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James just bought an adapter allowing him to use ExpressCard devices in a PC Card slot, but what if you want to go the other way? Take a look at the ExpressCard CardBus adopter from Addonics that lets you use PC Card devices in an ExpressCard […] Read more »

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Today is my last day here at jkOTR as I’m taking a new position effective immediately. I don’t even know what the new job is: it didn’t matter to me. What mattered of course was the money (that’s why I became a full time blogger in […] Read more »

Jay sent us a note this morning and along with kind words about the site, he asked our thoughts on a home inventory solution: "I’m about to begin research on a means of creating an electronic home inventory that will enable me to photograph items and […] Read more »

Aside from including a 4- or 8-gigabytes of internal storage in the new Nokia N95 hitting the U.S., the battery capacity was also increased to 1200 mAh. Could there be some firmware or other tweaks that also help add to the runtime of the new model? […] Read more »

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Let’s call it a draft though. I have more to do but I finally found the time to write up my primary mobile device list along with what I hope are useful links and references. I put a bit of detail into some of the costs […] Read more »

If your definition of "unlimited" is less then 3-gigabytes and you have connectivity, then yes: this Dane-Elec device technically has unlimited storage. For those of us that live in the real world, this USB drive is limited to one or two gigs of physical storage capacity. […] Read more »

Nokia has an updated SMS application to provide a threaded, conversational approach. The new beta app is aptly named "Conversations" and it’s available as a free download for E- and N-series devices running S60 3rd edition. Matt Miller gave it a shot since he’s used to […] Read more »

Good news from Mark/Space, developers of The Missing Sync software that provides smartphone synching for Mac OS X: a version for Symbian phones is due out in the first quarter of 2008. The app is targeted for Motorola, Nokia and Sony Ericsson handset owners looking to […] Read more »

Hey, everyone needs a good disk defragmenter, so why not a free one? Disk Defrag from Auslogics fits the bill. Yes, I know that Windows comes with its own defragmentation tool, but if you’re running Vista, don’t you miss the mesmerizing status of each little file […] Read more »

Bob Russell from MobileRead pinged me earlier today via e-mail about this, but my Exchange migration gunked up the works. Luckily, there’s still time to hit up Digital Inspiration (great blog, BTW) and leave a comment to win a copy of ALLCapture. This screencasting / capture […] Read more »

Well this gets me back to our WWAN form factor poll, so I’ll have to close it out and post the results. Clearwire has released their PC Card WiMAX modem; you can buy it today, but of course, you’ll be extremely limited in terms of coverage. […] Read more »

Chris Leckness put the HTC Advantage down just long enough to spend a day with the Qwest Fusion, a candybar design with a slideout keyboard. You may know the CDMA Fusion as a twin to the HTC Libra and HTC Vox. How did the battery hold […] Read more »

Nokia introduced a new UMA mobile handset for the European market today, the Nokia 6301. Up to now, most UMA phones looked like something from the last century, but this stainless steel Series 40 device is passable in the looks department. Like other UMA phones, the […] Read more »

If you haven’t yet seen a glimpse of the new Office suite for Mac, now’s your chance. Microsoft launched a site devoted to the productivity suite that provides some high-level descriptions of the new UI and functionality. As a former Entourage end-user, the new My Day […] Read more »

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