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Like any emerging industry, the cleantech world tends to accuse newcomers of being interlopers, and that’s probably the initial thought many had when news hit that former Intel chairman Andy Grove is advising the company to move into the electric vehicle battery market. Realistically, what could […] Read more »

New Mexico might have lost out on the chance to have a Tesla electric car manufacturing plant built in the state, but it’s wooed solar startup Signet Solar. The company, which makes thin-film solar modules, says it will begin constructing a 600,000-square-foot solar module manufacturing facility […] Read more »

Does the notion of using the tools of computing and the Internet to fight climate change capture the essence of your new business plan? We hope so — it’s a hot area right now, especially after the credit crunch whacked certain other more capital-intensive cleantech projects […] Read more »

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Does the notion of using the tools of computing and the Internet to fight climate change capture the essence of your new business plan? We hope so — it’s a hot area right now, especially after the credit crunch whacked certain other more capital-intensive cleantech projects […] Read more »

Helping to produce more coal to run turbines and power plants sure doesn’t sound like a clean aim, but a startup called Laurus Energy says its coal gasification technology can produce a gas that releases less carbon when burned than natural gas and costs between $2 […] Read more »

Calling a new energy frontier a “leading priority of my presidency,” President-elect Barack Obama, as expected, on Monday afternoon in Chicago named the four key members of his cabinet that will make up America’s next green team: Steven Chu as Energy Secretary, Carol Browner as Climate […] Read more »

Thin-film solar startup Konarka said this morning that the massive French oil and gas company Total has become its largest shareholder, investing $45 million for a stake of slightly less than 20 percent. Total says it aims to boost its crystalline silicon-based solar cell production, and […] Read more »

The New York Times put out its annual Year In Ideas issue, looking back at the best ideas of 2008. Changing the energy landscape and fighting climate change inspired at least eight interesting of the innovations from scientists, inventors, artists and researchers. The list is strong […] Read more »

There’s a problem with cleantech venture investing, according to the folks at cleantech VC firm @Ventures, who put together this slide presentation. They point out there’s been almost no exits. And few failures, too, so basically there’s little to help gauge the market. While I would […] Read more »

Determining energy consumption and carbon emissions is all about data, data, data — how to organize it and what to do with it. And companies using software and web tools to deal with such energy-related data are increasingly gaining the support of investors. Among them is […] Read more »

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BlackLight Power — that startup with a supposedly physics-defying fuel-cell technology and $60 million in funding — says this morning that it has signed its first commercial license agreement with Estacado Energy Services, a subsidiary of Roosevelt County Electric Cooperative. Roosevelt is a small utility coop […] Read more »

Now that the credit crunch has blown a hole in investment and consumer spending and the housing market has crashed, President-elect Barack Obama will be looking to stimulate the economy through hundreds of billions of dollars in spending. A report from UBS Investment Research and the […] Read more »

The news wires are reporting that president-elect Barack Obama has made some key staffing choices when it comes to fighting climate change, energy policy and creating green jobs. Obama is reported to have chosen Steven Chu, a physicist who heads up Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, as […] Read more »

The CEO of Nanosolar, Martin Roscheisen, wants to tell everyone that his thin-film solar startup can make tube-shaped solar panels similar to a certain other thin film startup — which he doesn’t name, but is pretty clearly Solyndra — but that he doesn’t see the business […] Read more »

When it comes to the more energy-efficient, twisty-shaped compact fluorescent bulbs, consumers complain that fitting them into some lighting fixtures is difficult, that they’re inordinately fragile, and that they give off an unusual light. So how do you get regular Joes to buy up the greener […] Read more »

Fuel cell maker MTI Micro has a habit of making a lot of little announcements on its long march toward commercialization, which won’t happen til the end of 2009. The Albany, N.Y.-based company — a subsidiary of MTI — says this morning it has reached another […] Read more »

Boston Power, a 3-year-old startup that makes rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for laptops, has secured a major laptop customer: Hewlett Packard. Under terms of the deal, HP will sell Boston Power’s more energy-efficient, longer-lasting batteries as a premium upgrade for its laptops. Boston Power wouldn’t divulge how […] Read more »

During an interview with hedge fund manager and wannabe-wind-developer T. Boone Pickens last month in New York, we got the impression that Pickens was hopefully optimistic that his massive wind project would be able to meet its previous construction timeline. Despite repeated questioning from a group […] Read more »

GM sure sounded apologetic in its full-page ad in the trade journal Automotive News, this week, in which the beleaguered auto maker acknowledged its shortcomings and admitted mistakes like not paying attention to a changing market. But that was before GM’s Vice Chairman Bob Lutz gave […] Read more »

UPDATED Tesla really wants some positive PR. For the past couple of months, the electric vehicle startup has been dogged by news of its layoffs, its formerly dwindling bank account, and its inability to raise a $100-million financing round on the terms it wanted. Tesla’s hard […] Read more »

The computing industries tend to build more energy-efficient data centers to save money on electricity bills, but if your company is in California, it could also get a fat check in the form of a PG&E rebate for green data center efforts. This morning California utility […] Read more »

As part of his Economic Recovery Plan that he hopes will create 2.5 million new jobs, President-elect Barack Obama is calling for an effort to make public buildings more energy-efficient. In his weekly radio address, Obama announced a plan to seek energy-efficient upgrades for federal and […] Read more »

Over the next two years, virtually every major car company is promising to deliver their version of an electric vehicle. That means car makers are increasing their efforts to push forward standards that will specify how vehicles are charged by the power grid, what the plug […] Read more »

Those kooky solar engineers are always up for a good lark! The engineers at eSolar decided to really cut loose for this year’s birthday celebration of the firm’s founder, Bill Gross. They put together this video, which is the equivalent of an all-night drinking binge in […] Read more »

This week, Stirling Energy Systems submitted an application for certification (AFC) to California’s regulatory body, the California Energy Commission (CEC), for a planned 850 MW solar power plant, dubbed “Solar One,” in the Mojave Desert. This is the second large solar application the startup’s submitted this […] Read more »

What could be more greentech: broadband without wires, powered by the sun. Wi-Fi network startup Meraki said today it’s started selling its solar-powered Wi-Fi gear. Interested parties can throw down either $1,300 or $1,500 for a kit that contains a 20- or 40-watt solar panel, the […] Read more »

Aptera‘s three-wheeled vehicle — you know, the one that looks like it should be driven by Barbarella — is supposed to go into initial production before the end of the year and larger scale production in 2009. To meet those goals, the startup, which is backed […] Read more »

In the year and a half since we launched Earth2Tech, it’s become really clear to me that the technologies that were created in the Internet, computing and IT industries will be at the forefront of the fight against climate change. Think I’m drinking my own Kool-Aid […] Read more »

The Sunshine State this week moved one step closer toward capitalizing on its namesake and becoming one of the largest producers of solar energy in the country. Florida utility Florida Power & Light Co. (FPL) said yesterday that it has broken ground on a 75-megawatt solar […] Read more »

Sweden’s Chemrec, which is working on gasification technology to turn the byproduct from paper and pulp mills into biofuels and biochemicals, says it has raised $20 million to bring its technology to commercialization. The Series C round was led by Environmental Technologies Fund and included existing […] Read more »

On the heels of announcing its first U.S. electric-vehicle charging network planned for California’s Bay Area, Better Place says this afternoon that Hawaii has signed on for the second U.S. network. The governor of Hawaii, Linda Lingle, and Better Place CEO Shai Agassi plan to make […] Read more »

We’ve always wondered why, if high-profile Texas energy storage startup EEstor has such disruptive technology, it did an exclusive deal with small Toronto-based electric automaker Zenn Motor Co. for small- and mid-sized cars. EEstor’s energy storage technology can supposedly provide 10 times the energy of lead-acid […] Read more »

We’re all very aware of how cell phone companies are claiming to make “greener” phones — less toxic parts, more recyclable, using less energy. But according to a report out from ABI Research this morning, aside from the efforts of a couple large companies, most attempts […] Read more »

The Toronto Star’s Tyler Hamilton has a profile of VantagePoint Venture Partners co-founder and CEO Alan Salzman (who was born and raised in Toronto) out this morning, which briefly mentions VantagePoint’s investment in the stealth startup SuperBulbs. And while the Redwood City, Calif.-based company that’s developing […] Read more »

Last week, we took a quick look at Matthew Simmon’s Ocean Energy Institute and its proposal to build a 5 gigawatt (GW) offshore wind farm in the Gulf of Maine. This evening we chatted with the Ocean Energy Institute’s George Hart, who explained a few more […] Read more »

If T. Boone Pickens has decided the capital markets can’t fund his plan for a 4 GW wind farm right now, we’re wondering how a group called the Ocean Energy Institute plans to build one of the world’s largest wind farm — made up of 5GW […] Read more »

Black Friday –- the day after Thanksgiving, and one of the busiest shopping days of the year — might be a bit darker this year. Consumer spending is expected to drop slightly with 128 million shoppers planning to head to the malls Friday, Saturday or Sunday, […] Read more »

Black Friday –- the day after Thanksgiving, and one of the busiest shopping days of the year — might be a bit darker this year. Consumer spending is expected to drop slightly with 128 million shoppers planning to head to the malls Friday, Saturday or Sunday, […] Read more »

On the heels of IBM announcing it’s working with French electric utility EDF on smart grid research, the computing giant says today that it is also working with utilities American Electric Power (AEP), and Consumers Energy to deploy and test smart grid technology. For Consumers Energy, […] Read more »

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