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Got a T-Mobile Dash or some other new-fangled Windows Mobile smartphone that has the latest update, aka: AKU3? If so, then say bye-bye to the Bluetooth Dial Up Networking (BT DUN) profile. Based on this post over at Pocket PC Thoughts, BT DUN is now resting […] Read more »

In the crowed Instant Messaging space, AOL’s IM (AIM) has reigned supreme, yet the IM client has often lagged behind smaller, more nimble product entries. AOL changes that today with the release of AIM 6.0, built heavily off of the AIM Triton platform introduced last year. […] Read more »

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Is your laptop allergic to all that travel dust? Don’t even think about crammin’ a Claratin (or generic equivalent) inside your PC Card slot; consider the USB Piezo-Ionizer instead. For $39, you and your laptop can breathe fresh, clean air that’s been electronically ionized by this […] Read more »

This gives new meaning to the phrase "he’s got the whole world in his hands"….Prosurv now offers regional topographic maps on 4 GB SD memory cards for your Windows Mobile device running WM 2003, 2003 SE or WM 5. Also included is PocketQuads software, which integrates […] Read more »

With only one word in the headline, would you like to buy a vowel? Seems our friendly neighborhood smartphone manufacturers are planning a jump into the UMPC market, which is fine by me. HTC is predominantly a phone manufacturer for Windows Mobile devices, but with Microsoft […] Read more »

Now I know where tired old "Sammy’s" go at the end of their days: they go to Woot! for a refresh! Bob Russell from MobileRead tipped me off on the one-day deal: Woot! is kicking out these original Origami devices for $749.99 plus a $5 shipping […] Read more »

As I mentioned this morning, I’m again looking at Ubuntu to learn more about Linux, and for starters, I’ve got a multi-boot desktop going with XP, Vista RC2 and Ubuntu 6.10 just for kicks. Although I’ve got this Linux distro on my desktop client, I’m ultimately […] Read more »

If you want your PC Card-sized Bluetooth MoGo mouse to have an HP logo slapped on it, your prayers are answered. Newton Peripherals, creators of the MoGo, announced yesterday that HP would be licensing the design and technology. HP now offers the super-slim wireless mouse as […] Read more »

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Each month we get a little more info on this little Tablet PC from LG. The LG C1 surfaced in September and last month we found the C1 to sport a 10.6-inch screen and an Intel Core Duo processor. It’s a new month, so it’s time […] Read more »

An enterprising Handtops forum member must have watched one too many of my UMPC Vista videos because he’s got the bug too! When not beating up creepy-crawly’s, "Wormdrummer" is working hard on installing the Tablet Edition of Windows XP on that pint-sized portable, the Raon Digital […] Read more »

Looking for a another way to control or provide input to your desktop, laptop, Tablet or UMPC? If you have a Pocket PC with PPC 2002 or better, you can use it with PPC Tablet. This interesting application installs on your PDA and acts as a […] Read more »

That Jordan Running is da man over at Download Squad; in my WIN / AOL days I got to occasionally tip Jordan on cool stories and while I don’t get to do that much anymore, I do follow Jordan over at DLS. Not literally Jordan…that’s not […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 77 is 38:24 minutes long and is a 35.1 MB file in MP3 format.INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia) […] Read more »

Yup, we sell these babies in our Amazon store, but right now you can’t touch this deal at Circuit City. This is not an affiliate deal for us in any way; it’s just too good not to share. If you hit up Circuit City’s site and […] Read more »

Our last "touchscreen tip" went over pretty well, so how about a follow up? Some UMPC owners like myself would prefer to single click a file or shortcut to open it, i.e.: the single tap acts as a double-click activation. I like this method because it […] Read more »

PhoneScoop has the Samsung i607 Windows Mobile smartphone in the lab and they’ve got an awesome preview of this device. Thin like the Dash and Q, the BlackJack as it’s known runs the Smartphone edition of WM 5 and includes the AKU3 update. It has a […] Read more »

Just in time for the winter months here in the Northern Hemisphere is the heated USB mouse. [Here's a translation of the Japanese source] 800 dpi and adjustable temp…that’s what I look for in a mouse, don’t you? No word on a cooling model for those […] Read more »

So you’re on a deserted island with your basic cell phone and there happens to be a working cellular tower there. [OK, don't even say it...just go with it people....] You could call for help of course, but there’s no way anyone will get to you […] Read more »

This story about Samsung digital cameras with more functionality at SlashGear caught my eye this morning, but not for the reasons you might think. The article discusses how Samsung is trying to increase the appeal of digital shooters by adding faster ways to transfer images. Let’s […] Read more »

We’re constantly on the road carrying our offices with us; not a bad way to go, but if you need options for a more virtual office, you need a solid toolset. Lifehacker provides that toolset with a listing of apps that support an individual or a […] Read more »

Folks just keep finding more reasons to like the T-Mobile Dash smartphone. Matt Miller has had one for about two weeks and in typical "Mobile Gadgeteer" fashion, he’s trying all different ways to extend the functionality of the device. This time, he finds out that the […] Read more »

Wow, the video reviews of small computing devices are flyin’ around the web! Our FlyBook video hit the airwaves yesterday and now you’ve got two Asus R2H videos to check out! Over at GottaBeMobile, Matt has a follow up to his R2H overview by providing us […] Read more »

I consider myself very lucky. I get to interact with dozens of jkOTR readers every day and share my thoughts with thousands of our readers daily. Through all of this I get to work with James; a talented writer and good friend. Last year, James provided […] Read more »

Way back in March, some folks saw the BenQ P51 smartphone at CeBIT, but we’ve heard nary a peep about it here in the United States. Until today, that is. The "peep" was heard from the FCC who just approved the P51; for some reason I […] Read more »

I don’t know of any readily available phones than can "read" an RFID tag, but they must have ‘em in Korea! The latest use for such a beast is actually a great idea and I wish we saw more RFID applications like this. Here’s the scenario, […] Read more »

I’ll preface this with the expected disclaimer: I’ve seen no proof of this. However, T3 is reporting that a recent U.S. patent filing from Disney might have given us a glimpse of the iPod future, as in very near future. According to T3, the patent shows […] Read more »

Yesterday’s question from Todd "Why did you pick the Q1 over other UMPCs?" generated a bunch of great feedback! Let’s take it a step further and have you join in the conversation too. To make it easier, I wanted to focus on the second half of […] Read more »

Most readers know I’m a huge fan of reading digital content, i.e.: books and magazines. Just to put my reading obsession habit in perspective: I worked for five years in a library (by choice!) and I read approximately 500 pages of novels / books weekly. About […] Read more »

Looks like the holiday season has everyone gearing up for power options. Earlier this week we saw a worldwide USB charger and a USB charger that works with two devices at the same time. Today it’s a USB device that accepts AA or AAA batteries to […] Read more »

I’m sure Om is happy that folks are reading the Microsoft Zune news, but if they follow Techmeme like I do, I think they’re going be reading in circles for quite some time. Note the last link as a circular reference to the main link: it’s […] Read more »

Todd, a jkOTR reader, shot me a note with a great question earlier today and he was kind enough to let me post it, along with my answer. I’d almost always prefer to answer a question like this publicly, especially if I believe the public-at-large could […] Read more »

Here’s a hardware solution for anyone who regularly switches cell phone models (or just seems to keep losing the phone they have): Backup-Pal. The standalone unit contains a small 128 Kb of internal memory and is fitted with an adapter for your phone; multiple phone models […] Read more »

I don’t own a Palm OS phone, but if I did, I think I’d like YourCall from Iambic. Digital-Lifestyles has a brief but informative review of this $9.95 software for your Treo and I could see this as a real time saver. After a call on […] Read more »

This worldwide charger from The Sharper Image really puts the "U" in "USB". Normally, I wouldn’t look at SI for purchases; although the products are cool, I find them a bit pricey. In this case, I think I can spring for the $19.95 to make sure […] Read more »

Ultranauts has pics of new third-party accessories for the Samsung Q1 in your life. Aside from a standard replacement battery (same capacity as the original), there’s an extended battery coming soon from Unifirm (Mugen). Based on the limited specs, it appears to be a 7800 mAh, […] Read more »

GPS is great, but the one issue with most systems is that they can’t account for traffic conditions. There are a few exceptions, but by and large, traffic can really put a damper on your satellite-assisted commute. Enter the Dash Express with a very social approach […] Read more »

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