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Is it just me or is anyone else starting to get tired of all of these different mobile application stores popping up? I get that different platforms might need different stores, but one per phone platform is enough for me. After LG’s, the latest entry is […] Read more »

Upcoming Events Anything But iPod dropped the $399 I wouldn’t — I thought about it, though — and they’re now the proud owners of a Creative Zii EGG developer edition handheld. This early video look offers a detailed introduction to the hardware as well as the Plaszma […] Read more »

On a daily basis, I use Mint with my Apple iPhone 3GS to review and manage my financial transactions. Mint securely pulls the data directly from my financial institutions, so there’s practically no data entry involved. Unfortunately, Mint doesn’t yet offer a client for other handset […] Read more »

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Some relationships just aren’t meant to be. Take AT&T and Android, for example. Since the Apple iPhone is a cash cow for the carrier, I’m thinking that there isn’t much chance for AT&T customers to experience Google Android devices in the near future. Scott Moritz at […] Read more »

Can’t wait until the Sept. 15 ARCHOS event to see what’s coming from France? You may not have to, thanks to the Federal Communications Commission. It spilled the beans on two small tablets — the ARCHOS A5S and A5H. Engadget eye-spied pics galore from the FCC […] Read more »

The stars are aligning for the first Google Android handset to arrive on the Verizon Wireless network soon. Boy Genius Report started it off this weekend with a leaked Verizon handset roadmap showing a “Moto Sholes Google Phone” launching in late October. Today, Engadget and others […] Read more »

Here’s a quick — and sad — update to that Torch Mobile story from yesterday. Research In Motion bought the company yesterday, presumably to build its own WebKit browser for BlackBerry devices. While that’s a two-thumbs-up story for BlackBerry owners, Windows Mobile devices are apparently getting […] Read more »

We won’t know the whole story surrounding Nokia’s Booklet 3G netbook until September 2nd, but apparently, there’s a speculated price out there. $799 says Sascha over at Netbook News (translated). Sascha has fairly solid sources, so I’m inclined to believe the price, even without the full […] Read more »

As a netbook fanatic, you’d think Nokia’s unveiling of the Booklet 3G, its first foray into the netbook world, today would have me doing my geeky dance of joy. I’m waiting for Sept. 2nd — when the handset maker and mobile service provider is expected to […] Read more »

I haven’t pre-ordered my Snow Leopard update from Apple just yet and it looks like I’m almost out of time. Last I heard, the next Mac OS X version was due out in September, but I just received a press release telling me otherwise. According to […] Read more »

MoTR 180 is 34:50 minutes long and is a 32 MB file in MP3 format. CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly. HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia) TOPICS: Hands on with the T-Mobile Touch Pro2 Palm Pre […] Read more »

Here’s a slick little number from Kensington — the TwoFold Notebook Stand and Sleeve I noticed over at For $39.99, it protects your precious notebook from nicks and scratches. Not impressed yet? Maybe you should pull the drawstring and see what happens — the top […] Read more »

Consumers aren’t the only ones gearing up for the Oct. 22 release of  Microsoft Windows 7. Hardware vendors are also priming the pump. Three more touchscreen vendors just received the official Windows 7 Logo certification for their display panels, DigiTimes says. Wintek is the latest recipient for […] Read more »

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