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The kids have spoken: congrats to Jordan Running who gets the Belkin Easy Transfer Cable! Part of me wonders if my children are secretly playing BlackJack for money, WebKinz or PokeMon cards. I noticed there were 21 comments in the contest thread and Jordan’s was lucky […] Read more »

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Just got an e-mail from SanDisk and while I’m not interested in purchasing another digital audio player, the deal is too good to pass up. This is not a referral deal for us, just a great deal for anyone that wants the SanDisk Sansa Connect player. […] Read more »

With the merger between XM and Sirius still pending, I don’t think I’d buy any new satellite radio equipment just yet. If I was in the market, I’d be all over the new Sirius Stiletto 2 just announced today. The device is about 25% smaller than […] Read more »

I just left the local AT&T store with the last Sierra Wireless 875u AirCard they had in stock. I pre-installed the driver software from home this morning in anticipation, so I’ve got the card running on the Samsung Q1P already. Right now, I’m lunching at a […] Read more »

I have to wonder if the cabin crew would be happy with this, but it’s still amazing that you can actually do it. Over at the E-Series blog, they used a Nokia E61i with a GPS receiver to figure out airspeed while on a flight. Makes […] Read more »

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MobileRead forum member, Adam B., decided to add some PDA functionality to his iLiad eBook reader by porting some Linux apps. He’s got GPE Calendar, Contacts and Todo all bundled in a single package and while you can’t sync this data to a PC, you can […] Read more »

The original Polaroids really gave you that instant-gratification feeling for you pics. OK, maybe not instant since you had to wait a few minutes for your pic to magically appear, but that gave us something to do: wave the print around in the air to speed […] Read more »

Steve Paine will be happy to hear this news if he hasn’t seen it yet. SBSH just rolled out an upgrade to Papyrus for Symbian and there’s some optimizations included for the Nokia E90 Communicator that Steve just bought. Papyrus v1.3 offers up some good viewing […] Read more »

There’s two schools of thought for archiving e-mail in Outlook: you’re either a filer or your not. I tend to be a filer; I have folders and sub-folders to help categorize archived e-mail. Merlin Mann begs to differ with my approach: in an excellent presentation to […] Read more »

Yes, even Nokia device owners should be able to watch television from anywhere on the planet. Hey, what better way to put that U.S. HSDPA compatible N95 to good use? Yup, Sling Media is beta testing a new Symbian S60 SlingPlayer Mobile client so if you […] Read more »

I’m cleaning my home office while streaming the PGA Championship from the Slingbox today and there’s a bunch of gadgets, cables, software, phones and more lying everywhere. Well, my lack of cleanliness can be your gain as I’ve found something very useful to give away. I […] Read more »

That’s only because he didn’t want his Vespa mod to need a stylus…although the kickstand might have worked in a pinch. The mod took a few months and much of the process is documented at Modern Vespa, although most of it focuses on the fabrication needed […] Read more »

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