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Although there aren’t yet any videos in the Zune Marketplace, you can still watch content on your Zune if you know how. Long time Windows Mobile device users have utilized software for several years to shrink down your big screen videos to the small screen devices […] Read more »

There’s some things that just go together. Take chocolate and peanut butter for example, or coffee and cream, or Dave Winer and RSS. OK, maybe that combo isn’t a tasty morsel, but it is a formidable force in the way we consume content. Today in typical […] Read more »

"Mind-mapping" is unfortunately an alien phrase to many folks; that’s a real shame because MindJet’s MindManager is a top notch application for gathering thoughts in a brain-stormy kind of method. If you’ve never heard of the term but want to learn more about it in 60 […] Read more »

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Rule number 1: if your handheld looks like a giant Lego brick, people won’t buy it (unless it’s a Zune).Rule number 2: never (closely) name a handheld device after an established DRM scheme. MIU broke both rules with the M*Free device. The whole idea of adding […] Read more »

Integrated Bluetooth in a vehicle is awesome, but can be pricey. We’ve got it in Barb’s Acura TL and it definitely makes the whole "driving while on the phone" thing much safer, not to mention it meets certain safety laws in various states. If your vehicle […] Read more »

It seems there’s no end to mobile keyboards these days and here’s one from Diatec. The Papillon FKB66PU folds in half for storage and travel, but easily unfolds to bring the pitter-patter of happy fingers typing. A few observations make me want to stick with my […] Read more »

So the Apple iPod Shuffle got teensy-weensy, but what about the dock? Actually the Shuffle dock isn’t all that big, but if you want to cut some wasted space out of your mobile gadget bag, the $6 ShuffleBud is the way to go. Instead of a […] Read more »

Innovative Office Products is showing off the "EVO Tablet Arm" next month at CES, but they’ve provided us with the details now. This looks like a great home office accessory for any notebook, but especially a slate Tablet PC, which can be awkward at a desk […] Read more »

Seems like the great news keeps on rockin’ and rollin’ in the wireless data world. Today, it’s news on the CDMA & EV-DO front with information on the next, next revision of EV-DO technology. In 2009, we’ll likely see a name change to UMB, or Ultra […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 80 is 35:25 minutes long and is a 32.4 MB file in MP3 format.INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia) […] Read more »

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Maybe that open-source community isn’t the only group that likes to share. Take Origami Project forum member Ticonderoga, for example. After purchasing a Samsung Q1 touchscreen UMPC, Ticonderoga decided to build a custom on-screen keyboard and made both the executable and source code available for free! […] Read more »

Jenn’s initial PepperPad 3 had some display issues, but that didn’t stop her. No, she has a new unit with a screen that works and sings the praises of this 2.2-pound Linux-based portable in her latest review. This entry covers all the great aspects and she […] Read more »

Actually, they reviewed several categories of PCs, but no Tablet PCs other than four UMPCs. Wired got their paws on the Asus R2H, the Samsung Q1, the Sony UX-180P, and the Tablet Kiosk eo V7110. The verdict? Each was rated from one to ten with the […] Read more »

I’ve finally given in and joined Twitter in a grand mobile tech experiment. I’m wondering if some social services have gone too far and provide TMI, or Too Much Information. Twitter might be the ultimate test as it’s a free service you use to post updates […] Read more »

Looks like all of the good mobile news is coming out of the International Telecommunication Union Telecomm World 2006 conference in Hong Kong; I knew I should have renewed that passport! LG is the mobile king at the moment: their KC1 handheld will run on Windows […] Read more »

Sign me up to buy! Toshiba just announced a giant 100 GB capacity hard drive in the diminutive 1.8-inch form factor. The dual-platter 4200 RPM drive increases capacity while keeping power down to 0.003W/GB; I’m not sure what that equates to when compared with other drives […] Read more »

SPB Software House recently released SPB Mobile DVD, software that will get your legally owned DVD videos onto your mobile device. The $24.95 software will re-encode a DVD movie into either WMV or XVID formats, although WMV is native to Windows and Windows Mobile. According to […] Read more »

This fix for OneNote 2003 is actually from May of this year, but I don’t think we covered it. The OneNote Extensibility & More blog published the info yesterday and it addresses a specific OneNote 2003 issue on touchscreen devices. I haven’t seen the issue on […] Read more »

Need to find a local business address on Google, but don’t have web access? If you’ve got a phone with text messaging capability, you can perform that Google search and get info in just seconds. Here’s how: Create a new TXT message to GOOGL (46645) In […] Read more »

So we’re three weeks after the initial launch of Zune and it’s safe to say it isn’t yet an "iPod killer", but it’s not the flop that many are predicting. Matt Miller has used his Zune for three weeks and shares his observations as well as […] Read more »

I didn’t think I would ever need to do this but thanks to Vista’s overly-protective security, you might need to run a CMD line as an Admin. In true Vista fashion, the approach to circumvent security isn’t very intuitive (a good thing) and thanks to Paul’s […] Read more »

The Pentium-based Samsung Q1, known as the Q1P, has finally appeared on the Samsung Q1 product page. This more powerful model of the original Q1 UMPC has previously appeared at retailer sites, so there isn’t much news here. CDW has carried the unit for some time […] Read more »

Wow, we don’t even have HSDPA 3G close to rolled out and the next level isn’t that far behind. If HSDPA and HSUPA sound like funny acronyms, they are, so let’s give you the 40,000-foot view to get you up to speed (literally!). HSDPA stands for […] Read more »

When the MacBooks got the Intel Core 2 Duo refresh, I wondered what was next for the Mac notebook line and MacRumors might have the answer. Word is that Apple is readying a 12-inch widescreen version of the MacBook Pro that would be "ultra-thin". Since I’m […] Read more »

If you’re a heavy-duty notebook or Tablet PC user that owns many USB devices, you might appreciate Belkin’s Cable-Free hub due here in the U.S. in the next few weeks. The $200 device is a wireless USB hub that supports UWB, or Ultra-Wideband technology, so you […] Read more »

I absolutely love the independent volume control in Vista; it’s something that I think we should have had in XP, but no matter: it’s here in Vista and it works well if you’re into multimedia. In the screenshot above, I’m viewing "The Three Stooges" (not to […] Read more »

I got bored this morning. And when I get bored, I read things like license agreements. You remember those: the lengthy items you click "Next" on as quickly as possible? Yup, those license agreements. So over my coffee earlier today, I read through the Zune license […] Read more »

If you didn’t get in on the free Office 2007 DVD offer, no worries: everyone and anyone can download a free 60-day trial of Office. The OneNote Extensibility blog points us to the magic download page: just click here and choose the Office 2007 product or […] Read more »

Although Vista’s consumer release isn’t expected for two months there’s no reason not to build up the Vista tips now. Actually, I should hurry as I have a Windows Sidebar Gadget running a Vista countdown clock; looks like I only have 59d, 9h, 35m and 10 […] Read more »

MobileTechReview turns the pages, er page, of the Sony Reader in their latest review and gave the device a solid four out of five stars. While reading the review, I was drawn to many of the features and functions of the device: Relatively small size at […] Read more »

Actually, it doesn’t matter which you prefer thanks to Elecom’s M-D13UR mouse. The front of this rodent has a unique swivel head that rotates to make the mouse flat or curvy and ergo for you. The M-D13UR is wireless, so you can toss this in your […] Read more »

You might not live in an area with long tunnels, but I do. Here in western Pennsylvania we have the Lehigh Tunnel than runs right through a mountain; I can’t count how many times I’ve had to quickly finish a call or an e-mail before shutting […] Read more »

If you’re looking to safely store credit card info, passwords and other sensitive data, Ilium Software’s eWallet application is among the best. Looks like the best just keeps getting better as we got inside word direct from Ilium that eWallet 5.0 is coming soon and the […] Read more »

I’ll be darned if I can find a change log, but apparently those sneaky Skype folks put out an upgrade yesterday for the Windows client. I was rebuilding a Tablet PC today and of course went to install the free P2P voice client; sure enough there’s […] Read more »

Time for more freeware and once again, it’s courtesy of Microsoft. Have they been sniffing the packaging glue from Vista or is it me? If you have a Windows Mobile or J2ME-supported phone, you can install Windows Live Search for Mobile. I just did and while […] Read more »

I’ve been a Verizon Wireless customer for at least five years, but I still don’t get the VCast service. Literally. I have a hard time paying $15 a month for limited content, when I can use the Broadband Access service I’m already paying $45 monthly for […] Read more »

Jeremy has a humdinger of a post with his 15 suggestions to Microsoft. Jeremy raises a good point: why do we have to wait for Vista to even hope to get certain simple upgrades? Ranging from simple productivity boosters to general common sense ideas, JT’s list […] Read more »

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