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The notion that the federal government should be creating a sort of venture capital fund to invest in green technologies was an idea that was floated during the Obama campaign. A report from New Energy Finance back in August 2008 noted that the Obama administration was […] Read more »

Don’t feel so comfortable with a hot-tub sized nuclear power generator buried under your feet? Perhaps those that mine and process Canada’s tar sands deposits will feel differently — at least that’s the hope of Hyperion, a startup developing a modular nuclear device. Hyperion floated the […] Read more »

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Google shook up the smart meter industry this month by announcing it’s developing a web-based energy data tool called PowerMeter. Energy info should be free, easy to read and owned by you — the consumer — says Google. But let’s face it, Google is new at […] Read more »

Cellulosic ethanol maker Verenium might have an important partner in UK oil giant BP, but it still can’t help the company from the pitfalls of the difficult capital markets. This morning Verenium says that it is moving forward with a previously announced joint venture with BP, […] Read more »

Despite Google’s talk that energy data should be free and accessible to everyone, at this point it’s mostly owners of commercial and industrial buildings that have been investing in often expensive and complex energy monitoring systems. But startups like Lucid Design Group, a 5-year-old company that […] Read more »

We were so excited about the news that City CarShare would be getting a new plug-in Prius in San Francisco that we logged into our account this afternoon to see when the car would be available. Once there, we discovered a list of cars that will […] Read more »

At Earth2Tech, we’ve been poring over business plans and PowerPoint presentations for the past few weeks, searching for innovative young companies that are leveraging Internet and computing technologies to fight climate change to present at the upcoming Green:Net Launchpad on March 24. Given the overwhelming response, […] Read more »

We’ve been poring over business plans and PowerPoint presentations for the past few weeks, searching for innovative young companies that are leveraging Internet and computing technologies to fight climate change. Given the overwhelming response, our mission has been to whittle down the many good candidates to […] Read more »

San Francisco will this morning be touting its plans to install electric vehicle charging stations in the city. At 10 a.m., Mayor Gavin Newsom and electric vehicle charging station developer Coulomb Technologies are having a media event at San Francisco City Hall at which they will […] Read more »

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If the energy-using devices in buildings were made to act the way a swarm of bees, a school of fish or a flock of birds do, we could significantly cut our energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions. At least that’s the theory behind Toronto-based startup Regen […] Read more »

We’re hooked on our consumer electronics — iPods, cell phones, laptops — but we’re all starting to hear about some of the pitfalls of our gadgets’ manufacturing processes and power consumption habits. Want to learn more? The second annual Greener Gadgets conference will kick off on […] Read more »

Cleantech investors have had trouble finding and funding efficient ways to make and manage clean water over the past few years, despite the fact that the water industry is “a dysfunctional train wreck” in need of some serious disruption, according to the Editor of Global Water […] Read more »

We’d like to say thanks to this month’s Earth2Tech sponsors: Download The Green IT Guide and Toolkit for Sustainable Businesses Read more »

As part of the optimistic newsletter from Tesla this week — the one detailing hopes for a cash-flow positive Roadster this summer and a $350 million DOE loan later this year — the electric vehicle startup showed off this sneaker pic of its next vehicle, the […] Read more »

Does this sound like a solid description of your startup? “We leverage Internet and computing technologies to fight climate change.” If so, then it could be a great fit to present during the LaunchPad session at our Green:Net conference to be held in San Francisco on […] Read more »

Does this sound like a solid description of your company? We leverage Internet and computing technologies to fight climate change. If so, then your startup could be a great fit to present during the LaunchPad session at our Green:Net conference to be held in San Francisco […] Read more »

Despite the fact that solar thermal companies like Ausra are pulling back on the business model of “bigger is better” solar farms, massive solar deals are still being done. This morning utility Southern California Edison says it’s reached an agreement on “the world’s largest solar deal” […] Read more »

Google, with its billions in annual revenue and its constant noise about open standards and free access to information, is hard to ignore when it crashes into an unsuspecting industry. As cell phone companies, publishers, advertisers and software makers have all seen over the years, when […] Read more »

Google’s got its hands all over the world’s information — search terms, email, IM, book content — but now the search engine giant wants to organize your personal energy data, too. Google said today that it’s developing software and online tools for smart meters that will […] Read more »

Just as Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt hinted over the past few months, Google is moving from managing the world’s information to managing your personal energy data. On Monday night Google tells us it is developing an online tool called “PowerMeter” that will allow users to monitor […] Read more »

Massive oil refiner Valero Energy has been taking stakes in biofuel startups over the last year, including algae fuel maker Solix Biofuels, and cellulosic ethanol maker ZeaChem. But now the company has a different sort of biofuel assets in mind — not next-gen technology, but the […] Read more »

The recession could be standing in the way of some utilities’ smart grid plans, but San Diego Gas & Electric, which services 3.4 million residents across 4,100 square miles, is trying to keep on track. Stephanie Donovan, spokesperson for the utility, told us recently that starting […] Read more »

Looks like lawmakers have reached a compromise agreement on a trimmed-down $780 billion stimulus package, which will still provide tens of billions of dollars for clean power and energy efficiency. But the new version of the Senate bill did cut out billions from several key energy […] Read more »

If you watch the winning videos for the so-called “Crazy Green Idea” video contest, developed by the X-Prize foundation to find topics for a new X-Prize contest, you’ll quickly realize that the ideas are not — in any way, shape or form — wild and crazy […] Read more »

The smart grid might have launched into the mainstream lexicon recently with GE’s super bowl ad and funding included in the current stimulus package, but the budding industry could falter out of the gate in this economic climate. Smart grid companies are showing some concern over […] Read more »

The folks over at AutoBlogGreen have some great photos of former Secretary of State Colin Powell checking out the Fisker Karma at the Washington Auto Show this week — he’s looking under the hood and chatting with Fisker’s CEO. But while Powell is probably a natural […] Read more »

Good news for all you software developers worried about finding work in the downturn: Software development is at the core of reducing the world’s energy consumption, according to Rob Bernard, chief environmental strategist for Microsoft, at the Green Grid technical forum this morning in San Jose, […] Read more »

The island nation of Malta will soon be able to call itself the first smart grid island (reality TV show anyone?) IBM is planning to build the first national smart grid network on Malta complete with 250,000 smart meters that will enable the national utilities and […] Read more »

Making data centers more energy efficient in a recession is a clear-cut decision for IT managers: cut power, save money, gain green PR. And the Green Grid organization, a trade group dedicated to reducing energy consumption of data centers, wants to help out. On Wednesday at […] Read more »

Totally brotastic: a home ethanol kit that runs off of discarded beer yeast. The entrepreneurs behind startup E-Fuel, who have been hawking a washer-and-dryer-sized home ethanol system called the E-Fuel 100 MicroFueler, say this morning that they’ve done a deal with Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. to […] Read more »

Getting tired of the smart grid yet? Well, folks, GE’s Super Bowl ad was just the beginning, and with the DistribuTech conference kicking off this morning, get ready for the floodgates to open. In addition to news from these startups, Silver Spring Networks, the so-called Cisco […] Read more »

Ah, a true geeky group after our own heart: the DistribuTech conference, which brings together thousands of companies that are using software, wireless networks and digital gadgets to monitor and manage energy consumption, kicks off on Wednesday in San Diego, Calif. Dozens of companies that we’ve […] Read more »

It’s not often you find a topic that brings together former Vice President Al Gore, Jimmy “Margaritaville” Buffett and hundreds of Googlers together in one building. But this afternoon the launch of the 5.0 version of Google Earth, which includes new satellite and mapping info from […] Read more »

What kind of news would you expect from an event at which Google CEO Eric Schmidt and former Vice President Al Gore deliver speeches surrounded by ocean creatures? If you’re thinking something on climate change (Gore), the Internet (Google and Schmidt) and the ocean (it’s taking […] Read more »

OK, smart grid technology isn’t on a level playing field when it comes to competing with Super Bowl-friendly topics like the Go Daddy shower scene, or Pepsi’s slapstick men smashing into various objects. So I haven’t heard much talk about how amazing GE’s 30-second (estimated $100,000-a-second) […] Read more »

General Electric’s energy division was its break in the clouds last week offering a spot of sunshine amidst grim earnings. GE is continuing that energy push in 2009 with a major smart meter marketing campaign (Super Bowl!), and on Monday touting a more unusual area: energy-efficient […] Read more »

For the thousands of contractors and state and local agencies that have received funds under the Department of Energy’s Weatherization Assistance Program in the past, President Obama’s stimulus bill, which calls for a massive $6.2 billion to weatherize low-income homes, was a little like winning the […] Read more »

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