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Green Car Reports says that in just 12 months of production, Tesla will have deployed more than 1.6 million kWh worth of batteries. If Tesla hits its goals, the Model S alone will soak up almost 40 percent of global cylindrical battery production. And if the third-gen car reaches the goal of 100,000 a year or more, “the batteries it requires will run well into the billions–dwarfing the capacity of the entire current battery industry.”

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For the third year in a row, tech is the sector that’s been demanding the most office space in London, reports Tech City News. Research firm Knight Frank predicts that “tech firms will acquire 1.6 million square feet of office space in 2013. That’s a 23% increase in demand for commercial space from 2012.” The GigaOM crew will descend on London for our Structure:Europe event next month.

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There’s a high demand for designer entrepreneurs and not enough supply of them, says Wired. One of the problems? Just plain awareness and lack of exposure. Designers haven’t traditionally seen entrepreneurialism as an option. We’ll highlight designer founders at our RoadMap conference in November in San Francisco.

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At the Aspen Ideas festival a panel on product design featured some well known entrepreneurs giving words of wisdom to future founders: Nest’s Tony Fadell suggests working with your heros; Path’s Dave Morin says “just start” (as starting is half the battle); Flipboard’s Mike McCue says run the “mom test” for every product; And designer Yves Behar says find your passion and do what you love. Fadell will be speaking at our RoadMap conference and we’ll be focusing on similar discussions from designer founders.

Hyperloop seats
photo: Elon Musk

Elon Musk just unveiled the design of the Hyperloop, which could enable us to travel 800 miles per hour between SF and LA. Here’s some potential hurdles with such a plan, from a Navigant Research analyst. Read more »

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Tesla has been working for awhile on providing the option of video cameras instead of side door mirrors, which could reduce drag, add a cool tech aspect, and even give different visibility functions. When they showed off the Model X prototype in Winter 2012 it had video camera mirrors. While regulators have long pushed back on this idea, interviews suggest that Tesla is spear-heading trying to change these regulations.

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