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I caught this freebie over at MacUser and thought it was well worth the mention. iGTD is a freeware app that helps you with your Getting Things Done approach using a Mac. The free app helps you manage your tasks as well as projects within ‘context’, […] Read more »

Let’s not be too hasty to write EDGE off in this day of EV-DO and HSDPA, shall we? PhoneScoop tells us to hold tight because Ericsson is working on a software optimization method that could speed up EDGE to around 1 Mbps on the downside by […] Read more »

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Comvu’s Pocketcaster has been around for a good two years, but I never got around to playing with it. After watching Jonathan Greene’s video, I just might find the time to give it a shot. Pocketcaster allows you to broadcast live video from your smartphone in […] Read more »

Good news for our UK readers; word on the web is that the T-Mobile Ameo, aka: the HTC Athena handheld might be available in the next few days. The device has surfaced on some T-Mobile T-Zones accessory pages, which usually means an imminent launch. For the […] Read more »

I’m a bit behind due to a heavy workload and a not very local viewing last night; always hate to see a friend lose a parent. Now that I’m up’n’atem with a cup of WaWa in hand, I see there’s a multitude of pics, specs, thoughts […] Read more »

NewerTech just announced this handy little rechargeable battery pack for 5th generation iPods: the NuPower ViDEO+. Essentially, this is a $50 external battery sleeve for 30-, 60-, and 80-GB iPod videos. NewerTech claims a whopping 80 hours of music or 16 hours of video on a […] Read more »

Remember those hybrid hard drives announced last year at WinHEC? These are the drives that include and use flash memory to speed up access and boot times; looks the first of many notebooks to use them are on the way. Laptoping spotted the LG R400 at […] Read more »

Not to be confused with UniveRSS, open-source Universe 3 is a beta browser for Palm OS that adds the highly desirable feature of multiple tabs. You’ll only get three tabs with RC1, but that’s two more than you get with Blazer, so no whining. The app […] Read more »

The early Daylight Savings Time change only affected a few of our reader countries; how did it go? Any horror stories? I’m sure there were minor annoyances at most; I waited until the day off to apply the Windows Mobile patch and everything worked fine except […] Read more »

Julie has a review of the LapDawg wooden laptop stand and it looks as though it helps keep the heat away from you. Most lapdesk accessories I’ve used often transfer the notebook’s heat to my lap, but the LapDawg is fully adjustable and actually never touches […] Read more »

We can debate iTunes vs. Zune Marketplace (vs. Yahoo! Music, Rhapsody, Napster, etc…) until the Beatles finally appear in one of them; in the meantime, if you’re a true audiophile, consider stopping by MusicGiants. MusicGiants provides a music download store filled with lossless recordings. Instead of […] Read more »

So what does a blogger take to cover CeBIT? I know what I’d take but I’m not going. Steve is however and he shows you what’s in his gadget bag for the show thanks to a five minute video overview. His blogging tool of choice should […] Read more »

Oh, I just couldn’t help that title! Jenn has definitely one-upped my "Thumb-boards: is there really a need on UMPCs?" post with an awesome, ten reason rebuttal post. This is why I love the blogosphere: you get solid, rational discussion on key topics. Jenn: thumbs-up from […] Read more »

By now you might have noticed some changes here; our thought is that change is inevitable and good. We’re thrilled to announce we have a new partnership with Sena Cases, a top-notch custom case manufacturer for handheld devices; this is the first direct advertising relationship we’ve […] Read more »

Early in the week, The Consumerist ran a piece that we highlighted. If you missed the strategies from a ex-Verizon Wireless sales rep, you might want to hit redial and check it out. The Consumerist followed that post up this week with two similar items: one […] Read more »

I’ve been off-line for nearly three days due to business travel and missed tons of interesting news, but I’m slowly catching up on e-mail; this morning I saw the picture shown from the Game Developer Conference that wraps up today. I know that Josh Bancroft is […] Read more »

Keyspan offers an interesting remote control solution for the Apple iPod; it’s a dock for your player and includes an RF remote complete with an LCD screen. The TuneView is geared for folks that use an iPod connected to their home stereo system, so if you’re […] Read more »

How could I forget that March is National Mindmap Month?!? *smacks head* OK, maybe it’s not, but it sure feels like it. Yesterday we mentioned the web-based mind-mapper Mindomo and today I see that ConceptDraw’s MINDMAP is the free software at Giveaway of the Day. This […] Read more »

Windows Mobile news and reviews are still kickin’ down in Louisville! Case in point: Matt Coddington just shot me a note about his review of NewsBreak 2.0 at Pocket PC Louisville. Looks like Ilium added solid podcast support, Windows Live integration and more to this Windows […] Read more »

Who better to provide consumer-friendly strategies for Verizon Wireless purchases than a former sales rep for the company? The Consumerist shares the insider information that could be quite useful if you’re a current or soon-to-be Verizon Wireless customer. Based on the sales strategies, you might save […] Read more »

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