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Face it, you spend bunches of your hard-earned coin on mobile gear whether it’s a $15 USB shaver or a $2,000 notebook that works when it wants to. If you’re looking for that extra-protection on your investments, Pacsafe might be the place to look. Pacsafe gear […] Read more »

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My quest to effectively use apps on a UMPC without using too much screen real estate continues. Just wanted to mention these little tidbits I’ve been using when streaming audio on my Samsung Q1P. Right off the bat, I make extensive use of the Windows Media […] Read more »

Transcend already offers internal SSD drives, so why not externals too? Their newest offering is available in capacities of 2-, 4-, 8- and 16-GB for your mobile device. Even more interesting is the interface: it’s an ExpressCard 34 device. The card is certfied for Windows Vista […] Read more »

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Apple and EMI announced DRM-free music options and there was much rejoicing! As we said earlier today, the DRM-free tracks are 30% more, i.e.: $1.29 a track. I’ve been wondering where that markup came from and found something coincidental thanks to some comments on our original […] Read more »

While searching for info on any Kohjinsha SA-1 touchscreen developments, Pocketables found that the SA-1 is now available with a 100 GB hard drive. The prior models offered 80 GB of storage capacity, which is still quite sizable for a small handheld computer. Unfortunately, there’s no […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 95 is 33:15 minutes long and is a 30.4 MB file in MP3 format.INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia) […] Read more »

Wasn’t I just wondering where my Windows Home Server beta disk was? Looks like it’s already outdated as WHS Beta 2 is available….for the public! You’ll have to be an ‘eligible tester’ by providing some basic info, but if you’ve got a spare PC and a […] Read more »

Today’s freebie at Giveaway of the Day might be useful for the small screen; Hide Window Plus hides windows or groups of windows in a moment’s notice. This is one feature I like on the Mac, a ‘command-H’ hides a window and doesn’t clutter the Dock. […] Read more »

I almost forgot about this pic I snapped while watching ’24’ on Monday night. The situation was quite comical actually; we have friends come over to watch the show with us. It’s their first season and it’s the kind of show that screams for a 1080p […] Read more »

I’ve had my refurbished and repaired MacBook Pro for one week today and it looks like we’re right back to where we started. A few days ago, apps started randomly crashing again; same as the first time around. I haven’t loaded up the machine with much […] Read more »

Among the first apps I install on my Windows Mobile devices is Resco Explorer, a powerful combination of multiple functions. Resco Explorer beats the pants off of the native File Explorer and adds file encryption, ZIP support, FTP capabilities, a Registry editor and more. MoDaCo tips […] Read more »

Download Squad featured MySchoolog yesterday and I thought the concept was great. It’s a free, web-based organizer for students at any level of education; yes, I think even The Student Tablet PC folks might find value here. The entire application is PHP-based and uses AJAX to […] Read more »

We already knew that the Nokia N95 is shipping in select markets and now Brighthand has confirmation that the U.S. will see the multimedia smartphone as early as the second quarter of this year. According to a Nokia spokesperson, the device will run between $500 and […] Read more »

Thanks to Phil, our man across the pond, here’s a mega-dose of freeware, courtesy of PC World. There’s 101 different applications, all categorized by types like System Utilities, File Management, Productivity and yes, even a fun category: Music, Photos and Video. Some are for XP while […] Read more »

Mobility Site shares the news for you GPS groupees: OnCourse Navigator 6 was just released! I don’t use a GPS system on a handheld since we have a nav system in the truck, but if I did use one, I’d be taking a good look at […] Read more »

That’s been a common question in my e-mail from readers lately, so let’s aggregate some of the news, photos and hands on thoughts. Engadget Mobile has several shots and thoughts of the Telus branded version from CTIA. Engadget caught the phone getting FCC approval earlier this […] Read more »

Nokia N800 owners are dancing in the streets thanks to the addition of Rhapsody’s music service. While  some of ‘em clearly won’t end up on "Dancing with the Stars", they can all listen to streaming digital audio over WiFi with the new free software. Included with […] Read more »

Nothing here about mobile tech, just a nice way to get over the hump of the week on a Wednesday. Musical group “OK Go” won one of the inaugural YouTube Awards, and I can see why. The music video is choregraphed with the band members bouncing […] Read more »

Looks like I need to read ALL of my feeds before posting something. In the prior post on converting text to .jpg for e-book reading on your Zune, I pondered on the Zune firmware update that we had expected by now. Turns out, today is the […] Read more »

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