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What do you do when you can’t get to all of the cool shows like CTIA? You find someone who did: Jeremy Toeman was in da house and provides a write-up with pics on the top 8 phones he saw. We’ve seen some of the phones […] Read more »

Delphi’s SkyFi 3 for XM satellite radio can now be pre-ordered for $199.99. Somehow, I missed seeing any news of this little portable coming, but it sure looks sweet! You can store 10 hours of programming internally or an additional songs via micro-SD support. The 2.8-inch […] Read more »

We’ve been waiting for a decent Blackberry to hit the Verizon Wireless network and the wait appears over. The 8703e has EV-DO and Bluetooth, which pair up nicely with the QWERTY keyboard. The new handset hits the shelves first thing next week, on September 17th. With […] Read more »

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"Captain, we’re being hailed…..""On screen.""Has anyone seen this in the Vulcan database? I’ve never seen a configuration like this." In what is likely one of the most detailed reviews I’ve ever seen, Mobility Site is among the first to get a production Cingular 3125 and provide […] Read more »

CrunchGear got the scoopage direct from Microsoft, who apparently had a very limited invite list for the news. Most of the official word on Zune is what we already knew or guessed: 3-inch screen (QVGA or 320 x 240) Integrated FM tuner and 802.11b/g 30 GB […] Read more »

There’s an interesting thread over at the Origami Project forums that has my wheels spinning. Ree, a new TabletKiosk eo i7210 owner wondered why the native floating TIP wasn’t working. Ree installed floattip.exe so all is happy in Tablet-land, but in the thread, two comments indicated […] Read more »

Folks have been waiting on the Asus R2H UMPC for months, but the wait here in the U.S. is almost over according to Matt over at Matt spoke with Asus Customer Support and found out that: Shipments should start in late September or early October […] Read more »

At a glance, the HTC Libra looks very similar to my XV6700 Windows Mobile 5 phone. At a glance. There’s a nice looking and sorely needed numeric keypad on the front of the device, which I’d bet most folks would prefer over using the touchscreen to […] Read more »

Real world usage of mobile technology is what it’s all about. Sure, we’d all like to have a coffee table full of UMPCs and gadgets like Hugo (great pic BTW!), but after you’ve equipped your mobile arsenal, how you actually use the tools is really the […] Read more »

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Watch jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #23 here (WMV format, 640 x 480, 60.6 MB, 11:02 minutes) With the new Apple announcements today, it became apparent to me that the new iTunes Movies would be a nice marriage of Microsoft Windows based hardware and Apple software. I decided […] Read more »

The Blackberry continues to move out of the office and into the night life, thanks to products like Quick Play Media. Today at the CTIA Wireless I.T. and Entertainment Conference, the Quick Play folks announced some audiocast partnerships with names like ABC News,, Clear Channel, […] Read more »

Engadget is running their typical “live-blog” coverage courtesy of writer extraordaniare, Paul Boutin, but the server is buckling under the strain. We’re not ones to steal thunder, but since the iTunes Movie service fits the “It’s Showtime” theme, we figured to share the details. As expected, […] Read more »

Is that Windows Live Local calling your phone? It just might be and this handy little beta feature might be easily overlooked given the big announcements of Live services. Don’t worry; we got your back. If you hit up the Windows Live Local service to search […] Read more »

It sure looks like the ol’ Samsung i730, but the IP-830w from Sprint (PDF) has a Worldwide SIM card for the digital quad-band radios. Yup, you can use this Pocket PC Phone Edition on the 800 and 1900mHz CDMA/1x-EV-DO/1xRTT frequencies PLUS you can get talking with […] Read more »

Brando’s latest Bluetooth keyboard is "mini" indeed. Upon folding the keyboard up, you’re left with a thin carry-around that’s only 3.7-inches wide. At only 3 ounces, you won’t even feel the weight of this in your gadget bag. Brando states that the keyboard will work with […] Read more »

There’s a plethora of pics over at the Origami Project forums thanks to a happy R2H owner. I specifically honed in on this pic of the USB keyboard because it’s foldable like the Think Outside Bluetooth keyboard I use with my Q1. Where it has a […] Read more »

That’s what Jason O’Grady wonders at the tail end of an Apple Core post. Jason places his bets on different guesses for tomorrows Apple event; we did the same last week. I’d expect that some of Jason’s ideas are closer to the mark now that he’s […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 67 is 34:49 minutes long and is a 31.9 MB file in MP3 format.INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia) […] Read more »

I tried this once before and I’m blown away with how much better Vista is on the 900 MHz Celeron Samsung Q1. I’m sure the 1 Gigabyte RAM upgrade I did has something to do with it, but increased driver support and a better Vista build […] Read more »

Don’t you just hate moving re-entering those contacts from one mobile phone to another? Sure you could go with a Windows Mobile phone to make life easier in some respects, but what about the gazillions of standard cellular phones? If you plan to move among phones […] Read more »

When it comes to mobility and portability, one of the first solutions that come to my mind is the Slingbox from Sling Media. It’s simple and it works across Windows desktop, notebooks, Tablet PCs and even Windows Mobile Phone Edition and Smartphones. Out podcast buddy, Matt […] Read more »

Weren’t we just chatting about mobile television recording in Japan on wireless handsets? Looky, looky: there’s a shot we’ll have a similar functionality next year. Of course it depends on how the FCC regards devices with the TI OMAP 2 processor. Then there’s likely additional regulatory […] Read more »

Looks like everyone is getting new devices; first it was James with the Solid State Drive Samsung Q1 and now Dennis Rice has a TabletKiosk eo i7210! If you’re at all curious about this new and more powerful eo model, Dennis has an InkShow that’s just […] Read more »

Looking for a mobile-friendly version of the New York Times? Just look at this link with a PDA or mobile phone with web-browsing capabilities and you’re all set. The NYT announced the new site this morning, which if you’re into typing on small keyboards can be […] Read more »

Would you ever pay for a Voice Command type of service on your mobile handheld? Remember, I said "service", so this is a recurring monthly fee. I’m a little skeptical of the business model, but when I hear about MobileVoiceCommand over at Windows for Devices, I […] Read more »

You won’t be putting mySI on a handheld, but it can go on a notebook, which still qualifies it as mobile. Plus, the NFL season kicks off for real tonight, so what the heck; lets have a little football freeware. mySI keeps you up to date […] Read more »

Until recently, I solely used Skype as my VoIP and IM client since it has a mobile client. While this works well for me, not everyone uses Skype’s P2P service, so I need a different IM application. I toyed with Trillian, but wasn’t quite happy; I […] Read more »

Steve had the scoop yesterday and I was unsure, but today’s he’s got proof! An Origami Project forum member has pictures of the Samsung Q1 indicating it houses an Intel Pentium M processor at 1 GHz, not to mention a gig of RAM right out of […] Read more »

Not to be confused with a black-sailed pirate ship, RIM’s new Blackberry Pearl appears to have a treasure trove of fantastic features. PC Magazine has an actual hands-on review and even as a steadfast Windows Mobile phone user, I have to say, I’m feeling a little […] Read more »

No, they’re not Via and Pentium powered at the same time; that would just be silly. The Via-powered Samsung Q1, the NP-Q1BV000, is available for pre-order at CDW for a cost of $899 and provides the same specs (other than the CPU) as the original Q1: […] Read more »

The HSDPA speed claims are ringing true based on Mauricio’s real-world testing in New Zealand. The screenclip below shows the blazing speed provided by Vodafone NZ: 1445 kbps down and a tad under 100 kbps up. Later testing closer in on the coverage area yielded the […] Read more »

More details are emerging on that funky looking HP iPAQ rx4000 Mobile Media Companion, but I don’t think you’re gonna like ‘em! Brighthand indicates that there’s a good chance the handheld will have 64 MB of RAM and 128 MB of ROM plus the potential for […] Read more »

Growing up on Compact Flash memory, it never ceases to amaze me how much storage capacity can be crammed into such a small area. PNY is now offering a 1 GB Micro-SD and 2 GB Mini-SD card, according to Mobile Gadget News. With more and more […] Read more »

Looks like Sprint didn’t want to wait for the "It’s Showtime" Apple event next week as they announced the availability of full-length PPV movies on their mobile phones. Unlike Apple, who expects to have a limited run of movies mainly from studios that Disney has interest […] Read more »

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