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It says something about the state of the tech industry that one of the biggest stories in the sector this week is that Cisco is paying dividends to investors. Dividends aren’t unheard of in tech; however, Cisco’s news had that tipping-point feeling to it. Read more »

Intel’s smallest chip, the Atom, sits inside many netbooks. So when the chip giant reported first-quarter earnings Tuesday afternoon, it also offered some insight into the health of the netbook market. Intel executives said on a call with analysts that demand for netbooks was strong in […] Read more »

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[qi:_earth2tech] Bill Gates has so much money that pieces of his empire of investments are in conflict — over trash hauling. So like any emperor, he’s mediating a hostile takeover battle in the form of an unwanted attempt to snag Republic Services by Waste Management, the […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] Om’s post about the power grid as the Web’s weakest link got me thinking about where utilities like PG&E are spending their money if it’s not going into capital expenditures to fix the cables that are decaying beneath our feet. I singled out PG&E because […] Read more »

You’ve got to hand it to For bulls and bears alike, the stock keeps making as many sudden and unpredictable turns as a Harry Potter novel. And it inspires as much debate as a passionate screed from Al Gore or Christopher Hitchens. Of course, the […] Read more »

There is a good deal of buzz in the tech-news world about a $3.9 million investment that Google has made in a company called 23andMe, a startup in hiring mode with dreams of “helping consumers understand and browse their genome”. $3.9 million? What’s the big deal […] Read more »

I’ve been trying to find a way to illustrate just how screwy Microsoft’s $6 billion bid for aQuantive is, and here it is: For $6 billion in cash, Microsoft could have hired, in a single day, 60,000 engineers and salespeople (plus managers to make sure they […] Read more »

If you’re tired of the old cliché that information is power, here’s a new one: Disinformation is every bit as powerful. That much we know from the mischievous email that was apparently sent out to Apple employees and that – naturally – quickly found its way […] Read more »

We’re not even halfway through 2007 and I’m ready to make a nomination for worst IPO candidate of the year: Orbitz. You may recall that Orbitz – the online travel site founded by five major airlines in 2000 – went public at $26 a share in […] Read more »

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Hewlett-Packard caught Wall Street off guard by essentially giving a sneak preview into its second-quarter earnings 75 minutes before the markets opened. The announcement, the result of an errant email, caught a lot of attention. But just as interesting, I thought, was the way it all […] Read more »

ANALYSIS (Q1 2007 Earnings Season): Internet companies are playing a game of stump the analysts. And they’re winning. For the second straight quarter, the research desks on Wall Street have significantly and pretty consistently fallen short in their earnings estimates. This is no small matter for […] Read more »

Thursday will mark a red-letter day for Apple: For the first time its stock will rise above $100 a share, a tenfold increase in a little more than three years. Think about that: If Google had risen that much since its IPO, it would be trading […] Read more »

Taking a look at Yahoo’s first quarter number, one word comes to mind: heedless. Not “heedless”, as in Yahoo executives who led the Street on until it believed that, thanks to its vaunted Panama search technology, revenue and profits would surge in the first quarter of […] Read more »

A funny thing is happening to Google on the way to near-certain immortality. Its stock, it seems, is as fallible as any other. Consider the year-by-year appreciation of Google’s stock price: 2004: Up 126.8%, from the offering price of $85 to $192.79. 2005: Up 115.2% to […] Read more »

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