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News of free iWork apps for those buying new iOS and Mac hardware was a big hit last month. Until people started using the apps, that is. Our own review of Apple’s iWork products showed that many features were removed in the new version. And now Apple is explaining both why that happened as well as which ones will be returning over the next six months. TechCrunch spotted Apple’s web page that addresses the software suite on Wednesday. As some guessed, Apple removed some features as it is creating full compatibility between the apps on both platforms, an effort that’s still in the works.

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Did Microsoft just give customers another reason not to buy a Surface 2? A software update to the company’s Surface Pro 2 tablet boosts battery life to more than 8 hours. The Surface Pro 2 is more expensive than its Windows RT counterpart, but can run legacy Windows apps and now bests the device in run-time as well.

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I doubt such a conversation happened over BBM or Facebook Chat, but Facebook and BlackBerry met about a bid for the handset and services company last week according to the Wall Street Journal. BlackBerry is looking for buyers and Facebook’s Home phone, the HTC First, wasn’t a hit. Let’s watch for an update on both company’s relationship status.

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Of the 14.7 million phones Nokia sold in the third quarter of 2013, 8.8 million were Lumia devices running Microsoft’s Windows Phone software. The company reported the sales figures in its Tuesday quarterly report, which illustrated Nokia’s continued transition as the premier Windows Phone maker. Surprising was the fact that all of the smartphone sales growth came from North America: All other regions actually experienced quarterly sales declines.

The total phones sold is a boost over the 11.7 million in the prior quarter, but even higher Lumia sales did little to increase the average selling price (ASP) of Nokia’s handsets. The ASP stayed flat at 45 Euros (US $61.91) from the prior quarter.

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The BlackBerry Z30 could be the last handset ever made by the company and it has a big supporter in Verizon Wireless. The carrier confirmed on Monday that it would be the exclusive network operator to sell the Z30 in the U.S. with a $199 contract price or $22.91 a month over 24 months through the Verizon Edge program.

The BlackBerry Z30 is a larger version of the Z10, using a 5-inch 720p display, faster processor and a 2880 mAh battery that the company claims can get up to 25 hours of mixed use on a single charge. Given the uncertainty of BlackBerry’s future as a company, I’m not anticipating record sales for the new phone.

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Nvidia is pushing out a software update to its portable Shield gaming console, bringing both Android 4.3 and game button mapping. The latter feature allows Shield owners to use the hardware controls for touchscreen-optimized Android games. This could help boost demand a bit for the $299 handheld.  Prior to the update the Shield only supported a few dozen games that natively worked with the buttons, sticks and triggers.

Nvidia is also offering the Shield for $199 with the purchase of select GeForce GTX graphics cards; the deal also includes free game titles. It’s a smart move to bundle a Shield promo with a graphics card because PC games can be streamed to the handheld device for playback with the right card.

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