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It’s officially a trend: smart grid companies building or buying software that will manage energy consumption within the home. This morning smart grid networking company Silver Spring Networks announced that it plans to buy Greenbox Technology, a 2-year-old startup founded by the creators of the well-known […] Read more »

We knew the Department of Energy would find some way to tie together the oh-so-buzzy subjects of the smart grid and green jobs in time for GridWeek. During his Monday morning talk DOE Secretary Steven Chu announced that the DOE will allocate $100 million from the […] Read more »

The now infamous Tesla founder’s feud was one of those classic fights that exemplified the difficulties of the entrepreneurial experience, as well as the bumpy road for an electric vehicle startup. And it has now supposedly ended as abruptly as it started: this morning, according to […] Read more »

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Tech On Top in Green Rankings: Five out of the top 10 greenest companies in the U.S., according to Newsweek, are tech firms — HP, Dell, Intel, IBM, Applied Materials. The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) S&P 500 Report was also released today and included Cisco and […] Read more »

If you’ve been waiting for some clarity about the dozens of standards that will make up pieces of the smart grid, look for it this week. The producers of the GridWeek conference, which runs Sept. 21-24 in Washington, D.C., are expecting to unveil the smart grid […] Read more »

PHOTOS: The Best Electric & Hybrid Cars From the Frankfurt Motor Show: For a cross section of the electric and hybrid vehicles that automakers have either in the pipeline for production or on deck for conceptual development in the next few years, you couldn’t beat Frankfurt, […] Read more »

While the idea of an investment bubble growing for the smart grid isn’t new, the rhetoric around the question of whether or not we’re in the midst of a smart grid bubble has only risen in recent weeks. At the AlwaysOn Going Green conference in Sausalito, […] Read more »

Algae fuel has become the latest beloved cleantech product of politicians. Last month Congressman Edward Markey (D-Mass.), co-sponsor of the Waxman-Markey climate change bill, toured algae fuel startup Aurora Biofuels’ lab and earlier this month kicked off an algae-fueled road trip (using fuel from Sapphire Energy) […] Read more »

There are a lot of options for constructing wireless smart grid networks (check out our list here), but a new startup emerged this week with yet another option that it says could significantly lower the cost of building these networks. On-Ramp Wireless launched its wireless network […] Read more »

If we learned anything from the construction of the Internet, it’s that the more partners and standardized technology that are involved at the early phases of an infrastructure rollout, the smoother it will go. IBM is trying out that embrace-everyone strategy by launching its SAFE software, […] Read more »

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While there will be close to $4 billion in stimulus funds allocated for the smart grid buildout to utilities and tech vendors, some executives are worried that the stimulus funds could actually cause quite a few problems for smart grid technology vendors. Those were the thoughts […] Read more »

Economic turmoil or not, the appetite for data center capacity continues unabated, which is, in turn, fueling an ever-increasing demand for storage. That has businesses seeking technologies like data de-duplication — which reduces redundant data — to help them cope with storage growth while keeping energy […] Read more »

Nanosys, an 8-year-old startup that uses nanotechnology to develop many different type of materials for various industries, has developed a way to help make data centers greener. At the AlwaysOn GoingGreen Conference on Tuesday, Nanosys CEO Jason Hartlove, explained to the audience that his company is […] Read more »

The current momentum behind the smart grid industry, which includes billions of dollars from the smart grid stimulus funds, is convincing utilities to partner up with new startups. Here’s the latest: Two year-old startup EnergyHub, which makes a sort of ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) for home energy […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] The Internet and telecom buildouts have delivered billions of dollars of value to users and company shareholders, and the smart grid will soon start delivering similar worth via jobs and energy savings. But utilities now have to make choices about what networks they will construct […] Read more »

Communications networks will be the key to adding digital intelligence to the power grid and ultimately help the U.S. reduce its electricity consumption. That’s why the government is setting aside billions of dollars in stimulus funds that will help utilities develop smart grid networks. But that […] Read more »

National Grid, the second largest utility in the U.S., will be testing out smart grid technology based on WiMAX, a nascent wireless technology that provides high bandwidth. The move is the latest of a growing number of large utilities and communications companies investigating how WiMAX can […] Read more »

A group of venture capitalists with experience in mobile startup investments and $2 billion in capital among them said at the Mobilize 09 conference in San Francisco that they expect investments in mobile startups to pick up in 2010. John Balen, General Partner of Canaan Partners, […] Read more »

The biggest complaint coming from mobile developers is that there are just too many darn cell phone platforms and devices for which they need to create applications. Compared to the dozens of platforms in the cell phone world, developing applications for PCs is a breeze. But […] Read more »

More than any other U.S. carrier, T-Mobile has led the charge when it comes to bringing Android-based phones to market — the company launched the G1, the myTouch, and now the Cliq. According to T-Mobile Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Cole Brodman, who spoke to Om […] Read more »

Qualcomm is one of the companies that is most identified with 3G cellular technology. After all, the San Diego-based company, founded in 1985, holds key patents on CDMA-based 3G handsets, enabling it to slice a single-digit royalty off every phone. But what will Qualcomm do as […] Read more »

It’s a less glamorous topic than the flashy unveiling of Motorola’s first Android phone, the Cliq, but the reality behind what makes devices like the Cliq possible is the high-speed network that connects it. Rick Keith, senior director of Strategy for Broadband Access Solutions at Motorola, […] Read more »

Motorola jumped into the Android smartphone market at our Mobilize Conference in San Francisco on Thursday, unveiling its first Android phone — called the Cliq — that features a new skin for Android called MotoBlur. Co-CEO Motorola Dr. Sanjay Jha called Android a platform that would […] Read more »

We can thank Apple and Steve Jobs for a lot of things — revolutionizing laptop design and bringing handheld video to music players, for example — but here’s another: helping mobile application developers make more money. As large players like Apple move into the cell phone […] Read more »

Thin film solar startup Nanosolar’s quiet period is over. This morning the seven-year-old company, in a flurry of press releases announced that it has started high volume production of its thin film solar material at its factory in San Jose, Calif., and has finished construction on […] Read more »

While “the boring stuff,” — permitting and siting solar plants and transmission lines — might cause the biggest hurdles for Oakland, Calif.-based solar thermal startup BrightSource, the company doesn’t seem to have any trouble bringing in big backers. According to the New York Times, BrightSource will […] Read more »

Algaeus, a plug-in hybrid car that will run on algae fuel for a cross-country road trip that kicks off today, is like a mash-up song composed of the hippest green technologies of the moment — plug-in cars and algae fuels. But does the combo make a […] Read more »

If you thought the smart grid was a distant future, in some cities it’s already here. Xcel Energy, which sells electricity and gas in eight western and mid-western states, says its SmartGridCity Project in Boulder, Colo. is now live. At least the smart distribution piece is […] Read more »

If there are two groups that together make a natural team to build the world’s largest solar photovoltaic plant, it’s the Chinese government and thin-film solar darling First Solar. Few other duos have their combination of international scale and aggressive support of renewable energy. This morning […] Read more »

The first step in any data center efficiency project is to figure out the problem. After all, analyst Katherine Austin says in a GigaOM Pro report (subscription required), “You can’t control what you don’t monitor.” And one of the chief ways that startups are addressing the […] Read more »

In the world of big oil balance sheets, Exxon’s decision to invest $600 million into an algae fuel deal with startup Synthetic Genomics is kind of like oil finally agreeing to take algae out on a date. While it’s definitely a first step in a relationship, […] Read more »

Update: As we predicted Solyndra is building a factory in Fremont and using the now-finalized loan guarantee to fund the factory. Check out our live coverage of the event. Solar startup Solyndra, which makes tube-shaped thin-film solar panels, is getting a lot of love from the […] Read more »

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