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Bob Russell from MobileRead pinged me earlier today via e-mail about this, but my Exchange migration gunked up the works. Luckily, there’s still time to hit up Digital Inspiration (great blog, BTW) and leave a comment to win a copy of ALLCapture. This screencasting / capture […] Read more »

Well this gets me back to our WWAN form factor poll, so I’ll have to close it out and post the results. Clearwire has released their PC Card WiMAX modem; you can buy it today, but of course, you’ll be extremely limited in terms of coverage. […] Read more »

Chris Leckness put the HTC Advantage down just long enough to spend a day with the Qwest Fusion, a candybar design with a slideout keyboard. You may know the CDMA Fusion as a twin to the HTC Libra and HTC Vox. How did the battery hold […] Read more »

Nokia introduced a new UMA mobile handset for the European market today, the Nokia 6301. Up to now, most UMA phones looked like something from the last century, but this stainless steel Series 40 device is passable in the looks department. Like other UMA phones, the […] Read more »

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If you haven’t yet seen a glimpse of the new Office suite for Mac, now’s your chance. Microsoft launched a site devoted to the productivity suite that provides some high-level descriptions of the new UI and functionality. As a former Entourage end-user, the new My Day […] Read more »

I don’t know about you folks, but I’ve seen more mobile phone charging types than I care to see. You’ve got your proprietary ones, which I absolutely can’t stand. Yes, I’ve been known to NOT get a phone simply due to a proprietary charger. Mini-USBs are […] Read more »

This past weekend I decided to completely unplug, so we took our kids to what’s billed as the fasted growing sport in America: DockDogs. We can argue the top-billing later; suffice it to say, this dog jumping contest had quite an audience at our local Cabela’s […] Read more »

As a long-time Skype user, I’m constantly asked why I favor Skype over other VoIP clients such as Gizmo. Truth be told, I’ve had a Gizmo account for around two years and in the rare situation I do use it, it works very well. I typically […] Read more »

We kicked this one off last week and I’ll close it out in a day or two. With so many ways to add speedy WWAN or 3G cellular data functionality, which do you prefer? I’m still sold on a USB modem; yes, it can be bulky […] Read more »

Need a little wireless speaker system that can actually travel with you? Yamaha’s NX-B02 speaker set might be a little more than you want to carry at 170mm tall and 84mm wide, but c’mon: you’re a mobile warrior! These portable speakers have a 3.5mm input plug, […] Read more »

You probably wouldn’t edit Word docs too often on the Apple iPhone, but it’s nice to know you can. Yesterday, the feature was added to Glide Write 2.0, a service to access, edit, format, and share Microsoft Word docs on your phone. Some of the many […] Read more »

You can tell it’s a slow news day as James and I are currently using our mobile tech just for fun. We’re logged in to the ‘net over WiFi playing a game of Scrabulous on Facebook while having a Skype videoconference. While it’s certainly fun to […] Read more »

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