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A long time ago….in a galaxy far, far away…..A-Data trumped all of the Imperials in the SSD flash market and provided a new hope to mobile computing with their 128 GB, 2.5-inch flash drive. Acutally, it was only last week and took place in Vegas: the […] Read more »

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The OneNote Extensibility & More folks just made some Microsoft PowerPoint slideshows available; these two presentations provide a fantastic high-level overview on the functions and features included in Microsoft OneNote. I know that we’ve highlighted many use cases and OneNote tidbits before, so if we haven’t […] Read more »

Darned if this doesn’t look like a Smartphone Edition device to me, but nope, it’s a super-thin Pocket PC Phone Edition device, complete with the required touchscreen. The i-mate JAQ3 is finding its way into some enthusiast hands and Matt Miller provides a solid overview after […] Read more »

For years, adding a graphics tablet to a notebook or desktop was an option to enable some type of near-Tablet PC experience. Unfortunately, that type of hardware solution is only as good as the specific software that supports it. Craig Pringle illustrates how easy it was […] Read more »

I wish I had seen this at CES last week. Eleksen, the folks that make the fabric keyboard / case for UMPCs, have a gadget bag with Windows SideShow support according to Laptoping. Since your device is in the bag, shouldn’t that be ‘Shouldertoping’? Ah….I digress…. […] Read more »

Geez, these dongles just keep getting smaller and smaller! On one hand, we want smaller devices so they’re easier to carry, but on the other hand, the smaller they are, the easier they are to lose. The MoGo Dapter Bluetooth dongle supports Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR […] Read more »

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I remember not too long ago when people realized that Apple was putting 802.11n functionality into the latest MacBook and MacBook Pro lines. Back then I thought it was a decent idea; at this point, the 802.11n draft spec should be relatively stable, so it’s a […] Read more »

That whole Sprint-Nextel merger is finally coming full circle as Sprint just announced two new handsets that use dual-mode network technology. The Sprint ic502 (aka: Motorola Buzz, shown; credit: motoRAZR) and the Sprint ic402 (known as the Motorola Blend) offer the walkie-talkie power from Nextel and […] Read more »

Jenn over at Pocketables got the news via the Micro PC Talk forums: Sony has three more UX handheld models on the way: the UX91S, UX91NS and UX71, ranging in prices from $1,557 to $2,283. Each of these handhelds will come with some flavah of Vista […] Read more »

Big news from Netflix today: the company that pioneered the DVD movie mail subscription service is taking it to the Net. An announcement hit this morning indicating that you’ll be able to download and view movies on your PC through your Internet connection with movies beginning […] Read more »

Too bad I filled up my Highlander Hybrid before I read this article. At CES, Dresser Wayne demonstrated a gas pump dispenser that runs Windows CE and allows consumers to transfer MP3 audio files to their vehicle without wires thanks to Bluetooth technology. The Ovation2 iX […] Read more »

SpeedScript is another text input system that’s worth a look; the application was originally designed for Windows Mobile devices, but the company shot us a note to tell us about the beta version for Windows XP Tablet Edition. Since Origami devices run that OS, this beta […] Read more »

Regular readers know how much I adore my Samsung Q1, aka: Sammy. 12 hours prior to my CES trip, Sammy took a jolt from an external battery and has been in a coma ever since. I’ve done a bedside watch for some time and I’m not […] Read more »

I’m reading Adrian Kingsley-Hughes’ latest series of ZDNet posts with great interest: Adrian has a high-end MacBook Pro on loan from Apple and he’s documenting his daily experiences with the notebook. I’ve basically been a Windows guy for years, although I have dabbled with Ubuntu. Now […] Read more »

I recently mentioned True LaunchBar as a solid UMPC launcher and one of our readers, Jesse, left a comment indicating that the software is free today only. I double-checked and sure enough Jesse gave us a gem of a tip! Apparently, there’s a website called "Giveaway […] Read more »

I waited for the dust to settled on Apple’s phone announcement and gave some thought to the device. There’s no denying that it’s a design and engineering marvel; that goes without saying. I think there are a few gaps in the device however and some media […] Read more »

Let the SSD flash hard drive wars begin! Engadget picked up on a PQI press release that announced a 64 GB Solid State Disk (SSD) flash-based hard drive. The 2.5-inch drive has a fast SATA interface for up to 100 MBps (that’s megabytes, not megabits, people) […] Read more »

There’s no specific details on Zune streaming, but I noticed this tidbit in a Microsoft press release: "…because Windows Home Server is an always-on device, customers will also be able to store all the music from their Zune media player, stream that music and other digital […] Read more »

Actually, there’s no eBay auction for better security. The company will be offering a digital key fob that receives a new six-digit code every 30 seconds. You use the PayPal Security Key (similar to the one shown) to enter the code along with a PayPal transaction; […] Read more »

We met over lunch with the Tablet Kiosk folks yesterday and they’ve got some exciting news. Availability of their new Sahara line of slate PCs is just weeks away and all of the product specs and details are on their site. Gail Levy from Tablet Kiosk […] Read more »

No doubt you’ve read comments here on the blog from ThoughtFix; he’s an avid handheld enthusiast and we had the pleasure of meeting him in person earlier this week at the CES. I stopped by the Nokia booth and got the generic tour, but ThoughtFix scored […] Read more »

You know what I learned the most about at CES this week? It wasn’t about a new UMPC, a hot new handheld nor was it about some software. What I learned the most this week was that the UMPC concept has ultimately and forever changed my […] Read more »

At the Bill Gates keynote, we got first word of the new Windows Home Server that HP will first offer; more OEMs will follow. I chatted with a Microsoftie on the floor about the WHS because as much as I like the product I had a […] Read more »

James is in the air returning home and I think 90% of the show is too. Hopefully, they’re not all on the same plane. Since I’ve got the day to myself, I meandered around a much quieter show floor and found the 1.5 pound Medion MD […] Read more »

It’s clear by the new Origami Experience that the Microsoft team does listen to user feedback. We were floored when we got the above picture from Sears Young on the team; we just saw the new interface and sure enough he was listening to MobileTechRoundup on […] Read more »

Oh, this picture says it all, no? We stopped at the Pepper booth and got 15 minutes of hands on time with the Linux-based handheld. This was the first time I’d actually held a Pepper Pad 3 and my first stop was the split thumb-board. From […] Read more »

Hey, maybe everyone else will too based on the conversation we had at the S-XGen booth. We flipped, folded and even fondled the unique Windows Mobile handheld phone and then inquired on the price. We flat out asked about the rumored $1,400 price tag and were […] Read more »

This is going to sound odd, but I have to repeat something James said earlier tonight: "The best software I’ve seen at CES is the new Origami Experience app". I completely agree after Dustin and Sears from the Microsoft Origami team gave us the low-down at […] Read more »

The whole iPhone announcement has me wondering if we went to the wrong show!  Ah… at least the patents make sense now. Remember what we saw from the Patent Office last year? Multi-touch screens, proximity sensors, zooming via touch…it’s in the new iPod, er iPhone. Putting […] Read more »

Wow, there’s literally a radio show going on right behind me in this room; Michael Garfield is interviewing someone from Palm as I quietly blog this. Just before meeting James here at the CES Broadcast Booth, I swung by the Toshiba booth for all of three […] Read more »

We hit up ShowStoppers tonight, which is like a mini-CES for press only. Aside from the awesome food at the Wynn hotel, we got to wander around and see things that we might have otherwise missed in the vast chasm of consumer electronics we call CES. […] Read more »

Last night we gave you a rundown on who we rubbed shoulders with; after that and during the day today we saw more great folks, many of which I’ve been wanting to meet in person for some time. It’s amazing that in this sea of people […] Read more »

This is what I love about the craziness here at CES. Everyone gets so focused on the top 200 exhibitors and so they can easily forget about the other 2,500 companies hawking their wares here. We were wandering around the show floor and almost passed up […] Read more »

OK, maybe not the biggest ad ever, but the biggest ad I’ve seen here at CES so far. Microsoft is pulling out all the stops for Vista this year; as I was walking from Circus Circus to the Convention Center this morning, I saw that the […] Read more »

We hit up the HP booth and found this demo unit of the new HP tablet chained to a table. Of course, we had to play with it, as evidenced above. The HP Pavilion tx 1000 Tablet PC was running Windows Vista quite nicely on the […] Read more »

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