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I continue to fall off of the Getting Things Done wagon, so when I see articles like this one from Web Worker Daily, I try to pay attention. Mike Gunderloy covers ten e-mail organization tips ranging from usage of native e-mail app functions to third-party solutions […] Read more »

Chris Pratley reminds us that there are currently three PowerToys available for One Note 2007, with the promise of more on the way. Remember that PowerToys add a great feature but are unsupported solutions. I use many of the Tablet PC PowerToys and have yet to […] Read more »

I’ve owned my Zune for just about 3 months now and right after the free Zune Pass trial, I decided to subscribe. I have my account billed every three months, which comes to $44.97 for the unlimited music download subscription service; sorry, no discount here. We’ve […] Read more »

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PhatWare gives PhatPad an upgrade; version 4.1 was just released for Pocket PCs and Tablets / UMPCs today. The new version doesn’t get phatter; it’s actually a slimmer footprint by 10% over the prior version. If you’re not familiar with the product, here’s quick overview from […] Read more »

You know it’s bad when you don’t take your own advice. We often get questions about "device X", with people asking: "Should I get device X or should I wait until the upgraded device Y, I’m hearing about?". Our answer tends to be the same: if […] Read more »

If you decided to avoid Vista and Windows Mobile Device Center, you may want to check the ActiveSync download page since version 4.5 is now available. This version supports devices running good ol’ Pocket PC / Smartphone 2002 through Windows Mobile 5. MoDaCo shares some of […] Read more »

Everyone running Vista Ultimate saw the same thing I did this morning: the limited preview of Vista’s DreamScene which we saw demonstrated at CES. This is essentially an active desktop background that can be animated. I called this a "limited" preview because there’s currently only one […] Read more »

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I’m still using the included earbuds for my Zune player, but I’ve been looking for a set of ‘phones that won’t break the bank. The Red Ferret Journal highlighted the $69.95 Targus Travel-Ease headphones that offer noise-cancellation with a twist: push a button to activate the […] Read more »

ThoughtFix, a frequent commenter here and blogger extraordinaire in his own right, "made nice" with Samsung and scored a nice e-mail interview that’s posted on his blog. jkOTR reader Ken pointed it out to me via e-mail as I’m a bit behind in my feeds this […] Read more »

At the risk of becoming publicly stoned by both the Mac and Windows clans (aka: the "Vistafields and the MacCoys"), I had to share this little application I saw written up at TUAW. For anyone not familiar with Microsoft’s XBox Live feature, it really has become […] Read more »

ALK used the 3GSM show as a platform to announce Windows Mobile 6 support for their Co-Pilot Live GPS products. The newest version, CoPilot Live 7 will show up this spring and will support Windows Mobile 5 devices as well as those on the new operating […] Read more »

I never got into the Yahoo! Mail service, but for those that have, you might see integrated Yahoo! Messenger functionality within your e-mail. Similar to the chat features that Google’s Gmail has had for some time, Yahoo! is taking more of a unified messaging approach. The […] Read more »

With all of the new device announcements at 3GSM, I overlooked an interesting press release from Nokia pointed out to me by Niall’s weblog. Looks like Nokia partnered with YouTube with the new Nokia Video Center application for N-series devices. This app is essentially a podcatcher […] Read more »

The folks at LAPTOP magazine (credit: pic) wasted no time in getting a review of the just announced HP iPAQ 510 Voice Messenger. I liked the initial photo of the phone when I saw it this morning, but after reading the hands-on review, I’m not as […] Read more »

These aren’t brand-spankin’ new models, but since we’re expecting heavy snow here this week, I thought to mention eton’s American Red Cross branded radios. For the folks that currently have more than 100-inches of snow in upstate New York: sorry I didn’t post this sooner. These […] Read more »

Laptoping caught the announcement and pic shown from Plextor: the PX-608CU DVD burner looks as small as you can get ‘em and will run off either AC or USB power. For $169 (MSRP) you get "fast DVD recording speeds of 8X DVD±R on single-layer media, 4X […] Read more »

Not that you weren’t already mesmerized by the pic of that new Toshiba Windows Mobile 6 device, but we don’t want to take any chances. Here’s the goods from what we know on the Toshiba G900 with slideout keyboard: WVGA support of 480 x 800 in […] Read more »

If we keep this "Kevin cries" theme up, two things are bound to happen: we’ll quickly run out of Kleenex here at the house and I’m sure to be the focus of the next great Country music song. ;) While you think about that one, I […] Read more »

It’s been a few weeks since my initial Q1P battery life test (shown); that’s the one that got folks buzzing about an LED backlit screen in the Q1P. Is the screen LED backlit? I still don’t truly know even though I’ve had bunches of conversation with […] Read more »

So you’ve been reading up on the newly announced Windows Mobile 6 platform, or "The OS formerly known as Crossbow". (No, I don’t know what the esoteric male-female symbol is for WinMo 6) You’ve seen all the screenshots and now you’re on the fence: do I […] Read more »

Josh Bancroft just took advantage of a free out from his Verizon Wireless contract based on information from The Consumerist. Now that Verizon is increasing the text message rates by 50% from $.10 to $.15 each, you’re within your rights to get out of your contract […] Read more »

In the wee hours o’ the morning, most of us are sleeping. I’m convinced that the Engadget team doesn’t actually sleep, but instead has a constant intravenous espresso drip going. How else can you explain pics and details of the previously-rumored, now spotted Nokia E90 Communicator […] Read more »

Don’t swipe that phone literally; we aren’t condoning mobile phone theft here! No, we’re talking about swiping your phone over a Master Card Mobile PayPass Terminal. I use a similar technique with the RFID tag in my American Express card to save from swiping the magnetic […] Read more »

Deciding that Windows users should have all of the connected fun, Sprint will offer the Novatel EX720 Express Card EV-DO modem for Mac users along with the corresponding OS X drivers. The smaller-than-a-PC Card modem (photo credit: Crunchgear) offers EV-DO Rev. A speeds at up to […] Read more »

jkOTR reader & commenter, gorkon, shot me an interesting note last night while I was shopping for my Dash. Turns out that Nokia tucked in an FM radio in that N800 Internet Tablet along with the WiFi and Bluetooth radios. Folks over at Internet Tablet Talk […] Read more »

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