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Need a little wireless speaker system that can actually travel with you? Yamaha’s NX-B02 speaker set might be a little more than you want to carry at 170mm tall and 84mm wide, but c’mon: you’re a mobile warrior! These portable speakers have a 3.5mm input plug, […] Read more »

You probably wouldn’t edit Word docs too often on the Apple iPhone, but it’s nice to know you can. Yesterday, the feature was added to Glide Write 2.0, a service to access, edit, format, and share Microsoft Word docs on your phone. Some of the many […] Read more »

You can tell it’s a slow news day as James and I are currently using our mobile tech just for fun. We’re logged in to the ‘net over WiFi playing a game of Scrabulous on Facebook while having a Skype videoconference. While it’s certainly fun to […] Read more »

Yet another nice feature in the HTC TyTN II / Kaiser / P4550: printing wirelessly to a Bluetooth-enabled printer. Adam Lein over at pocketnow was commenting on how well the Bluetooth works with his TyTN II; I’ve never had issues with any HTC units, but apparently […] Read more »

Savvy and long-time mobile tech users can probably skip this, but if you’re looking for a simple tutorial on Bluetooth keyboard pairing with a Nokia N800, here you go. Internet Tablet School is now in session with a ten minute YouTube instructional video and step-by-step written […] Read more »

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I had read several sources indicating that T-Mobile was revamping their data plans and in some cases, cutting prices. All in all that’s good news, but I was disappointed since we still haven’t heard any details of T-Mobile’s high-speed 3G network rollout. In any case, one […] Read more »

I know I said I’d be offline for 43-minutes to watch the free premiere of "Chuck" on my UMPC, but I was really redoing the network here at the home office. Good-bye two Linksys routers and printer that my Mac couldn’t see; hello Apple AirPort Extreme. […] Read more »

C’mon, you know it’s not just formal radio testing with these devices. Sure, they don lab coats and document the official radio results, but wouldn’t you think the FCC would play a game on the new Nokia N81 when nobody is looking? Regardless of what they […] Read more »

I caught wind of this news from Alfred Johnson’s blog, which is aptly named "Computer Science Teacher". Alfred mentions the Tablet PC influence at Thomas Jefferson Indpendent Day School in Joplin, Missouri; it’s not just the upper grades that use Tablet PCs, inking and touch permeate […] Read more »

We know that Toshiba already has 1.8-inch drives capable of 100 GB, but that’s done by smooshing two platters into the drive. Now, it looks like they can "groove" more data on a single platter; literally with their Discrete Track Recording, not to be confused with […] Read more »

I hope this doesn’t mean I’ll need to double my daily post quantity, but TypePad just made it easier to blog from the iPhone. I tried to use the standard TypePad interface in Safari when I first bought the iPhone and while it generally worked, I […] Read more »

Over in the Origami Project forums, this question pops up occasionally, so I’ll make this short and sweet for what’s probably the easiest way to upgrade your Samsung Q1 from XP Tablet Edition to Vista. First up: you’ll need a licensed copy of Vista. Next: hop […] Read more »

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