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Good news for Mac owners that for whatever reason have a PCMCIA card that just doesn’t seem to fit in that skinny ExpressCard slot: Duel Systems has a DuelAdapter beta driver for Mac OS X 10.4.9. We’ve covered the $119 DuelAdapter before and I now see […] Read more »

Gee THAT was quick! We got direct word from two resellers that they’re now taking pre-orders for the just announced Raon EVERUN. Take your pick from either Dynamism in the U.S. or Pocket PC Solutions in the U.K. as both already have product pages up. As […] Read more »

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OK, it’s not like we didn’t know these were about to appear, but the good news is that you can actually order a new Lenovo X61 Tablet PC and expect to see it shipped about two weeks later. Hit up the product page for the new […] Read more »

Google just made mobile computers quite a bit more useful when offline with their new Google Gears beta. The official Google description is: A local server, to cache and serve application resources (HTML, JavaScript, images, etc.) without needing to contact a server A database, to store […] Read more »

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You can tell the Apple iPhone launch is imminent: we’re starting to see handset availability announcements nearly every day. Earlier in the week it was RIM’s BlackBerry 8830 for Verizon; today it’s their small and light BlackBerry 8300 for AT&T, aka: The Curve. Starting tomorrow you […] Read more » If the official Microsoft video of Surface Computing didn’t whet your appetite, perhaps this one from Popular Mechanics will. I think that most mainstream folks are missing the concept of object interaction with this platform; there’s a great example of it in this video when […] Read more »

Matt Hartley, whom I’ve respected and followed for some time, has an insightful perspective about the new Dell Tablet PC; more specifically, Matt likens the Tablet PC market to Dell giving Vista a second chance. He’s calling for the company to do something I’ve yet to […] Read more »

Ahh….White Chocolate Mocha in one hand and stylus pen in the other with a UMPC and Bluetooth keyboard in between. My Starbucks-hopping continues: today I’m trying the mobile lifestyle in the Quakertown, PA location up near Allentown. Aside from the new Starbucks and an in-progress Target, […] Read more »

Looks like Research In Motion has finally accepted WiFi as a viable network platform; RIM’s CEO announced last week that they company would intro a BlackBerry with both WiFi and cellular capabilities in the second half of the year. BlackBerry handsets are traditionally targeted to the […] Read more »

[podtech content=] While many readers here are more than capable of upgrading system memory or hard drives, some folks are still intimidated by the unknown. Hitachi’s Travelstar Upgrade Kit makes the process so easy that anyone can take their slow, low-capacity drive and replace it with […] Read more »

Nokia isn’t waiting to tap the XXL markets in China: the mobile handset company is helping the Chinese learn English through their mobile phones. Using Nokia’s Mobiledu service, Chinese handset owners download English lessons right to their phone for $0.26 per download. Mobiledu also offers career […] Read more »

OK, I cheated in the screenshot above. It looks like Mac OS X on the Vista-based UMPC because it is, but I did it to illustrate a really nice piece of presentation sharing software. Tiffany Screens, a cross-platform approach with a client that runs in Windows, […] Read more »

Maybe the title should be "Will blog for coffee" since I’ve got the mobile office visiting a brand new Starbucks today; I’m at the Lansdale, PA coffeehouse testing the WiFi. Unlike James’ recent experience, no salsa music here. I’d call it some type of world-beat music […] Read more »

Quick shout out to fellow Microsoft Tablet PC MVP Marc Orchant. He clearly has too much free time on his hands since he’s added another blog to his repertoire! It must be the Tablet PC platform that makes him so productive. Hop on over to his […] Read more »

  Over at Giveaway of the Day today is a nice-looking productivity application called FusionDesk. FusionDesk is currently available in a free Starter Edition and a $90 Professional Edition. The GotD edition is a not-yet-available Deluxe Edition that sits between the two current products and the […] Read more »

This might be of limited interest to our U.S. readers, but after reading the morning news with British Telecom offering VoIP calls on Sony PSPs, I’ve got a U.K. vibe going on. Besides, the LG Prada is quite intriguing with the 400 x 240 touchscreen display […] Read more »

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