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Google added a new Orders feature to its Google Wallet software for Android and iOS on Wednesday. The updated app will now track orders that were paid for through Wallet, providing online tracking status notifications on delivery and a history of all prior orders. Android Central notes that package tracking through Wallet was already available through the web version, so the new features have migrated down to mobile devices. Personally, I use Slice on Android and iOS for online package tracking but I’d consider using the new Orders feature in Wallet if I made all payments through Google’s software.

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One of the first reviews of the $179 Asus Chromebox appeared online Wednesday, coming from the well-respected Anand Lal Shimpi at AnandTech. While Shimpi rightly notes the current limitations of Google’s Chrome OS as desktop platform, he finds that what the small computer does do it does well. With solid performance and general strength against viruses, Shimpi says the Asus Chromebox is easy to recommend for those wanting to live in Google Chrome. We discuss the Asus Chromebox further on this week’s Chrome Show podcast.

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Google announced a Gmail for iOS update on Wednesday that should virtually eliminate manually refreshing your Inbox on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The software now supports background refreshing so messages are pre-fetched and synchronized. Users will have to enable the background refresh function after updating the app, which can be found in the iTunes App Store. Apple notes that enabling background refresh for an application can impact battery life, so you’ll need to consider if the constant mail syncing is worth it compared to the manual or scheduled refreshing of your Inbox in Gmail for iOS.

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