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Since I still haven’t found a day to drive up to New York City and back, I’m relying on other folks to hit up the Samsung Experience. We’ve heard from Mike Cane on the new Q1U and today I happened across another early hands-on account. This […] Read more »

Great piece at Computerworld this morning on how mobile technology is helping the blind. Mobile Sorcery AB in Sweden developed custom software for Nokia 6300 phones that integrates with GPS via Bluetooth to keep wires to a minimum. The navigation software was developed by Astando AB, […] Read more »

Mediocre monochrome? Not for LG Philips: yesterday, the company announced a flexible E-Ink display that’s capable of displaying up to 4,096 colors on a 14.1-inch sized component. The viewing angle is a full-180-degrees and according to the press release, "images always appear crisp, even when the […] Read more »

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Skype dips another toe in the mainstream consumer electronics pool today: Om Malik breaks the news that WalMart will carry nine Skype hardware devices. Unlike a limited run or pilot program, the Skype units will become available in all WalMart locations; my assumption being: all U.S. […] Read more »

Although I haven’t tried it yet, I’ve been following an Origami Project forum thread started by Andy that contains a few tweaks to increase UMPC performance. After some testing was done to verify results, Frank (Ctitanic) outlined it on his site as well. If you feint […] Read more »

I’m in the midst of re-imaging some machines so I’ll have to keep this brief. Looks like Windows Mail might be a dead letter in Vista very soon. PC World Canada indicates that both Windows Mail in Vista and Outlook Express in XP are getting the […] Read more »

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Yogi Berra-like quote: "Until you ‘get’ OneNote, you just don’t ‘get’ OneNote". People hear us referring to Microsoft OneNote all the time, but I often think they either figure it’s just a basic notebook app or they get overwhelmed by the many features and functions. So, […] Read more »

Maybe it’s just me, but I tend to move in and out of my folder directories quite a bit during the day. In Vista, that’s much less a chore than in XP thanks to some of the navigational features in the new OS. For XP, it […] Read more »

The deadline came and went for folks to win the Verizon Wireless LG Chocolate phone and we’ve got a winner. Devon had the correct three Wikipedia references to jkOnTheRun and was randomly selected for the mobile tech prize! Devon, just click on James’ cartoon head to […] Read more »

Hot on the heels of my battery benchmarking between Via- and Intel-based UMPCs, Steve provides a different view of the comparison. Like a mobile maestro, he uses two styli in synchronization with a Q1P and Q1B to demonstrate potential trade offs between power, performance and price. […] Read more »

The Home Theater Watch for $120 plays video as well as I’ve ever seen on a wrist-watch device based the  YouTube vid I saw over at Geek 24. You store digital content on the 2 GB of internal storage and can view your photos and movies […] Read more »

D-Link indicates they’re first to market with 802.11n upgrades that support the 2.0 draft version of the wireless specification. The company is offering both firmware and drivers for spec compliance and the ‘Connect with Intel Centrino’ product certification. D-Link products that comply with the 2.0 802.11n […] Read more »

We mentioned on a recent podcast that phone widgets are in the works for the S60 devices, but if you’re the adventurous beta type, you can try some now. Even better: there’s a wide array of supported phone devices at the WidSets website, plus you can […] Read more »

The LED backlight revolution continues and this time it’s Apple that goes greener. DailyTech mentions that his Jobs-ness has plans to eliminate all fluorescent-based LCDs on Macs by the end of 2007, in favor of more energy efficient LED backlight display technologies. We’ve already seen the […] Read more »

October will bring not only the next Ubuntu desktop release, but a mobile version for handhelds as well. The new platform is a direct result of the recently announced Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded project and will dovetail with Intel’s mobile processor plans: "Ubuntu programmers will develop […] Read more »

UMPC Portal has the Amtek T770 with the 1.2 GHz Via C7 CPU and Steve is excited to show it off running Vista. He notes the battery life leaves him wanting more, topping out around 2 hours and 15 minutes. One item that appears improved over […] Read more »

It’s 6:15 pm in my time zone and I’m sitting in a gym. No, I’m not working out (although I need to do more of that); Barb & I are here for Sydney’s gymnastics class. This gym is run by a former Olympic gymnast and there’s […] Read more »

I’ve personally seen a noticeable performance gain when using ReadyBoost on my UMPC, but I’ve never quantified it. DarkVision Hardware just did, by testing the Kingston Data Traveler ReadyFlash on a Dell Inspiron 6400 notebook. While everyone’s devices, configurations and potential choices for a ReadyBoost device […] Read more »

It’s easy to find ‘switcher’ articles just about everywhere on the web these days. You know what I mean: long-time Windows users switch to Mac OS X. Yes, James and I each purchased MacBook Pros recently, but I wouldn’t classify us as ‘switchers’ since we continue […] Read more »

Quite the debate going about Vista and battery life. On the one hand, CNET is hitting the topic hard today and I’ve read a number of similar articles and comments about Vista draining notebook batteries faster. On the other hand, Frank (aka: Ctitanic) calls the whole […] Read more »

Earlier this week, I focused on the mobile aspect of Silverlight because I felt it was overlooked by many other accounts of the new Microsoft platform. Today, I noticed that Arne Hess posted a video demo of a Silverlight app running on Windows Mobile. The quality […] Read more »

Good news for American Airlines travelers; the company has a four-month trial to provide mobile tech comforts on the flight. Transcontinental first- and business-class flyers get a a nice loaner set of gear: Archos 704 media players with hours of pre-loaded content, plus the glitzy Bose […] Read more »

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