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There has to be a "needs a full-sized keyboard" comment in here somewhere…..rechecking. Nope, Cliff Edwards doesn’t say it even once in his BusinessWeek review of the Q1 Ultra. He did point out that the split QWERTY keyboard takes some getting used to, which makes sense […] Read more »

After seeing a demo unit Nokia’s N95 smartphone with HSDPA actually working here in the U.S., Om Malik did what he does best: checked his sources to confirm the product. Since nobody in their right mind would try to put one over on Om (that "Giga" […] Read more »

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This 13.3-inch magnesium aluminum allow notebook from Asus looks fairly fashionable in glossy black with leather palm rest. Truth be told, I’m a little shocked. I like the company as much as the next mobile tech’r but I wouldn’t call their computing designs extremely elegant up […] Read more »

In today’s steel cage match, David DeJean pits four handheld web viewing against each other in a browser-take-all challenge. Only one can take home the jewel-studded belt of best browser; so which will it be? The Palm Treo 755p uses Blazer which is a bit long […] Read more »

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I might buy one of these Commodore 200 digital audio players just for the nostalgia; the C64 is collecting dust in the basement but every few weeks it catches my eye. *sniff* Yes, Commodore is back and not just in the PC industry (they offer gaming […] Read more »

When I caught a glimpse of the Samsung i570 slider, I quickly thought, "is that a new version of Windows Mobile already?" Nope, it’s apparently Symbian OS v9.1 coming to this short and squatty QWERTY phone. [Say that five times fast!] Unwired View picked up some […] Read more »

Sammual runs the insanely popular, often-updated PalmAddicts site and he needs our help. He’s had an older Tablet PC for nearly 18 months but it’s just not meeting his needs from what I gather. His budget has no upper boundary so the sky’s the limit here, […] Read more »

Boy, will Matt Miller be happy since he just traded a Nokia E61i for an HTC TyTN. Mobility Site indicates that the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade is now available for the TyTN. You will need to register for an HTC eClub account if you’re not already […] Read more »

Let’s hope that the leaked Verizon Wireless product pipeline over at Engadget Mobile isn’t Photoshopped. If it’s legit then this month should bring the long awaited successor to the XV6700 into happy mobile hands everywhere. Aside from the XV6800 (which is the Verizon version of Sprint’s […] Read more »

The 30-foot wireless network expands, not in range, but in features thanks to the Bluetooth SIG adopting the draft for version 2.1 we saw back in March. Simplified pairing and optimized power are in the new version; the power attribute alone could increase battery life for […] Read more »

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