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I consider myself very lucky. I get to interact with dozens of jkOTR readers every day and share my thoughts with thousands of our readers daily. Through all of this I get to work with James; a talented writer and good friend. Last year, James provided […] Read more »

Way back in March, some folks saw the BenQ P51 smartphone at CeBIT, but we’ve heard nary a peep about it here in the United States. Until today, that is. The "peep" was heard from the FCC who just approved the P51; for some reason I […] Read more »

I don’t know of any readily available phones than can "read" an RFID tag, but they must have ‘em in Korea! The latest use for such a beast is actually a great idea and I wish we saw more RFID applications like this. Here’s the scenario, […] Read more »

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I’ll preface this with the expected disclaimer: I’ve seen no proof of this. However, T3 is reporting that a recent U.S. patent filing from Disney might have given us a glimpse of the iPod future, as in very near future. According to T3, the patent shows […] Read more »

Yesterday’s question from Todd "Why did you pick the Q1 over other UMPCs?" generated a bunch of great feedback! Let’s take it a step further and have you join in the conversation too. To make it easier, I wanted to focus on the second half of […] Read more »

Most readers know I’m a huge fan of reading digital content, i.e.: books and magazines. Just to put my reading obsession habit in perspective: I worked for five years in a library (by choice!) and I read approximately 500 pages of novels / books weekly. About […] Read more »

Looks like the holiday season has everyone gearing up for power options. Earlier this week we saw a worldwide USB charger and a USB charger that works with two devices at the same time. Today it’s a USB device that accepts AA or AAA batteries to […] Read more »

I’m sure Om is happy that folks are reading the Microsoft Zune news, but if they follow Techmeme like I do, I think they’re going be reading in circles for quite some time. Note the last link as a circular reference to the main link: it’s […] Read more »

Todd, a jkOTR reader, shot me a note with a great question earlier today and he was kind enough to let me post it, along with my answer. I’d almost always prefer to answer a question like this publicly, especially if I believe the public-at-large could […] Read more »

Here’s a hardware solution for anyone who regularly switches cell phone models (or just seems to keep losing the phone they have): Backup-Pal. The standalone unit contains a small 128 Kb of internal memory and is fitted with an adapter for your phone; multiple phone models […] Read more »

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I don’t own a Palm OS phone, but if I did, I think I’d like YourCall from Iambic. Digital-Lifestyles has a brief but informative review of this $9.95 software for your Treo and I could see this as a real time saver. After a call on […] Read more »

This worldwide charger from The Sharper Image really puts the "U" in "USB". Normally, I wouldn’t look at SI for purchases; although the products are cool, I find them a bit pricey. In this case, I think I can spring for the $19.95 to make sure […] Read more »

Ultranauts has pics of new third-party accessories for the Samsung Q1 in your life. Aside from a standard replacement battery (same capacity as the original), there’s an extended battery coming soon from Unifirm (Mugen). Based on the limited specs, it appears to be a 7800 mAh, […] Read more »

GPS is great, but the one issue with most systems is that they can’t account for traffic conditions. There are a few exceptions, but by and large, traffic can really put a damper on your satellite-assisted commute. Enter the Dash Express with a very social approach […] Read more »

Finally, the wait is over. We’ve spent about a year watching the entire Apple computing line move to Intel processors and the last transition is over with the MacBooks running the Intel Core 2 Duo. $1,099 for a base MacBook with Core 2 Duo is compelling, […] Read more »

I often see forum questions around the TouchPack provided with official Origami devices. While the TouchPack is very useful, most of the enhancements it provides can be gained with a tweak in Windows XP. For example: I find the wider scroll bars extremely useful on my […] Read more »

I don’t know how much Buffalo’s new MCR-MSD costs or if I can even get it, but I want it for my mobile gear bag. Looks like a USB to microSD adapter…nothing more and nothing less. Why do I want it? Many of the smaller form […] Read more »

Hands down, Shure makes some of the best headphones on the market. Their high-end earbuds fit within your ears and block out external ambient noise so that you can bask in the full auditory experience of blissful music. As good at that sounds (heh), it can […] Read more »

As an early-adopter of HDTV (2001) and a self-described Xbox 360 junkie, I was overjoyed at the Microsoft announcement last night. The ability to download and watch 720p video content in my living room adds a whole new dimension to my Xbox 360. But, mobile technologist […] Read more »

Looking for a free method to synch up your Google Calendar with your mobile device calendar? Need a solution that works over WiFi or a 3G connection? GooSync is a free beta that allows you just that. It’s actually a free service that acts like an […] Read more »

The SynCh is a UK-based product, but I see compatibility with devices that are generally available around the world. The USB-based SynCh provides for charging multiple mobile devices via USB and a one custom charging tip. The retractable cable splits the power supply into two, so […] Read more »

This gives a new meaning to "stamping your impression" on something: custom postage stamps with your own picture. Yes, you can actually order First Class postage stamps with your mug-shot or anyone else’s for that matter, directly through Gearlog walked through the process, which was […] Read more »

There seems to be two camps in mobile content streaming these days, the "Slingers" and the "Orb’rs". Doesn’t matter which camp you’re in as they’re both great products, they just take a different approach to solve a problem: one is hardware & software based, while the […] Read more »

HUGE news in the digital living room today; Microsoft is partnering with CBS, MTV, Warner Brothers and others to provide digital television and movie downloads direct to the Xbox 360 via XBox Live. I’m not going to rehash all the details simply because so many other […] Read more »

Atheros announced today that their XSPAN 802.11n draft wireless chipsets will start appearing in Lenovo ThinkPads, specifically the T60, R60, X60 and Z61 notebooks. This follows Apple’s ever-so-sneaky inclusion of 802.11n pre-draft functionality in the new MacBook Pros, so we’re sensing a trend here. The long […] Read more »

Can you "read" the QR code to the right? Maybe you can’t, but equipped with a reader, your future Windows Mobile device might! Down in the Geekzone, Mauricio stumbled across what might be the most unique Window Live service yet from Microsoft: Windows Live Barcode. I’m […] Read more »

This could be useful for any number of valid (or not-so-valid) reasons: a small 4 GB flash memory device that also tracks location, altitude, time, speed, and direction via GPS. The tracking data can be set to save as often as every few seconds, once per […] Read more »

Why not keep going with the phone motif we’ve got going today? This time, it’s Mobio Movies for cellphones. The product page only mentions support for the Motorola RAZR, Samsung BLADE or equivalent, but I suspect many phones will actually run the application. The goal of […] Read more »

Google’s new mobile mail client was quite the buzz last week; this was the Java-based download for standard cellphones that got some good writeups. I thought the client was for non-smartphones, but Cheryl found out that she can run the small application on her T-Mobile MDA […] Read more »

I was browsing the December 2006 issue of PC World over the weekend and saw a great little bit o’ freeware courtesy of Becky Waring. AnchorFree is an on-line WiFi directory which has over 10,000 wireless locations in the database. Trouble is: if you’re already out […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 76 is 35:20 minutes long and is a 32.4 MB file in MP3 format.INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia) […] Read more »

Two words for the great fan base tuning into the show: THANK YOU! We’ve quietly watched MobileTechRoundup move up in the Featured list for "Technology: Gadget" podcasts; a few short weeks ago we weren’t even on the five pages of featured podcasts, then we snuck on […] Read more »

After working long and hard to get Windows Vista RC2 nearly 100% functional on the Samsung Q1 UMPC, the next step is definitely performance tweaking. One of the first things I did in light of that was to read up on the ReadyBoost function in Windows […] Read more »

I’m always one to try a new search engine, so when I read about Quintura and their visual search approach, I figured I’d take a quick test drive. You can use Quintura to search the web for information or images and the results appear in a […] Read more »

Gee, after reading about this fiasco James had today with T-Mobile, I almost feel honored to be a Verizon Wireless customer. Wait for it…….OK. That "honor" moment was fleeting at best and it’s now gone. Sounds like James went down to the local T-Mobile store to […] Read more »

Sibling to the Samsung SGH-i607 that already has FCC approval, the SGH-i600 looks top notch. Arne Hess had "10 minutes" with this UMTS / HSDPA Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone, yet it took me 20 minutes to read his impressions; he shares that much information on this […] Read more »

Most handhelds come with some type of voice recording feature. What if you’ve got a Pocket PC Phone Edition, WM Smartphone or Series 60 device and have a burning desire to record your conversations? LivePVR from SoftTrends appears to be a solution for you. Remember, that […] Read more »

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