s history, it actually makes sense: Dell isn’t often the […] Read more »

Am I the only one who doesn’t use or need a WiFi finder? (Probably) I can’t think of a single WiFi device I’ve owned that couldn’t find and then use (with configuration) a hot-spot. Then again, this WiFi dongle from E-Let provides WiFi via USB as […] Read more »

I wish we saw more Windows XP Embedded (XPe) solutions; I really like the quick boot for AVSNow on the Q1, which uses XPe on a small drive partition. Why spend time and resources booting into a "full blown" operating system, when you just need the […] Read more »

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