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You gotta admit “black silicon” has to be near the top of the most fun cleantech terms of the year. The material, which reportedly is between 100 and 500 times more sensitive to light than standard silicon, has been licensed by Massachusetts-based venture-backed startup SiOnyx from […] Read more »

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A startup out of MIT called 1366 Technologies, which is developing new ways to manufacture and design silicon-based solar cells, has moved out of the lab and into a pilot facility and plans to show off next week its work on a solar cell architecture that […] Read more »

Bob Metcalfe, the father of Ethernet and founder of 3Com, has been mining the “rich vein” of Internet history to inform the next generation of energy technology — or “enertech” (energy technology), as he likes to call it. In an article in Scientific American this month, […] Read more »

SkyFuel officially launched its low cost trough-shaped solar concentrators, dubbed SkyTrough, at an event in Colorado today. Parabolic troughs are an older solar technology, and while most are made out of glass, SkyFuel’s are made from the company’s own ReflecTech film material — sort of like […] Read more »

Credit Crunch Crunching Wind: Solar projects aren’t the only renewable energy plans that could be effected by the credit crunch, wind could get the squeeze, too — via Dow Jones Clean Tech Insight reports and WSJ. Cleantech In Canada, Eh?: They might be underappreciated and underfunded, […] Read more »

Ausra has been one of the most high-profile solar startups to get backing from Silicon Valley, but being funded by cleantech heavyweights Khosla, Kleiner and most recently Al Gore’s investment group doesn’t necessarily shield it from the uncertainty of the financial markets. Like many of its […] Read more »

California Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to officially dedicate a 2 MW solar system at Applied Material’s Sunnyvale, Calif., office. He’s also set to address investors and companies with a talk on how they can partner with California to boost cleantech in the state. Read more »

A technology developed at Ohio University to grow algae in efficient bioreactors has been licensed by Atlanta-based startup Green Bios Technology, the university said this morning. The developer of the algae bioreactor, Ohio University Professor of Mechanical Engineering David Bayless, told us that the reactor and […] Read more »

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Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information — be it via search, email, online maps or mobile apps — but it could someday help you manage your daily energy consumption, too. At a speech at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco last week, Google CEO […] Read more »

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information — be it via search, email, online maps or mobile apps — but it could someday help you manage your daily energy consumption, too. At a speech at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco last week, Google CEO […] Read more »

Silver Spring Networks, a startup working to build the next generation of the smart power grid, says this morning that i’s raising $75 million, led by the green VC folks at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Founded in 2002, Silver Spring is a mature startup and […] Read more »

Subodh Bapat, who heads up computing giant Sun Microsystem’s energy efficiency charge, advocates the notion of “energy-proportional computing.” While most data centers today use basically a constant amount of power regardless of workload, engineers and data center designers are working on making servers use the equivalent […] Read more »

Green building materials startup Serious Materials officially announced the availability of its eco-windows, ThermaProof, on Tuesday, which it says can save significant energy in buildings and reduce heating and cooling costs by 40 percent. Serious Materials says its windows are so energy efficient that they can […] Read more »

The Kleiner Perkins crew graced the cover of the New York Times Sunday Magazine this weekend for Jon Gertner’s snapshot of how venture capitalists are betting big on the cleantech industry. It’s a solid overview of the state of the industry, and for those that have […] Read more »

RoofRay, a sort of online clearinghouse for solar that we wrote about in August, launched an embeddable widget (see below) for web sites on Monday. RoofRay creator Chris Bura tells us that a widget was a commonly-requested feature from users and he created the widget to […] Read more »

PetroSun, a company that has been building an algae-to-fuel farm in Texas, said this week that it plans to establish an algae farm in China that will produce algae to be converted into biofuels. The company says it has an agreement with the Shanghai Jun Ya […] Read more »

So neither of the vice presidential candidates hit a homerun nor failed miserably in the first and only vice presidential debate, but at one point the candidates plainly stated their positions on what they thought is the cause of climate change. Obama’s VP pick Joe Biden […] Read more »

General Motor’s vice chairman Bob Lutz is an outspoken guy — he’s not afraid of voicing is opinion on issues like how he doesn’t agree with the carbon theory of climate change (fun). Lutz also isn’t shy at offering his opinion on electric vehicle companies, specifically […] Read more »

The solar market is booming — plans like Google’s to wean the U.S. off fossil fuels over the next two decades involve massive investments in installing solar technology. According to a report from Lux Research the global solar market will reach $100 billion in revenues by […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] Google has taken such an enthusiastic role in investing and promoting clean energy that, in terms of number of deals, the search engine giant was the second most-active cleantech venture investor during the third quarter. Google invested in five cleantech startups during the three-month period […] Read more »

SkyFuel’s VP of business development, Christopher Huntington, compares his solar startup’s strategy to the tortoise, in the old tortoise and the hare story. He says while many young solar thermal startups are racing to rush next-generation, unproven technologies to market, SkyFuel is working on dramatically lowering […] Read more »

Google has taken such an enthusiastic role in investing and promoting clean energy that the search engine giant was the second most active cleantech venture investor during the third quarter, according to a report from the Cleantech Group. That’s in terms of number of deals; Google […] Read more »

Even as the Senate plans to vote on the financial bailout on Wednesday and the credit crunch is starting to threaten many factors of the cleantech industry, investment in the cleantech sector hit yet another record during the third quarter of this year. According to the […] Read more »

Batteries are the barrier to more buildings having wireless sensor networks that can help cut energy consumption, GreenPeak CEO and founder Cees Links says. Sensor networks need power to run, but batteries have a limited life and need regular maintenance, which adds to the cost and […] Read more »

The financial crisis will likely hurt the cleantech sector in more ways than one — access to capital, more risk-averse investors, the need for cheaper power, and declining oil prices. But one industry could be particularly hard hit: ethanol. Bluefire Ethanol CEO Arnold Klann, who previously […] Read more »

eSolar, the startup that says it’s using computing and algorithms to produce low-cost solar thermal gear, says it has signed a commercial contract with Sundrop Fuels, a young solar startup backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. eSolar, which was recently backed by $130 million in […] Read more »

The New York Times new blog Green Inc. just launched and already features a nice profile of a stealthy solar startup PVT Solar, which is backed by cleantech investor Vinod Khosla. The two-year-old Berkeley-based company is working on turning the wasted heat of standard solar systems […] Read more »

We wanted to thank everyone who attended our rockin’ party at West Coast Green last week — the event was a smashing success and we hope everyone had a great time. (Anyone have a report on the Hunter Lovins’ after party?) Our team snapped these photos, […] Read more »

When we profiled mobile entrepreneur Andreas Zachariah and his GPS-based carbon footprint application in April, his company, Carbon Hero, was still in the early phases of testing the application. Zachariah tells us this morning that the company has signed on a major corporate customer and is […] Read more »

Warren Buffett continues to stock up on energy bets. Earlier this month a subsidiary of Buffett’s investment firm Berkshire Hathaway, MidAmerican Energy Holdings, agreed to acquire Constellation Energy, and this weekend it came out that MidAmerican plans to spend $230 million to buy 10 percent of […] Read more »

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger — one of the first civilians to own a Hummer — told car manufacturers in Detroit to “get off your butt” and stop living in the past of huge SUVs and cheap oil prices, at the Common Wealth Club on Friday. He […] Read more »

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