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Looks like James got good info last week on Verizon Wireless EV-DO Rev. A: the company just announced the availability of the Sierra Wireless AirCard 595 PC Card! The AirCard 595 is available on-line now and to business customers for $99.99 after a $50 rebate; you’ll […] Read more »

The SDHC, or Secure Digital High Capacity cards are a-comin’ and Ultra offers their 8 GB for around $150. That’s plenty of capacity for most SD-capable digital cameras, not to mention plenty of other digital paraphernalia; bear in mind, your device has to be SDHC compatible […] Read more »

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Lesson learned: don’t remove your satellite receiver from your TV until the last possible moment or your kids might mutiny. We were scheduled for an upgraded Dish receiver yesterday at noon, so I jumped the gun and moved our main receiver to smaller TV in advance. […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 82 is 31:06 minutes long and is a 28.5 MB file in MP3 format.INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (London) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia) […] Read more »

Yup, check your newspaper for the Sprint insert and you’ll see this ad for the Samsung IP-830w shown running the Palm OS. Let’s see: it’s got the QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth, Quad-Band support and uh…what’s this….er…Windows Mobile 5.0? But the picture clearly shows the Palm OS; even […] Read more »

We recently mentioned UniveRSS, the 3D RSS feed-reader that uses the Windows Presentation Foundation. I finally got a chance to install and run it on my Vista RTM partition and although basic, it’s functional and shows promise. I had problems trying to capture my screen navigation […] Read more »

Sprint won the race to the EV-DO Rev. A finish line, but Verizon is apparently coming in close behind. That’s all well and good for the Windows folks in coverage areas, but the enterprising Mac folks are taking advantage of the super wireless speeds as well. […] Read more »

If you have an old-school iPod Shuffle and want to look even older school, get a load of the Pocket Party speaker: it makes your Shuffle look like a boom-box from yester-year, only smaller. The 38-gram speakers pump out a whole watt of stereo sound from […] Read more »

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Hey, who needs A2DP Bluetooth support, when your wireless speakers use 802.11a/g WiFi? Avega Systems offers just that with their Oyster Loudspeaker System: each speaker unit integrates a WiFi receiver to accept tunes over your network connected computer. The Oysters support various audio formats: Compressed: AAC, […] Read more »

I’ve recently realized (just this week) that I use my Windows Mobile device much less than I used to. I’m not suggesting that’s a general trend for everyone, but as computing devices become smaller and more connected (think UMPCs and beyond), I do wonder if this […] Read more »

Podcast co-host Matthew Miller just made his New York Times pictorial debut (above pic credit: New York Times). No ladies, it’s not in the "Hot Geek o’ the Month" calendar and I’m also sorry to tell you that he’s off the market. Aside from Matt showing […] Read more »

Gstor’s hard drive looks pretty innovative, even if it came out in 2005. I’d never seen it until it was pointed out today over at TRFJ, along with a review from twelve months ago. While the drive looks pretty standard from the outside, it has quite […] Read more »

On the offchance that Igor wants to synch a Blackberry with his Mac OS X Asus R2H, TUAW mentions PocketMac. Actually you don’t need an Asus R2H and your name doesn’t have to be Igor: if you’re a Mac owner that totes a RIM Blackberry, you […] Read more »

I never realized there were guides for installing Mac OS X on an x86 system, but apparently there are. Only UMPC reports that an Asus R2H owner took advantage of the instructions and has Mac OS X version 10.4.7 installed and running on his UMPC! According […] Read more »

Two of the latest new smartphones out there right now are the Cingular BlackJack and the HTC Herald and reviews recently popped up for both. Mobility Site has a thorough look-see of the BlackJack, a very capable and thin competitor to the Motorola Q. Chris makes […] Read more »

I have a problem and when I have a problem, I often look to mobile technology to help with it. To be fair, I have several "problems", but I want to focus on one specific one to try and help as many folks as possible. My […] Read more »

CNET usually provides the point ratings in their reviews, but I can’t seem to find out why the Fujitsu T4215 Tablet PC garnered a 7.3 out of 10. That could be the "correct" rating based on their system, but it’s difficult to see the specifics. Overall, […] Read more »

Yesterday we mentioned a Vista upgrade redemption site for some computer brands; we also indicated that some OEMs will likely handle their own Vista upgrade logistics and sure enough, HP did just that today. Here’s the official HP word on the upgrade site: "If you purchase […] Read more »

I think we’re very slowly trending towards multi-boot computing: one computer for multiple operating systems. Up to now, that’s been a relatively easy process in Windows XP with (or without) third party software. It gets a little trickier in Windows Vista however, as the boot process […] Read more »

If you’ve been waiting for the faster mobile upload speeds promised by EV-DO Rev. A, Sprint has you covered starting today in 10 new markets. Well, that’s provided you’re in one of the 10 coverage areas, but why nit-pick? The following metropolitan areas are now supporting […] Read more »

Evan42 over at the Origami Project forums reported that the Asus R2H is now appearing on the Microsoft Vista and Office Upgrade Redemption site. I took a quick look and verified that the UMPC model is now appearing; great news! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any other […] Read more »

Have a Smartphone Edition Windows Mobile device and feel left out of the Skype party? Well, get your dancin’ shoes on because your Skype hosts have just invited your device to join in! Skype just released the beta of Skype for Windows Mobile 2.2 and the […] Read more »

A-DATA’s microSD Trio just might replace my SanDisk 1 GB Ultra II SD Plus USB card if I find that it’s fast enough for ReadyBoost in Vista. This flash storage card is available in 512 MB, 1- and 2-GB capacities and it offers three different interface […] Read more »

The unofficial "think ink" concept carries on: jkOTR reader Philip Ferris is experimenting with ink blogging and proves that anyone can handwrite more legibly than James…but just barely. Oh, we’re kidding Phil! What’s different about Phil’s approach is that he’s using Phatware’s Phatpad application on his […] Read more »

Looks like the small-sized, high-capacity hard drive war is on. A few weeks ago it was Hitachi calling the shots with a 200 GB hard drive in the 2.5-inch form factor (shown). Today it’s Fujitsu volleying back with a 300 GB drive in the same tiny […] Read more »

Socialtext introduced off-line wiki authoring capabilities today, adding even greater productivity potential to the potent platform. I got turned on to Socialtext earlier this year because it’s a perfect Wiki for small groups; the Personal service is free for up to five users, which is perfect […] Read more »

Not only does this conference bridge have Bluetooth support and Skype In / Skype Out compatibility, but it also comes back to you if you throw it. OK, maybe the last part isn’t true, but it does look like a three-bladed Nerf boomerang. Ubergizmo tells us […] Read more »

Printers sure have come a long way since my first one (an Okidata Okimate for you trivia buffs): they have more features and functions, double as memory card readers and can even run on batteries for mobile printing. What if the next printer innovation wasn’t an […] Read more »

We’ve already got a few notebooks with integrated wireless broadband (Dell and Lenovo come to mind), but this appears to be the first model geared towards global connectivity. If you’re a heavy-duty business traveler, you might want to cop a peek at the HP Compaq nc6400 […] Read more »

Just 49 days, 14 hours, 9 minutes and a few seconds before Windows Vista hits the consumer computer; here’s another early tip that will come in handy after January 30th and it’s courtesy of Jason Langridge. Jason walks through two quick scenarios to help troubleshoot WMDC, […] Read more »

Craig Pringle shares all the advantages of the Motion LS800 Mobile Docking Station and I hope every UMPC design team reads the post. While I adore the built-in 80-degree and 20-degree stands on my Samsung Q1 UMPC, there’s isn’t a docking option. Other UMPCs, like the […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 81 is 33:07 minutes long and is a 30.3 MB file in MP3 format.INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia) […] Read more »

I’ve been thinking about this for a few weeks, well, ever since I bought my Microsoft Zune player. What could be next for the Zune? We’re heard that there will be new products in the Zune line, so I put my thinking cap on. What do […] Read more »

I must have missed this development on the Cingular 8525 Windows Mobile smartphone, but a recent device review at Pocket PC Thoughts pointed it out. Apparently, the 8525 will get Push-to-Talk capability sometime early next year. Clinton Fitch shares his thoughts and the news in the […] Read more »

I don’t know if SlashGear actually counted up the country list, but this small power adapter looks just right for heavy-duty business travelers or contestants on "The Amazing Race". Weighing just 3.5-ounces and 3 x 2 x 2.5 inches you can adopt this AC plug all […] Read more »

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