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Tomorrow is the official launch day for Microsoft’s ZuneHD, but it’s already on sale in a roundabout way says Engadget. Deal site LogicBuy notes that you can order the new device from Dell and use a 15% off coupon code for either the 16 or 32GB […] Read more »

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It appears to most of us that the memory card industry has gone to smaller physical formats while boosting capacity. But if you mention that to a pro-sumer or professional photographer, he or she might tell you otherwise. That’s because some higher-end digital SLR camera bodies […] Read more »

What if virtually every cellular handset on the planet enjoyed accurate location awareness? That’s the question I pondered after meeting with GloPos, a startup that’s about to leave stealth mode whose self-learning software algorithm enables any basic GSM or CDMA cellular phone to provide extremely precise […] Read more »

So if you had to guess how many possible AMD stickers there are for computers, how many would you say? Do you think there are more than 50? How about 100? Nope, you’re not even close — you can currently find 221 different AMD stickers on […] Read more »

Although the WiMAX rollout here in the U.S. is slow, it is moving along. Just last week, Clearwire added service to 10 new markets. Of course, you need hardware to connect to that fast, wireless network and Motorola just happens to have you covered. The company […] Read more »

loading external resource Here in the U.S. it’s the start of our annual Labor Day holiday. Generally, we have an extended weekend with Monday off, but I’m hoping that some folks are still working. In particular, I’m looking at Palm because webOS v1.2 was leaked for a short […] Read more »

When the first Android handset debuted last year, I never gave a thought to the pay-as-you-go market. Here in the U.S., we tend to see feature phones fit the pre-pay model, not the latest and greatest smartphones. But pre-pay here doesn’t necessarily equate pre-pay in other […] Read more » Wondering how Maemo 5 will run on the recently announced Nokia N900 smartphone? Wonder no more, thanks to the videos coming from Nokia World. Maemo looks to be running silky smooth and offering the satisfied, full feeling of a fluid mobile operating system. In fact, […] Read more »

Creative just announced their second generation Vado HD camcorder but details are light on what “second generation” features might entail. The pocket camcorder still appears to record video in 720p format, looks simple to use and is available in some new color combos and memory capacities. […] Read more »

Is it just me or is anyone else starting to get tired of all of these different mobile application stores popping up? I get that different platforms might need different stores, but one per phone platform is enough for me. After LG’s, the latest entry is […] Read more » Anything But iPod dropped the $399 I wouldn’t — I thought about it, though — and they’re now the proud owners of a Creative Zii EGG developer edition handheld. This early video look offers a detailed introduction to the hardware as well as the Plaszma […] Read more »

On a daily basis, I use Mint with my Apple iPhone 3GS to review and manage my financial transactions. Mint securely pulls the data directly from my financial institutions, so there’s practically no data entry involved. Unfortunately, Mint doesn’t yet offer a client for other handset […] Read more »

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