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The Department of Energy — which loaned now-faltered electric car maker Fisker $192 million to build cars and a factory — will start looking at bids on Friday to sell off the remainder of its loan to Fisker. Reuters reports that bidders have to offer at least $30 million, with 10 percent down, to be in the auction. At one point Fisker was valued at over $2 billion.

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Energy software startup Opower says it’s now collectively saved 3 terawatt hours of energy — or enough to power the homes in Las Vegas for a year — across its 22 million utility customers and 90 utility clients. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next for Opower . . .IPO? More work with its thermostat software?

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The largest test site in the world for trialing technologies that capture, recycle and store carbon emissions is the $1 billion, 350-MW Technology Centre Mongstad plant in Norway. The Norwegian government and a group of energy companies launched the site last year (behind schedule and over budget), but its ten times as big as the largest carbon capture pilots around the world.

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