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Energy-harvesting devices, which draw tiny amounts of power from sources like the sun and vibration, have slowly started to appear in industrial and commercial applications, like wireless sensor networks. But battery-free consumer electronics have mostly remained out of reach (see what happened to M2EPower). However, two-and-a-half-year-old […] Read more »

Updated: The Obama administration has just funded the rollout of 18 million meters with stimulus funds, but here’s another way to get access to energy data without one of those new digital meters: This morning UK energy management startup AlertMe says it has joined up with […] Read more »

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The good thing about the Solar Power International show is that every year it’s packed with companies showing off the latest solar tech advances, like prototypes of cutting edge thin film material and lightening quick robots that can stack solar panels. That’s also the difficult part: […] Read more »

The $3.4 billion in smart grid stimulus fund awards were announced this morning and close to 100 recipients woke up today to the equivalent of Christmas morning. At the same time, another 300 or so utilities and cities missed the boat and will have to find […] Read more »

UPDATED As we wrote on Monday, Tuesday is the day of reckoning for the smart grid biz. The Department of Energy this morning has announced the recipients of the $3.4 billion in stimulus grants for 100 smart grid projects (25 large and 75 small) that are […] Read more »

The Solar Power International Conference, which is the largest solar industry-focused event in the U.S., kicks off on Tuesday in Anaheim, Calif, and comes at an interesting time for the solar industry. The U.S. solar biz is in the midst of a yearlong shakeout, significant government […] Read more »

Renovating the power grid requires big ideas from startups, major technology companies, manufacturers, and university labs. Innovations will range from technologies that increase the grid’s capabilities and efficiency to new business models taking advantage of these new abilities. To find out more about GreenBeat’s Innovation Competition […] Read more »

Is tomorrow the day of reckoning for the smart grid industry in the U.S., when utilities and companies will finally learn whether or not they will receive part of the close to $4 billion in stimulus funds? It’s starting to look like it. According to suggestions […] Read more »

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This is looking like a packed week for climate change regulation and government spending meant to remake the energy industry — the Department of Energy just announced new funding for very early stage energy projects, and there will be major debates in the Senate over the […] Read more »

The term “batch processing” was coined back in the 1950′s in the days of mainframe computers: A computer operator would feed a batch of punch cards into the computer, which would then process the information during a scheduled time, and hopefully deliver the needed information back […] Read more »

One of the chief ways that startups are helping make data centers greener is by developing wireless technology that can fill in the energy blind spots. As analyst Katherine Austin put it in our recent GigaOM Pro report (subscription required), in which she takes a look […] Read more »

The first U.S. solar IPO in a year could be coming soon, but the merger and acquisition market is what will be bringing in exits and cash for solar startups. Yesterday MEMC Electronic Materials, a company that makes silicon wafers for the solar industry, announced that […] Read more »

There’s quite a few reasons to cheer Microsoft’s next-generation operating system, Windows 7, which launched today — it could drive down the price of computers, help you ditch Vista once and for all, and couldchange the dynamics of the memory business. But here’s another: Windows 7 […] Read more »

Apple’s iPhone has apps for Car 2.0, for home energy management and for fuel efficiency. Now here’s one for clean power that I wasn’t expecting to see: a wind speed tester courtesy of small wind turbine maker Mariah Power. Todd Woody profiles the app in the […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] WiMAX might be losing attention and mindshare from telcos in the U.S., but it’s another story entirely when it comes to that oh-so-buzzy sector the smart grid. Utilities across the globe are increasingly starting to test WiMAX-based smart grid networks, and this morning we have […] Read more »

The wireless standard WiMAX might not be the sexiest of topics, but maybe the smart grid can lend it some buzz. This morning Grid Net, a startup that has developed smart grid software based on WiMAX, is officially launching itself, unveiling its software product and announcing […] Read more »

When Darryl Siry, former Chief Marketing Officer for electric car maker Tesla, calculated the “implied value” for secretive ultracapacitor maker EEStor at over $1.5 billion, based on the entirety of Zenn Motor’s market cap, he was being somewhat cheeky. But the reasoning behind the calculation is […] Read more »

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of moderating a panel of environmentally-minded consumer electronics execs at the Consumer Electronics Association’s Industry Forum, an event where hundreds of the leaders and decision-makers in the industry gathered to talk shop. Together with my fellow panelists, Yalmaz Siddiqui, Office […] Read more »

Sounds like the smart grid partnership between search engine Google and conglomerate General Electric could still deliver some real products, according to remarks from GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt at the Web 2.0 Summit on Tuesday evening. “We will see more collaboration between GE and Google around […] Read more »

Whether you think the upcoming international climate talks in Copenhagen will deliver a solution for governments to fight climate change, or will ultimately turn out to be a global flop, one thing’s for sure: All eyes will be on the progressive city in Denmark in the […] Read more »

Thin film solar maker Nanosolar pulled back the kimono a bit last month, discussing some tech advances and demonstrating that it’s moved into high volume production. And now it’s time for more details about partnership announcements, considering the big solar conference Solar Power International 2009 is […] Read more »

So there’s not too much for cleantech entrepreneurs and innovators in this video — except maybe PR lessons — but still, check out the clip of the fake press conference that the prankster vigilantes the Yes Men put together posing as the Chamber of Commerce and […] Read more »

Utilities and companies are so desperate to grab a piece of the soon-to-be announced stimulus funds for smart grid projects that some groups are positioning their proposals like the awards are already a done deal. According to the New York State Smart Grid Consortium, a non-profit […] Read more »

Climate Change Hoax: A supposed press release from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce claimed that the Chamber was reversing its controversial opinion on climate change. Oh wait, don’t be ridiculous, that was just the Yes Men — WSJ Environmental Capital Blog. Green Phone Stats: ABI Research […] Read more »

Updated: True to the recurring motto of green power investor T. Boone Pickens, the top five countries for natural gas vehicle sales do not currently include the United States. Instead the top five countries that buy cars powered by natural gas are Pakistan, Argentina, Brazil, Iran, […] Read more »

For anyone searching for a smart critical analysis of the biofuel industry, Robert Rapier’s blog R-Squared has been like a breath of fresh air. The engineer, who has led teams creating biofuel technology at Accsys Technologies, Conoco Phillips and Celanese, has spent years crunching the numbers […] Read more »

The match has started, says Guido Bartels, General Manager of IBM’s Global Energy & Utilities industry, in reference to the increasingly competitive smart grid industry. IBM, which sells a long list of networking and integration software as well as consulting services to utilities, has been selling […] Read more »

One-sixth of the world’s servers — computers that run web services — are not being used at all, wasting $24.7 billion a year, including $3.8 billion in energy-related costs, according to a new report published Thursday. Researchers at the Alliance to Save Energy, Kelton Research and 1E, […] Read more »

Waiting for the cellulosic ethanol industry to move into commercial production is like watching grass grow. This morning cellulosic ethanol developer Coskata unveiled that it’s demonstration plant in Madison, Penn., is now up and running and ready to produce 50,000 gallons of the biofuel per year. […] Read more »

While utilities and companies are eagerly awaiting the upcoming announcement about which of the hundreds of applicants managed to grab a piece of the $4 billion from the federal stimulus package for smart grid projects, it looks like states could offer smaller runner-up prizes. Smart meter […] Read more »

Storage — it’s the unsexy work horse behind social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter that require hundreds of thousands of servers to handle the data of millions of users. Traditionally taking the form of spinning disks, data storage also sucks a whole lot of […] Read more »

Entrepreneurs are using cutting-edge tech and innovative business models to launch startups in energy sectors like solar, biofuels and batteries. So why not bring that entrepreneurial spirit, advanced technology and innovative thinking to one of the biggest hurdles for clean power, transmission lines? A company called […] Read more »

The buildout of smart grid infrastructure is about to drown utilities in a sea of information. So points out Jack Danahy in an interesting article in Smart Grid News recently, in which he presents data that shows how much information a typical smart meter will produce. […] Read more »

Move over Vinod Khosla, billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros has his own billion dollars ready for clean power. This weekend Soros told a conference in Copenhagen that he plans to invest more than $1 billion of his own money into clean energy technology. His announcement […] Read more »

Here’s an idea: Offer digital rewards — free broadband access, digital goods, or web services — for consumers and organizations that reduce their energy consumption. Everyone talks about disincentives like a carbon tax to help curb carbon emissions, but what about using broadband-based, carbon-free incentives as […] Read more »

The partners at venture firm Mohr Davidow Ventures (MDV) say there’s a dirty little secret in the current cleantech investing climate: Much of the sector has been based on modernizing outdated industrial technologies and we’re missing out on a new transformational industry. In an article in […] Read more »

The energy information that will be unleashed by the digital technologies of the smart grid is valuable. That’s why companies and policy-makers are pushing so hard to add infotech to our electrical system. But that information is also valuable to people that could use it for […] Read more »

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