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Samsung has put the holiday marketing in to high gear with this marketing site specific to the Samsung Q1 UMPC. The approach is appealing: you can question "Sam", played by a huge, fluffy dog wearing a Q1 around his neck. Sam will then tell you about […] Read more »

Mobile computing users in Japan just reduced their Duracell budget: Toshiba updated the Dynabook notebook line and one model is rated for 13.5 hours of battery life! The Dynabook S30 is the judicious juicer thanks to the 4200 RPM drive and miser-like Intel Core Solo U1300 […] Read more »

They say everything comes full circle. Take these Vinyl CD-R discs from Verbatim: we’ve moved away from vinyl albums in favor of 8-tracks (well, they don’t really count, do they?), to cassette tapes, to Compact Discs to digital MP3 files. Here we are back again in […] Read more »

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I wish every digital audio player would come with integrated wireless capabilities; those earbuds on the iPod and Zune are nice, but the cord always gets tangled. Even better yet, if I had a wireless headset for my music, how about adding a microphone so I […] Read more »

We’ve had several comments around yesterday’s "Freeware of the Day"; several folks are skeptical if the offer was real. In case you missed it, here’s the gist: register on-line, participate in 3 webcasts or video labs and you get a free DVD of Windows Vista Business […] Read more »

Nokia announced a few new phones at their NokiaWorld conference and the Nokia 6086 model caught my eye. It’s nothing super-special to look out on the outside; it’s your basic clamshell cell phone. On the inside, however: ahh…..that’s where it gets interesting. Aside from standard GSM […] Read more »

Are you a fan or recent convert to David Allen’s "Getting Things Done" methodology? Would you prefer a hosted service to help with GTD so you can access your projects and to-do’s from any web browser? If you said yes to both of these questions, then […] Read more »

With several years of iPod hype and more recently, the Zune touching down, it’s easy to overlook digital audio playback on a handheld device. Actually, with the watered down version of Windows Media Player for Windows Mobile, it’s even easier, but that’s another post for another […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 79 is 34:21 minutes long and is a 31.4 MB file in MP3 format.INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia) […] Read more »

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Hmmm….my favorite visitor, Mr. FedEx, is stopping by today. What could be on the truck? I’ll give you a hint or two: it’s mobile, it’s new, and I haven’t seen anyone else get their hands on one yet. Have at it in the comments while I […] Read more »

I noticed this press release last night from TVersity: apparently their product is a media server for your home than can transcode video from one format to another on the fly. I’ve used something similar for my Xbox 360 in the past but TVersity grabbed my […] Read more »

Steve has put the Pepperpad 3 through the grinder and finds that the latest Linux-based ultra-portable is worth its salt. His detailed review covers everything you’d want to know, ranging from performance to usage scenarios to pros and cons of the handheld. While the integrated thumbboard […] Read more »

Word on the street was right, Opera Mini was just updated to version 3 today and know we know what the new features are for this fantastic cell phone browser. The latest functionality additions include: RSS support: Opera Mini will show you an RSS icon if […] Read more »

If you haven’t stopped by the newsstands to pick up the December 5th issue of PC Magazine, I can save you a few bucks. Don’t let me stop you from buying your copy, but I’ve bought enough extra copies to make up for a few freebies; […] Read more »

No, I still haven’t found a phone that will do my wash. I haven’t given up just yet, but during my searching I did find a great service for cellular if you have a wireless contract with Orange in France. Yes, that rules out 99.9% of […] Read more »

You mean we went out to buy all this gear for recording our podcast and we could have just used a mobile phone? Maybe not, but apparently you can record an album using a Nokia N80. Don’t believe me? Omri Levy just did it; his latest […] Read more »

One of the best mobile browsers appears due for an upgrade: Opera is expected to release Opera Mini version 3 tomorrow; just in time for browsing on that new phone you bought as a holiday gift but fell in love with and kept for yourself. No […] Read more »

Rumors continue to surface that Apple is planning a tablet-like PC; the latest round comes from Smarthouse in Australia. According to the Aussies, "I was told that Apple was exploring a neat new device that is basically a touch screen that links to various source devices […] Read more »

If you’ve been waiting for a full instruction set on getting Vista running on the Samsung Q1, I haven’t forgotten. No, I’ve been working diligently on the process and have the documented steps and screen caps in a Microsoft Word document for you. "So where is […] Read more »

Got time to break away from holiday shopping to post a comment over at SlashGear? That’s all you have to do to enter their Slingbox AV giveaway. In your comment, tell them what you want reviewed and they’ll pick a random commenter next week. The Slingbox […] Read more »

Sprint Treo 700wx users can now pepper their Verizon and T-Mobile friends with text messages thanks to a patch available on the Palm website. In what Sprint claims to be an oversight, the Treo 700wx was only able to send SMS communiction to other Sprint customers. […] Read more »

Apple is starting off the holiday shopping season with their version of Black Friday. Figuring that not everyone can get to an Apple store (or folks just don’t want to battle crowds at the Genius Bar), they’ve got a one day online sale going on today. […] Read more »

As Zune details became available some folks understandably complained about the lack of podcasting support, but there’s an important distinction here that people new to podcasting might overlook. While the Zune software currently doesn’t allow you to subscribe and download to podcasts natively the way iTunes […] Read more »

Earlier this month, the Times Reader beta was upgraded to v to address some issues including a conflict with Norton Internet Security. Apparently, the conflict caused sychronization issues; since I use Microsoft OneCare, I didn’t see the issue. There are additional bug-fixes, but nothing major. […] Read more »

So I dropped $25.00 in Microsoft funny money, aka: XBox Points, and browsed through the Xbox Live Video selections. Regular readers know I’m a high-def television addict, so I bypassed all of the SD movies and television eps. 480 points netted me the right to download […] Read more »

Black Friday, traditionally the biggest shopping day here in the U.S., hits later this week and so does the Palm Treo 680 over at Cingular. In case you’ve been living under a smartphone rock, you knew this was coming and there’s nothing new to see here. […] Read more »

We covered Zyb earlier in August; this is the free service that backs up your cellular phone contacts and works with over 200 mobile phone models. Zyb solves the problem of moving all your contacts from one phone to another which is tedious when done manually […] Read more »

Hubba, hubba: I heart these new Stylistic slate Tablet PCs from Fujitsu! We knew they were coming but the official announcement hit the street today. Here’s some of the highlights on the ST 5111 and ST 5112, both of which are Windows Vista Capable: 10.4-inch XGA […] Read more »

If a 30-gigabyte external USB hard-drive doesn’t grab you, how about adding a few extra features? Transcend’s StoreJet OTG does just that by adding hardware buttons, an OLED display screen and support for the USB OTG standard. OTG-compliance allows usage of the drive without a computer, […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 78 is 35:20 minutes long and is a 32.3 MB file in MP3 format.INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia) […] Read more »

Josh Bancroft has not one, but two, Asus R2H UMPCs although one is destined for his brother’s use. Still, one Origami device alone has to be worth 167 pictures, right? I don’t think there’s a single angle or feature that Josh missed out on during his […] Read more »

What’s this? A Windows Mobile clamshell coming to Verizon Wireless? That’s the thought behind the Pantech PN-820 shown here courtesy of Engadget Mobile; but will it really compete against current offerings made by HTC / UTStarcom in the meager Verizon Wireless lineup of smartphones? Worse yet: […] Read more »

If you’re looking for a GPS subscription service, you can add the Nokia E62 from Cingular to your list. The wireless carrier just announced support for their TeleNav GPS service on the E62, a Symbian smartphone that can be had for $99 or less. You can […] Read more »

Ah, the beauty of RSS Newsreaders. Without them I never would have seen the news from Al Bawaba indicating that Toshiba has integrated an HSDPA cellular radio in the Portege M400 Tablet PC. The new Portege M400-3G allows for wireless Internet connectivity wherever you can find […] Read more »

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