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Google introduced hands-free voice search in its Chrome beta browser on Thursday for all major desktop platforms. To use it, simply open a new blank tab or navigate to in Chrome and then speak your query. The voice search works for general searches as well as Google Now information. You can set a reminder, for example, or get a list of upcoming calendar events. Google says the feature is rolling out on desktop platforms in the next few days while Chrome OS will follow. Chromebook and Chromebox owners don’t have to wait though as this extension introduced in November will add voice search.

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toq watch and charger

When I reviewed the Qualcomm Toq watch in December, I thought $349 was a bit much for what’s essentially a Qualcomm technology showcase on your wrist. Now the price is $249 as noted by Android Authority and confirmed on the Toq website. HTC recently licensed the Toq so we may see a re-badged version in the near future. I still think Toq is limited and not as easy to use compared to other smartwatches, but the price cut adds appeal. With so many new wearables hitting the market now, perhaps the days of $300 or more for a smartwatch are over.

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Wi-Fi not cutting it for you on Nvidia’s Note 7 tablet? You’ll soon be able buy an LTE model of what the company calls the world’s speediest 7-inch Android tablet. Expect to pay $299 — a $100 premium over the current Wi-Fi model — when the new model arrives in the second quarter. The LTE service is a bit of a win for Nvidia which has been working on mobile broadband modems to better compete with Qualcomm in phones and tablets. When it arrives, the new LTE model will run on Android 4.4.2, which is now getting pushed out to the Note 7 Wi-Fi model.

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There’s a new Microsoft Surface 2 model on the way and this one will have LTE built in. An FCC filing was spotted by Dave Zatz who tweeted out the news and Engadget was able to dig up the details. The only difference seems to be the LTE support from AT&T; Microsoft had previously said the Windows RT device would arrive with LTE in 2014, although it hasn’t said what the extra cost would be. While FCC certification isn’t a product launch guarantee, I’d expect the Surface 2 with LTE to launch between now and Microsoft’s April Build event, bringing more mobile freedom to the tablet.

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nokia treasure tag

It ought to be pretty difficult to actually lose your keys, bag or other personal belongings if you have a Nokia Treasure Tag. The small device measures 30 millimeters square and 10 millimeters thick. Inside are both Bluetooth and NFC, which are used to pair with and communicate with a Windows Phone. A Treasure Tag app will alert your phone if you’re ever more than 30 feet from the Treasure Tag, and therefore from the attached object. Nokia is offering the Treasure Tags in four colors for $29.90 each in April. The app supports up to four Tags and if your belongings are left behind, you can track their last location using Nokia Here maps.

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