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General Electric’s energy division was its break in the clouds last week offering a spot of sunshine amidst grim earnings. GE is continuing that energy push in 2009 with a major smart meter marketing campaign (Super Bowl!), and on Monday touting a more unusual area: energy-efficient […] Read more »

For the thousands of contractors and state and local agencies that have received funds under the Department of Energy’s Weatherization Assistance Program in the past, President Obama’s stimulus bill, which calls for a massive $6.2 billion to weatherize low-income homes, was a little like winning the […] Read more »

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In an inauspicious building on a strip of offices in Menlo Park, Calif., I recently met with the team behind ZeaChem, a 25-person startup that’s using a common microbe found in termite guts and regular soil to breakdown trees and plants into the next-generation of ethanol. […] Read more »

California’s stricter air emission standards just got a nod from a friend in the White House, but are California residents clamoring for more stations where they can pump biofuels into their cars? Propel Fuels, a startup that recently moved its headquarters to Sacramento, Calif., is hoping […] Read more »

Cisco has long been trying to push beyond routers and into the home, as the company needs to continue growing, and is maxing out its Internet infrastructure market share. But like everyone else these days (holy green stimulus package), Cisco has decided to get into the […] Read more »

Cisco, the largest maker of Internet infrastructure, could one day be managing the energy consumption of your PC or the building you’re working in. On Tuesday, Cisco plans to launch its “EnergyWise” software, a smart energy upgrade for its switch hardware (infrastructure that routes data on […] Read more »

President Obama has called for the installation of 40 million smart meters and 3,000 miles of transmission lines. That means 2009 could be the year that we finally start seeing real attention being paid to “Power Grid 2.0” — basically turning the electrical grid of the […] Read more »

Is it possible that the best ideas to fight global warming will come from the garages of the masses, not cultivated in universities or by elite venture capitalists? Google thinks so, and the search engine giant is asking the public to start voting on Tuesday for […] Read more »

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With a record number of viewers watching video streams of the presidential inauguration this week, it’s not hard to see why energy consumption of the Internet has doubled between 2000 and 2006. And it’s just going to consume more energy as greater numbers turn to the […] Read more »

Making buildings more energy-efficient has started to move into the national spotlight with President Obama’s green portion of the stimulus package. And it might be geeky, but wireless networks that will monitor energy consumption will play a significant role in efficient buildings. How significant? According to […] Read more »

Even after T. Boone Pickens’ plan to build the world’s largest wind farm in Texas got kicked by the debt markets, he tried to remain optimistic that the funding would come and his plan would only suffer a minor delay. But at the Clean Tech Investor […] Read more »

Northern California utility PG&E will soon start taking equity stakes in solar projects, CEO Peter Darbee told the audience at the Clean Tech Investor Summit in Palm Springs, Calif., on Wednesday. Darbee has openly talked about possibly pushing PG&E to invest in renewable power before, but […] Read more »

The idea of making the power grid smarter has entered the mainstream lexicon this year, with the inclusion of smart grid funding in the proposed stimulus package. Part of making the grid smarter is installing technology in homes — from smart meters, to better software, to […] Read more »

As revelers at the National Mall in D.C. braved the cold to watch today’s inaugural parade, I’ve been “braving” the 80-degree weather in Palm Springs, Calif. No, I’m not taking a post-holidays holiday; I flew south to attend the annual Clean Tech Investor Summit, hosted by […] Read more »

When the economy tanks, the stronger startups often take the opportunity to get stronger, while the weak get weaker. That’s the case for green construction startup Serious Materials. The company said this morning it has acquired the assets of Kensington Windows, which stopped producing vinyl windows […] Read more »

When GoodGuide — a web site that rates products based on how “good” they are, in terms of social and environmental practices — launched in September founder Dara O’Rourke told us that the company had raised an undisclosed amount of funding from New Enterprise Associates and […] Read more »

As President-elect Barack Obama is sworn in at 11:30 am in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday afternoon, the world is officially welcoming a dramatic shift in U.S. policy and federal support for renewable energy and the fight for climate change. It’s a shift that is coming at […] Read more »

While all eyes are on the $54 billion for clean energy in the proposed stimulus package, federal aid from previous green bills is starting to kick in. This morning, cellulosic ethanol startup Range Fuels says it has secured a conditional commitment for a loan guarantee from […] Read more »

A parade of 74 plug-in vehicles really makes you realize how entirely silent electric cars are. We stopped by Plug-In America’s parade in Santa Monica, Calif., on Saturday morning, which celebrated the upcoming presidential inauguration, and the procession would have been almost eerily silent if the […] Read more »

President-elect Barack Obama’s pledge to double renewable energy in three years and make public buildings more energy efficient is getting a significant boost in the stimulus package proposed by House democrats. Of the $825 billion in proposed spending and tax cuts, $54 billion, or 6.5 percent, […] Read more »

Advanced Data Centers (ADC) announced this morning a record-breaking “Savings by Design” award from the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD). Awards are great and all, and the company’s energy-saving designs have been much publicized. What’s actually interesting about this news is what ADC plans to do […] Read more »

There is a way to solve our energy crisis with strong leadership. Either candidate could have done it, and President-elect Barack Obama should. If our rich and prosperous country’s leader defines the strategy, implements the tactics and requires results, he could free the U.S. of dependence […] Read more »

Electric vehicle infrastructure startup Better Place has been on a roll, convincing countries, and lately U.S. states, to test out its network of chargers and battery swap stations. So why not our neighbors up north? According to the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail, Better […] Read more »

More than 70 applications have been submitted to the Department of Energy seeking loans under its Advanced Auto Loan program, which aims to help companies build the next-generation of cleaner vehicles, a DOE spokesperson told us on Wednesday. The program was created under Section 136, of […] Read more »

Last year might have been a record year for cleantech investing, but the first half of 2009 will be a lot more “subdued,” according to research from New Energy Finance. While New Energy Finance said that global clean energy investing figures hit a new high of […] Read more »

Where does former oil magnate T. Boone Pickens turn to help implement his Pickens Plan after the difficult debt markets put a cramp in his wind power plans, the fallen price of fuel slashed his hedge fund, and the voters of California rejected an alternative vehicle […] Read more »

On the heels of news that it had scored a deal with laptop maker Hewlett Packard, lithium-ion battery maker Boston Power says this morning it has raised $55 million to keep growing its business. The 4-year-old company has now raised a total of $125 million, making […] Read more »

If your core business is making corn ethanol, you’ve got to evolve. Companies producing ethanol made from corn are canceling plant plans and struggling to stay afloat. Poet is one of the larger corn ethanol makers, and it has been trying its hand at producing next-generation […] Read more »

A massive cauldron of bubbling construction debris doesn’t seem that valuable, but a group of investors that are backing waste-to-power startup Ze-gen certainly think it could be. This morning, Ze-gen said it has raised $20 million in a Series B financing from Middle Eastern industrial conglomerate […] Read more »

We’ve all read the ugly news: some 500,000 jobs lost in December, and layoffs happening all over the tech industry. And while the solar industry may be the darling of the media, venture capitalists and policy-makers, it isn’t immune to job losses. In fact, it seems […] Read more »

With the economy in the tank and layoffs happening across the cleantech sector, the next-generation of technology to fight climate change has been losing a lot of financing options. But here’s a bright spot: wealthy donors. Stanford University announced this afternoon that it is launching a […] Read more »

GreenFuel is encountering even more hurdles in its path to producing algae, fed with recycled CO2, that can be turned into biofuel. This time it’s the battered economy throwing up roadblocks, and the company has cut nearly half its staff, according to XConomy. One of the […] Read more »

Some of the first news we heard coming out of the Detroit Auto Show, which kicked off on Sunday, is that Silicon Valley electric car maker Tesla will be offering a high-performance “Roadster Sport” which will cost about $20,000 more than its currently available luxury Roadster. […] Read more »

To make our vehicles more efficient, every component needs innovation. Monday morning, Fallbrook Technologies, a company that makes efficient but low cost mechanical transmissions for vehicles and devices, including bikes and electric vehicles, says it’s raised $25.4 million. The company, based in San Diego, turned to […] Read more »

Because Google has developed its search engine to provide you with results as fast as possible, its search queries are actually consuming a significant amount of power, resulting in substantial CO2 emissions per search query, Harvard PhD student Alex Wissner-Gross, creator of CO2Stats tells the London […] Read more »

Tech industry watchers likely know the almost 40-year old venture firm Mayfield Fund for its investments in computing and Internet startups — the company funded well known computing companies Silicon Graphics and SanDisk more than a decade ago. But like so many others in the Valley […] Read more »

Pubescent, cracked-voice TV teen Peter Brady (and his TV siblings) once sang: “It’s time to change, you’ve got to rearrange.” Fast forward to today, and you’ll see Christopher Knight, aka Peter Brady (and you kids might know him better from his reality show “My Fair Brady”), […] Read more »

Throughout 2009 we’ll continue to update our ethanol deathwatch map. After all, let’s face it, this year in terms of capital drying up, is going to be a doozy. This morning, Pacific Ethanol put out an announcement that it will temporarily suspend a 40-million-gallon-per-year ethanol plant […] Read more »

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