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I hadn’t looked at Google Trends in a while, so I just hopped over to see what time of day I actually read feeds so I can share good news with you. There’s data at every hour of the day; probably due to a sleepless night […] Read more »

I missed it last week when Google announced some iPhone interface optimizations, but caught the news courtesy of I’m not a big Google Calendar user because my Cal is on an Exchange server, but I did sneak a peek and the interface is vastly improved. […] Read more »

The Fujitsu T2010 gets a good showing in this PC Mag review, earning a 4 out of 5. The 12.1- inch LED screen won rave remarks as did the all-important battery life: the DVD torture test garnered 5.5 hours of runtime. Bear in mind, that’s with […] Read more »

I’m not sure when music streaming was added to the Gizmo Project, but according to the company, you can stream one of nine "radio stations" through the voice over Internet application. If you type the name of a "station" and hit your call button, the client […] Read more »

James just bought an adapter allowing him to use ExpressCard devices in a PC Card slot, but what if you want to go the other way? Take a look at the ExpressCard CardBus adopter from Addonics that lets you use PC Card devices in an ExpressCard […] Read more »

Today is my last day here at jkOTR as I’m taking a new position effective immediately. I don’t even know what the new job is: it didn’t matter to me. What mattered of course was the money (that’s why I became a full time blogger in […] Read more »

Jay sent us a note this morning and along with kind words about the site, he asked our thoughts on a home inventory solution: "I’m about to begin research on a means of creating an electronic home inventory that will enable me to photograph items and […] Read more »

Aside from including a 4- or 8-gigabytes of internal storage in the new Nokia N95 hitting the U.S., the battery capacity was also increased to 1200 mAh. Could there be some firmware or other tweaks that also help add to the runtime of the new model? […] Read more »

Let’s call it a draft though. I have more to do but I finally found the time to write up my primary mobile device list along with what I hope are useful links and references. I put a bit of detail into some of the costs […] Read more »

If your definition of "unlimited" is less then 3-gigabytes and you have connectivity, then yes: this Dane-Elec device technically has unlimited storage. For those of us that live in the real world, this USB drive is limited to one or two gigs of physical storage capacity. […] Read more »

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